Friday, 30 April 2010

Henry Moore, j'adore!

I am obsessed with sculptures...particularly of the 'Henry Moore' variety.  I love his Reclining figures and his Mother and Child figures.  I could sit and stare at them all day!

In my perfect world, I own a 'Henry Moore', and it's his 'Recumbent figure'.  In my perfect world, on a perfect day I write 5,000 perfect words before wandering downstairs into my perfect garden where the warmth of the late afternoon sun greets me.  My perfect garden has perfect views of the ocean.  I take my usual seat on the old weather-beaten lounge beside my dear recumbent friend...Henrietta. Hetty for short.  I tell Hetty about my latest chapter whilst sipping on champagne.  Hetty prefers a dry martini and extra olives.  She's a great listener too.  When I'm finished talking, she tells me about her day in the garden whilst we watch the perfect sunset over the ocean.  You would be wonderful to have Hetty in my garden. 

Tate Britain has a wonderful collection of Mr. Moore's works on exhibit until 8 August 2010.  Personally, I found the best time to view is just before closing...late afternoon. No crowds, she whispers. Just you, a handful of wise visitors, and the beautiful reclining figures.

This week, Tate posted a question online, which I loved.  'If you were a work of art, which one would you be and why?'  Immediately my response was 'One of Gauguin's Tahitian ladies with flowers'.  However, in hindsight I know deep down I'm truly a 'Henry Moore'. 

How about you?  If you were a work of art, which one would you be and why?

The Lady doth recline 

PS: Ahem...taking photos is frowned upon at certain exhibitions, therefore I have included this gem which I took at the Hakone Open-Air Museum in Japan.  As you may know, taking photos in Japan is highly encouraged!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Vocal Lessons'

I fell in love with karaoke whilst living in Japan a few years ago.  A few sakes' and a microphone will magically transform you into a global superstar, it's all very empowering!  I can stand up on a small stage and unashamedly belt out my version of Robbie William's "Angel’s” to a room of complete strangers, never mind that it sounds like a cat being strangled...trying to claw its way out of an overturned bucket.  On a weekly basis I would traipse down to my local karaoke bar with a dear friend and we would have the entire place to ourselves - to practise.  I screeched through my fair share of J.Lo and Madonna numbers before realising Robbie Williams and U2 were more 'my thing'!  Of course, my dear friend could belt out Whitney and Celine numbers without batting an eyelid.  She's a talented lady!

So whilst I know what my vocal limitations are for singing, I am only just beginning to recognise what my own true voice is in my writing.   There are numerous posts out there about finding your own voice and practising. Sound advice.  Yesterday, I felt like 'Sybil', there were so many different voices inside my head, I didn't know which one to listen too.  Today, however its clearer...I know my voice.  I just need to refine it.  And, let me just say - if I can't get this darn chapter one in a happy state soon...I am off to the nearest karaoke bar!  Who's with me?

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Paris, Milan, New York, Spitalfields

Armed with my new SLR baby, I went hunting for creative inspiration this week and I found myself in London's East End, at the Spitalfields Traders Market happily clicking away at the annual Alternative Fashion Week. The event is run by Alternative Arts, a not for profit organisation who offer a fantastic opportunity for young fashion designers to showcase their creations.  There is not a red rope in sight, or invitation-only lists, it's open to the public and it’s free!  Did I mention, the charity collection? This year they collected for Barnardos.  What's that? I hear you gasp. An inclusive fashion event with heart?  I know, I know...they're not the first but I feel warm and fuzzy when events bring art and charity together.

I am an avid fan of the arts in all its forms and I loved this fashion show, it's eclectic collection of clothes paraded on the catwalk, the visual feast of colours, and the creative minds behind the designs.  It's a perfect cocktail that inspires me to move on with my own brand of creativity.  From countless practice shots snapped on the day, here are a few of my favourites.

I loved these vibrant colours!

In fact I loved them so much, here's another pic!

These quirky creations reminded me of Tokyo.

I really need a pair of these boots!

Sassy midnight blue creations!

Ever been inspired by Adidas trainers? 

Amazing latex, love the imagination behind these!

The Lady doth wear latex.

 Why does this conjure up images of Lady Macbeth right now?

The coolest hoodie in town.

The coolest caped crusader.

And this model just looked damn cool.

Finally, the press and photographer pit.  Love this one!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

What's in a word?

I should be writing a chapter but find myself distracted.  Ah, Mr. Word Count, shall I count the ways you frustrate me!  Some days it's like a feverish race, myself vs. Mr. Word Count.  Who will give in first?  My nibble fingers flying across the keyboard...whilst he sits serenely mocking me... nay, I know he often raises his eyebrow at me.  

Whilst Mr. Word Count throws down his gauntlet, my thoughts turn to games, war and strategy. The pen is mightier than the sword is it not?  In a game of paper, rock and scissors, paper takes rock.  What is stronger than paper?  Of course scissors slice through it but paper has amazing regenerating abilities.... stay with me on this, if you shred it and toss it in water, does it not miraculously forge itself together...'Terminator-like.'?  And what is stronger than paper, I ponder?  'Words', I hear you whisper. 

Words can save a man's life, or condemn him to the ever after.  Words whispered from a lover's tongue make your heart flutter.  Words are powerful, words are inspiring.  It is the not the quantity, but the quality. So, my dear Mr. Word Count, you can shove your numbers...somewhere creative.  I mean that, sincerely.

Paper, Pen, Inspired Words....the 'Holy Trinity' of writing methinks, at least today.  What say you?

Saturday, 17 April 2010

"From the soul," she mutters

I was sitting here, this amazing spring morning in London, admiring the glorious blue skies and glimmering sunshine when a niggling thought wormed its way into the grey matter.
Today, beautifully marks the end of a fast for myself. I had undertaken master cleanse this week to kick start me onto the road of healthy eating, so its all very poignant. Out with the old, literally. If the tiny pink blossoms outside are heralding in a season of new beginnings...then so too, shall I.

"Write from the heart, from the soul." How many times have I heard or muttered these words myself? This is me, delving right in...from the soul. I have been toying with the idea of blogging for a few months, albeit covertly, a secret to a few around me. You see, I have been trying to write a story for sometime. I wonder how many other folks are out there, scribbling away after midnight, unburdening their inner most tales? Truth be told, writing has stalked me from childhood through to adulthood but I have always tossed it aside. Not anymore. I am working on two projects currently, which I plan to complete this year.

What I hope for like any aspiring scribe is to write something meaningful, entertaining, dare I wish for everlasting and inspiring to others?

This blog will likely cover a plethora of thoughts while I take the scribes pilgrimage from my grey matter to pen-notebook-PC- and hopefully to final copy and the land of happily-ever-after. Without doubt, I will be distracted by daily music, fashion and art chatter along the way. Welcome to the musings of an aspiring scribe.