Sunday, 31 October 2010

Pumpkin Love

Call it Autumn, call it Fall, I just love this chilly season with its beautiful blue skies one day and charcoal grey with pink hues the next.  A prelude to the winter months when we get to snuggle in, light the fire and ignore the howling wind outside.

I don't normally post on a Sunday but there I was trying to sleep when daylight slithered in through the  windows. Thank you Mr Benjamin Franklin.    Alas, my Audrey face mask has slipped, so sleep eludes me and I am now up and about...which is fine because I can share some pumpkin love with you all.   Yesterday, I laboured for hours on these babies, and I now have a playlist on my ipod 'Music to Carve to!' 

Right, I hear the whisperings of my Muse, she's insisting I dive into editing my WIP!  Silly girl, stop pouting, and put the coffee on.  I shall be down in a jiffy!

My Little Pumpkins

What do you do when you can't sleep?

A/N: Photocredits courtesy yours truly.
I'm looking forward to Trick or Treating this evening, in the meantime my muse and I shall be editing my WIP.  Oh and walking the hound somewhere in between!  Happy Halloween my dears

Friday, 29 October 2010

Cinderella's Shoe Blogfest

Madeleine at Scribble & Edit is hosting the Cinderella's Shoe Blogfest.  The challenge is "to write a 500 word piece about any character who loses an item that is found by another and results in their mutual happiness / relief / salvation / whatever."    Item lost, genre, style - it's your choice!

Here's my entry, I hope you will enjoy it.  Let me know your thoughts.

"Grace Adams!  Eyes forward.  What the devil are you doing?" Gracie's ears were burning; her face flushed.  She cursed under her breath at her wretched Art History teacher, Miss Branson who stood bellowing at her from the front of the classroom.  Gracie had been sending a reply to a silly text from Nessie, her twin sister who is sitting across the room, next to the far wall decorated with the students charcoal sketches.  "Well? Are you going to join the rest of us for the lesson, or is there something more pressing under your desk?"  Miss Branson's eyebrows poked over the top of her horn rimmed spectacles.

Gracie looked quickly at Nessie, whose head is bowed, conveniently hunched over her textbook. Witch! I'll get her later.  Gracie daren't look down at her hands, her thoughts scrambled.  Where could she hide her phone?  Her parents would be livid if Beastly Branson found it. She certainly couldn't hide it with the 18 pairs of classmates eyes trained on her right now.  Flipping penguins.  This is ridiculous.

"Well Miss Adams?"  Glared Beastly Branson.  "Care to share what's keeping you amused?"  Grace looked straight ahead.  "No, Miss Branson. There's nothing to share."  She cleared her throat.  The truth was, the text she was about to send, was about the new boy, Freddy Pettigrew-Huntington III.  The tall blonde Adonis whose heavenly hazel eyes had Nessie, and the rest of the female population flustered these days.  Gracie had dubbed him 'Lord Fancy Pants', she hadn't fallen under the haze like the rest of her classmates and her sister for that matter.  In fact, she'd caught him staring at her a couple times in gym and had tried returning his icy stare once, only to have him 'outstare' her.  Right now, she could feel Fancy Pants luminous hazels burning through the back of her blazer.  Much to her disgust, he had sauntered into the room and taken his seat behind her.  Nessie had texted some silly comment about his sexy walk.  Gracie had sent a tart reply, "Ok, Ur  rite, Freddy Fancy Pants = cute A**!"

"Grace Adams, stand up at once!" Oh dear.  Gracie had no choice, in one quick movement she stood, her hands dropped to her sides; she bumped her chair back so the scraping legs could disguise the clattering of her phone as it fell to the floor.  Somewhere across the room, Nessie coughed loudly, dropping her textbook -distracting the 18 pairs of eyes for a brief second.  Gracie kicked her phone back under her seat, hoping it would slide out of sight.  She could retrieve it later.

"Where is it?"  Beastly Branson was at her side now.
"Where is what?"
"Your phone.  I'm going to confiscate it till half term."
Gracie looked down, held up her hands in protest and scanned the clock at the front of the room.  Almost 3' O'clock.  The bell rang and the entire class visibly sighed.  Books and folders slammed shut.  Even Beastly Branson pursed her lips.  "Fine.  A warning to you Adams sisters, I have my eye on you and your phones." She turned to the students already scurrying from the room.  "Class dismissed."

