Monday, 26 March 2012

London's Fabulous Easter Egg Hunt

It's a crispy spring morning in London, endless blue skies stretch overhead, petals are falling from trees, and yes, birds are indeed singing their little hearts out.  A perfect setting for a Doris Day movie in which I might be wearing a canary yellow sundress complete with matching bag and oh-so-sensible heels.  Only it's not and I'm dressed in weekend wear, dark jeans, my favourite old DKNY hoodie and the darkest of dark Dior sunglasses.  Also, I'm ignoring the incessantly happy birds, there is only one mission today, 'the hunt.'  Ahem, that is, the great big Easter egg hunt! 

Faberge has organised a wonderful Easter Hunt in London for forty days and forty nights, an amazing fundraising effort for two charities, - Action for Children, a charity that supports the most vulnerable and neglected children in the UK, and The Elephant Charity which works to protect the endangered Asian elephants and their natural habitats.

There are over 200 giant eggs hidden across the city.  I say 'hidden' however, in reality they'd be hard to miss!  It's all still great fun for all, -tourists, locals, young and old.  My own little one, Scribe Junior ran the length of Burlington Arcade, eagerly counting off each egg.  What I love about this hunt are the eggs themselves, all quirky and as unique as their creators -artists, designers, jewellers from across