Gracie waited until the hallway was empty before sneaking back into the room; Nessie hovered outside on lookout.  After spending a good few minutes hunting under the dusty, dirt scuffed desks,  Gracie appeared back outside.   

"It's not there!"  She hissed at her twin.
"What do you mean its not there?"
"It's freaking disappeared. Holy crap, I'm in deep s***."
"Are you sure you kicked it back?"
Grace glared at her sister.  "It's your fault.  If you hadn't sent that stupid Fancy Pants text..."
Nessie screwed her nose up.  "I saw you looking."
"Oh please...Mr Fancy Icicles Pants is all yours.  I've got to go, I'm late for gym already!"  

Gracie turned and headed out the front doors, exiting the old building.  On the steps below she pulled herself up.  Lord Fancy Pants was leaning up against the black railings, his blonde head tilted to one side, reading something on her phone?  She gasped, as he looked up at her, a wicked smile on his face.  "I believe this is yours, Miss Adams?"

A/N:  Grace Adams  Copyright © Talei Loto 2010 All Rights Reserved

Well as you can see 500 words went out the window! Just.  I hope you were entertained though and in case you're wondering, it is a happy ending, despite Gracie's protests.
Happy Writing and Have a Spooky Halloween!  I'm tossing up between a Wicked Witch or a Dark Angel - What's your costume?


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Happy Awards with Cherries On Top

It's been a wonderful awards month, I love this pretty pink 'Cherry on Top Award'!  Thank you to the lovely Kelly Dexter from Nerdville's Rhapsody, and the sensational Carol Kilgore from Under the tiki hut for sending this lovely award my way!

To accept the award I must answer this question:  If I had the chance to go back and change one thing in my life, would I, and what would it be?

I pondered this awhile...and then some more.  As the sum of me is all that I've experienced thus far, I'm not sure what to change.  I wish I'd stuck with studying Art at school and that I'd started writing seriously ages ago!

I am sending this lovely award to these wonderful ladies!

Joanna St James @ Joanna St James
Elisha Graham @The Ardent Writer
Jolene Perry @ Jolenes been writing


Thank you to the delightful PK Hezo for the Happy Award! 
I'm passing it to new bloggers who I have found recently.

Anne Kenny @ Writers Quandry


Congratulations Everyone & Happy Hump Day All!

 I'm working on my WIP - how about you?

Monday, 25 October 2010

Location, Location, Location

As I sit here tapping away on my beloved keyboard designed in California but assembled in China, at my desk crafted from recycled Indonesian wood, purchased in Tokyo and transported on a Danish cargo ship to London - I am reminded of how small our world really is.  Over the weekend, I managed to tap out 3k words before coming to a slight bump in the WIP road. That is, I needed some quick research on the location of my MC's love interest. Thank you, my dear muse - for reminding me of my friends living in far flung destinations.  

Researching where our characters live, work, play could be easier if you lived in that same city or at least the very country your novel is based.   What happens when you are writing about cities that you do not live in?  I can't even fathom the research required for historical romance or sci-fi settings, hats off to anyone who is writing in magical locations that exists only in their heads.  How well do you know your characters neighbourhood?  

I knew exactly where to move my MC's love interest.  Away from her of course, for a short period at least.  My problem was, although I'd visited the city previously, time has marched on and the cityscape, politics, economy, places to shop, eat has changed.   I 'googled' fearlessly, searching for a home for my love interest...before the 'head slap' moment, you know that mental 'what the blazes am I doing?'   Yes, I remembered my friends who still in live in the far flung city.  Silly girl.  Why didn't I think of them in the first place?   The haze...of writing alone.  You forget close ones can help you.  I shot off a flurry of fruitful emails to friends, and hey, presto...I'm rearing to delve back into my WIP.   Now, back to typing away on my Californian-Chinese keyboard, drinking African grown coffee, sipping French water, and gazing out over my very English garden....we are such a global village aren't we?

How do you research your characters locations?

A/N:  Aside from personal experience,  here's a few places I usually hit when researching locations - the Information Super Highway, Libraries, Twitter,  - do you have any favourite sources for research?  

Friday, 22 October 2010

Book Review: Who is Mr Satoshi?

If you're looking for a good read during these quiet autumnal evenings, 'Who is Mr Satoshi?' could be the perfect book for you. 

Central to the story is Foss, a talented photographer who has withdrawn from society; his creative juices in a state of limbo since the tragic loss of his wife.  Who is Mr Satoshi, draws Foss from the comforts of his broken down reclusive life in England, and thrusts him on a plane to Japan to help solve a mystery left by his own mothers death.  In fact, it's on the very day she dies, that his mother leaves a package for one Mr Satoshi, advising that it must be delivered to him, somehow.  A slight problem though, no-one has Mr Satoshi's address.  You sense the wheels of change slowly turning for Foss from that day as you join him on a rollercoaster ride from London to Tokyo to Hokkaido, with a number of colourful local characters in tow.

Without revealing too much, I will say that within Foss' story there is a gem of a bittersweet love from a bygone era which will touch your heart.  Yes, a few tears were shed. I know, I know - I'm such a girl really.  I read this entire book on a sunday evening and couldn't sleep until I finished it.  I had to know, did he find Mr Satoshi?  Book reviews are subjective but what I do when I finish a book is ask myself this question. Would I read it again? -Yes, absolutely.

Who is Mr Satoshi is the debut novel by Mr Jonathan Lee, available in hardcover copy, or kindle version via  You can read more about Mr Satoshi's author at his website here.  I'm looking forward to his next book already.

A/N:  I have been indulging my bookstack lately and plan to bring more reviews across a number of genres in the near future.  Happy reading and writing this weekend lovelies!  I shall be curling up on my favourite sofa with my latest read, and my beloved netbook.  How about you?

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Cocktail Napkin Doodles

I have often heard of urban legends where writers have sent query letters with the first few chapters of an unfinished novel; I have never heard a happy ending to those.  Today on twitter I stumbled across some wonderful advice at literary agent Jennifer Laughran's blog.  If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend popping over to the dear lady's blog post haste.  It's sound advice on whether to pitch an unfinished manuscript.

What are your thoughts?  Have you ever taken the risk and pitched to an agent with the synopsis, and the  first few chapters?  If so, were you successful?  For myself, I'm set on getting to the happy ending for my character before pitching however I wonder if anyone has gone the cocktail napkin route. Unless you are a celebrity or a deity of sorts, the back of the cocktail napkin would be particularly difficult, especially in these times with publishers watching the bottom line so closely.  What say you?

Cocktails for all, please help yourself!
Napkins removed for everyone's own safety.

When do you think is the right time to pitch your manuscript?

A/N: Photocredits purchased via shutterstock

Monday, 18 October 2010

My Musical Muse

Early morning writing suits my mood, especially in these autumnal days.  A wet, dampened window to sit by, gaze from whilst scribbling madly.  My Muse and I are very fond of this beautiful Aria which we want to share with you.  It's inspirational.  I love all kinds of music but there is something about this classical piece that takes my breath and indeed my mind away, to distant places that I can only visit when writing.   Best served, on a cold rainy morning, wistfully gazing from your window.

Evening, a rosy, slow and transparent cloud
Over the space dreamy and beautiful
The Moon sweetly appears in the horizon,
Decorating the afternoon like a nice damsel
Who rushes and dreamy adorns herself
With an anxious soul to become beautiful
Shout all Nature to the Sky and to the Earth!
All birds become silent to the Moon's complains
And the Sea reflects it's great splendor.
Softly, the shining Moon just awakes
The cruel missing that laughs and cries.
Evening, a rosy, slow and transparent cloud
Over the space dreamy and beautiful

- Heitor Villa-Lobos - Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 -- Aria (translation from Portuguese)

What's your favourite song or musical piece that your Muse enjoys whilst writing?

A/N: Video credits and translated lyrics via youtube.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Five Favourite Words for the Literacy Builder Award

The fabulous Francine from Romancing the blog came dancing my way and bestowed us the Literacy Builder Award.  The dear Lady Hermit and I are both very chuffed!

1.  Tell us your five favourite words and why you like them.
2.  Pass the award onto three bloggers who you think are excellent literacy builders and link to their sites.
3.  Contact the bloggers you nominate and let them know about the award.

Now, this may surprise you....or perhaps not.  I uncovered five of my favourite cobwebbed words in a previous post called Foliage, Midlands and the P word.   I'm posting three of the original five here and adding a few new ones.

1.  Soliloquies  - Dramatic monologuing and reflections?  I just love how this word rolls of my tongue!  

2.  Pudendum -  Ahem, well how should we describe our lower regions?  I'll be honest.  This one makes me giggle like a silly school girl.  I loved it from the first time I heard it roll off the tongue of delightful Dame Judy Dench....that Dame has a way with words!

3.  Discombobulate - confusing, befuddled, stupefy, bewildered...well its a mystery to me but I highly recommend inserting this little baby into the next conversation with family or friends...just to see the confusion on their faces...whatever does that word mean? 

4.  Salacious - I'm writing Women's Fiction -there will be plenty of scenes where characters lust over each other.

5.  Vivacious -  lively, high spirited, sprightly.  *Sigh*  This pretty much sums up my MC right now.  She's a darling really!

* I am passing this award to three lovely bloggers whose musings make me smile whenever I stop by *

Jason RM @ A Writer's Words
Krista Lynne Jensen @ Krista Lynne Jensen

** Have a lovely weekend everyone!  Hopefully we can all sneak in a few writerly moments! **

 * Do you have any favourite words you love to roll off the tip of your tongue? *

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Writerly Wednesday: Daniel's Snowcave

View from the old Sheppard's cave

Daniel peered out from the opening of the small cave; nightfall had swept quickly across the fields covering the land with its melancholic robes. Small tracks led away from the rocks below, probably a fox. He could sense the small creatures stirring in the nearby woods; gripping the rifle in his hands, he moved back inside the cave, towards the crackling of the fire they had built in the small pit in the centre of
the earthen floor. He was grateful that they had stumbled upon the old Sheppard's shelter, elated at the sight of the dry wood pile left by the previous tenant. The fire had warmed their bodies, eased the tension from their weary limbs, and chased away the damp chill that had hung heavy in this old shelter.

Daniel crouched low, half kneeling to push another log into the underbelly of the fire. He wrapped his long coat tightly around himself before leaning back against a small smoothened rock, watching as fiery shadows flickered, dancing across the ground, dragging themselves onto the rugged walls. His eyes followed the dancing shapes as they shimmied across the floor to the small makeshift bed where Della lay exhausted. She had succumbed to sleep within seconds of resting her head; Daniel had draped his large woollen cape over her. She won't like that, he remembered her insistence that he keep his cloak; that her own riding clothes would be warm enough to stave off the chill of the night. Insolent tongue. Beguiling woman. His eyes lingered on her soft lips as they parted with each breath; he would watch over her until light, when they would make their way out into the snow once more. His bone-weary body relaxes, drawing him into a half-conscious state of sleep. Yes, the sooner he delivered her home; the better. 

** Happy Writerly Wednesday All!  I hope you enjoyed this snippet. **  

A/N: This little scene popped into my head when I came across this photo.  I have to thank Ann from Ink Pots and Quills for sending me over to Olive's writing exercises at Creative Writing Ink.  Olive posts a photo each Monday for inspiration, it's up to you to write a few words, a poem, lyrics, a short story - whatever you would like and you link it back to the site.  Photocredits via Creative Writing Ink
Della - A Brief Interlude © 2010 T.Loto

Monday, 11 October 2010

Lady Hermit Writes

I am nearing the end of my main WIP.  Oh yes, I know its within reach and I am savouring every minute I get to write these past few days.   And as much as I love to spend time away from my WIP, there's a little resentment that creeps in.  Deep breath.  You can leave your PC for a few hours.  WIP will not die.  This is true, however without barracking my door and ignoring all contact with the outside world, I fear I may not meet my self-imposed deadline.  The lifestyle of a recluse is so appealing to me right now.  I would love to unplug the phone and just write.  Reality however, has other plans.  

Last night, I went to a Jean Michel Jarre concert, without a clue who this man was.  I spent the duration wondering about my closing chapters.  It's not that I didn't enjoy the concert, my eyes and ears shall recover, in due course.  Let me put this delicately - the man is a musical genius, however all I could wonder was, what it would be like - living with someone so wonderfully mad, so talented, so deliriously happy.  *Whispers* Frenchman and eccentric.  I could picture Mr Jarre jumping about in the early hours playing loud music 24/7 in his studio at home and not being disturbed...because well, he's clearly working, really.  I left the concert feeling enlightened about his keyboard skills and wishing that I had spent the last two hours banging away at my own. Ahem, keyboard, that is.

So, how do you do it?  Juggle your real life with your writerly needs?  And oh there are so many writerly needs.  

Are you embracing your Inner Hermit?

A/N:Photocredits via bgfashion

Friday, 8 October 2010

Awards, Glorious Awards!

Who wants a Nobel Prize in Literature when you've got all this fabulous blog love from everyone?

It's time to roll out the red carpet and dust off those gladiator stilettos! I'm truly overwhelmed with the recent awards bestowed my way.  *Blushes*  My Muse has covered herself in sparkly pink fairy dust to celebrate, and - if I could fly, I would be soaring on the horizon this minute, waving at everyone.

Thank you to the lovely Kittie Howard at The Block, for bestowing a fabulous award my way.  It's my sixth award, I'm feeling chuffed with it!

A lovely warm welcome and applause for Madeleine at Scribble and Edit, who has awarded the ' Strangely Irresistible' award to my blog.  We love it!!  How quirky are the figures in the picture?  

Thank you to very talented  N.R Williams, the lovely Nicki Elson, and the delightful Dominique,  for sending the 'One Lovely Blog Award' over to my blog. It's such a pretty pink avatar too.  *whispers* I love the roses and the delicate tea cup. 

** I would like to send some writerly love to the following irresistible souls and their lovely blogs.  Congratulations everyone!!  Please choose one of the awards above that you would like and ferry it back safely to your blog! **


A/N: Well, now - how's everyone's week been?  Busy, crazy busy or just insane?  I vote for some bubbly and a nice relaxing Friday evening where ever you are.  Happy writing this weekend all!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Wednesday's Waffle: Tag You're it!

It's a wet whimsical wednesday and I keep stumbling across this frivolous game of Tag! If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged!  That means you've got to answer these questions too!

1. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Why? I would fly, fly fly! Of course!  I would fly - with a pair of lovely Angel wings!  
Angel Wings with Attitude

Why?  I'll lay the blame at the feet of the lovely Lauren Kates.  I'm reading 'Torment' her second book in the Fallen series, and lets just say...Daniel's wings sound wonderful.  Actually I just love her dust jackets.  *Deep longing sigh*

2. Who is your style icon?  Gosh, so many to choose from... just pick one?  Valentino,  Narcisco Roderiquez, Oscar De La Renta, Karl Lagerfield, Tom Ford, Elle MacPherson, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly.  *Whispers * If I have to pick just one....Audrey.

The Perfect Gown for Window Shopping

3. What is your favourite quote?  I love so many quotes, this is one of my favourites right now.  "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams' Dr Seuss

4. What is the best compliment you've ever received? Oh that would be "Mummy, you're beautiful."  - courtesy of my charming Scribe Jnr.  See - he's going to be a heartbreaker when he's older! 
Cupid's Armoury

5. What playlist/cd is in your ipod/cd player right now?  My playlist, actually it's called Talei's playlist!  It's on shuffle at this very minute, I'm listening to 'Every breath you take' by the Police.

6. Are you a night owl or a morning person? Funnily enough I can be both!  On holidays, I'm a night person because I can sleep in the next morning.  When I'm not on holidays, definitely the morning muse takes overall I'd say morning.   
Bed's eye view,
from my last beach holiday

7. Do you prefer dogs or cats?  Dogs! I have a hound downstairs right now, running around in circles.

8. What is the meaning behind your blog name?  Mmm, the blog name itself probably self-explanatory, though I remember that day I set it up - it took me ages to settle on one I liked; all I knew was that I really wanted a blog name with 'Scribe' in the title.

A/N: Well, dear friends, these are my Wednesday wafflings.  I hope you've had a wonderful day where ever you are!
Photocredits:  Bed's eye view courtesy Yours Truly; Heart purchased via Shutterstock;  Angel & Audrey via Photobucket

Monday, 4 October 2010

Ghosts of Roman Past

If you were a historical romance or paranormal writer, it would be difficult not to find inspiration in this city, and indeed the countryside.  At each corner of a dimly lit historic building, down cobblestoned lanes, along old riverbanks and through the winding country lane...there is a tale waiting to unfold.  It just needs you, the storyteller to weave your magic.  Last weekend it rained.  Yes, I know! Surprisingly, England does get wet on occasion.  Alas, my Sunday BBQ plans were cancelled at the last minute, and I looked elsewhere for entertainment.  I found it!  The Roman Villa at Lullingstone in Kent.  If ghosts of Roman past did not wander by me here, then where else?

Mosaic at the Roman Villa, Lullingstone.
Water Nymphs in the 'Cult Room'.

Decorated coffin, the remains of a young man found within.

The old kitchen, perhaps?
The Hunter or the hunted?

Has the storyteller in you awakened?

A/N:  I love that our rained out BBQ led me to these ruins.  Thank you Rain Gods!
Photocredits courtesy of Scribe Snr.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Bad News Blogfest: "Till Death Us Do Part"

Thank you to the lovely Francine at Romancing the Blog  for hosting the Bad News Blogfest.  There are no hard rules but the piece should be about a character receiving bad news with lots of emotional impact.  Here's my entry - its a snippet called ' Till Death Us Do Part.'  I have to warn you, it's rather lengthy vs. a normal post so if you want to skip, please do.  I shall catch up with you on my next post!  If you do read it, I hope you will enjoy it, please let me know what you think.

The following contains adult themes and the 'f b words', if this causes you serious discontent, please avert thine eyes and ears and read no more, I don't wish to offend anyone. Thank you *

Judith played with the small set of china figurines that sat on the tray gathering dust on the hallway table. She passed them by daily without a second glance however; today they seemed to call to her.  Picking up ' the Wife of Bath' figurine, she traces the lady's features. A present from her mother, an old family keepsake, it was her reward for graduating with honours in English. Definitely dusty. She'd have a word with Maddie, remind her what proper damp dusting entailed.  With unsteady hands, she fiddles with each of the figures, turning them just so. And she knows the reason her fingers are shaking is not because Jack had left her bed barely two hours earlier. The sheets were still warm, she thought as she'd pulled the bedroom door shut.

No, the shakiness was due to the fact that Camille, her oldest friend from university, and Jack's estranged wife would darken her doorstep, wanting to pick over their broken down marriage.  Sure, she was sympathetic, and yes, she loved her old friend but Judith couldn't let Jack go.  Not this time.  They were in love.  And, he was talking about coming clean with Camille this week.  That thought sent Judith's mind spinning out of kilter.  How could she face everyone?  She'd forever be branded the scarlet woman, home wrecker, and husband stealer. Whore.  She pleaded with Jack this morning to wait, give it a few months, let Camille move on, but he'd been adamant.  This week, he would tell Camille.

The intercom buzzed noisily from the kitchen and she hurried along to answer it.  "Hello?" 
"Its me."  Camille's cheery voice floated through the receiver.
"Come up."  Judith buzzed her friend in through the lobby.  She looked nervously around the room before flicking the on switch for the electric jug.  They would have tea first, and then she would break the news to her.  She patted down her sandy blonde hair, fixed her lipstick and walked gingerly, like a woman condemned to her own front door.  Actually Jack, you're wrong.  Judith smiled to herself as a silly thought slipped into her mind.  This would be the day.  She'd tell Camille herself.

A quick rap on the door, and Judith's bravado dissolves as she opens it.  Camille, a tall svelte brunette, dressed in casual biege chino's and a navy blue blouse sweeps into the hallway, camel coat tossed over her shoulder.  Both ladies 'air kiss' each other.

"Darling!  You look wonderful!"  Camille studies her old friend for a few seconds before releasing her.  "There's something different about you."

"New dress?"  She eyes the black Ralph Lauren number with envy.

"Bah! This old thing?"  Judith smiles animated.  "You look lovely as always."  She gestures towards the sitting room.  "Come through, I'm just making tea."

Camille glances at her delicate wristwatch.  "It's almost eleven, perfect timing."

With little coaxing and over two cups of tea, Camille starts with her usual rant about Jack leaving her.  How many times had Judith sat through this babble?

"Of course, I was having an affair with Bertie but come on, what do you expect with Jack being overseas so much?"  Camille wailed.  "I still love him."

Judith took a deep breath and counted down from five.  "Camille, sweetie.  You know, maybe its time to move on?  It's been almost a year now."

Camille looked surprised.  "Move on?"  Her voice wavers.

"Yes, I mean...maybe it's for the best.  You've got Bertie now.  Let Jack go."  Judith looked down at her jittery hands, and quickly put her teacup down.

"Let Jack go?  What the hell are you talking about Jude?"

"I j-just think that this is unhealthy, -for the both of you."

"Unhealthy?  What on earth do you mean?"  She pauses, flicking her head.  "Wait a minute, is there something you're not telling me Judith?

"No, why?"

"You seem a little too sure...I can't put my finger on it.  Has...Jack said something to you about me?

"Whaa-aat?  Jack? No!"

Camille's chocolate molten eyes scrutinise Judith at length, she places her teacup on the table before turning towards her friend.  "He hasn't called you?  Jude, I know you guys were close at varsity before he and I got together."  She leans into Judith who shies away, backing up against the sofa.

"Tell me."  Camille hisses, her manicured nails clutch at the black fabric of Judith's sleeve.

"No.  There's nothing."  Judith flinches at her touch, her voice worried now.

"If you were my true friend..."

A strangled noise leaves Judith's throat.  "Okay!  You've got me."  She hesitates, closing her eyes.  "He did call me."

Camille slaps her hands on the sofa.  "I knew it!  When exactly?"

Judith shakes her head, desperately trying to collect her thoughts.  "Gosh, a few months ago."  She'd met Jack for a drink, and they had talked for hours, washing away the years, uncovering the spark of attraction that they'd both felt before but had been too coy to act on.

"And?"  Camille demands loudly, bringing her back to the present.  "Why didn't you tell me?  What did he say?"

"Look, I'm really sorry.  I don't know how to say this."


"He's moved on; he doesn't love you anymore."  There she'd said it out aloud.

"What?"  Camille looks at her as if she were a specimen under a microscope.  "Who?"

Judith signs, staring back at her teacup.  "I-I don't know.  He wouldn't say.  Honestly, I think its someone from his office."

"Liar!" Jack would never cheat on me."  She stands, challenging Judith.

"Camille, you were having an affair when Jack left.  What's with the double standards?"

"Double standards?  I thought you were my friend."  She snaps angrily at Judith. 
"F*** You.  I'm leaving.  Seriously Jude, if you're taking Jack's side on this..."  Camille's hands are on her hips, her nostrils flaring, she grabs her coat and strides purposely to the hallway.  Judith watches silently from the safety of her sofa, her heart beating wildly.  This time she counts down from ten.

As Camille fumbles with the door, her gaze lands on the small tray of china figures in the hallway.  "F****** witch!"  She screams, and with a sweep of her camel coat, she sends the entire tray flying, the china crashing into pieces on the floor.  A horrifying noise like an dying animal fills the hall from behind her.  Judith steps forward carefully, her bright blue eyes staring in disbelief at the broken china. 

"Oh my god.  That was my 'Wife of Bath' from my mother.  You knew how much that meant to me."  Her face is twisted in anguish, fists clenched at her sides. 

"And the fact that some whore is screwing my husband means nothing to me?"  Camille spat.  Her eyes ablaze, her voice coated in hatred, dripping with accusation.  Judith shudders, her eyes widen as her hand automatically flies to her lips.  Covering her terrified groan.  A knot tightens deep down in her stomach as she feels the bile rise to her throat.  Oh my god, she knows.  Somehow, the b**** already knows.

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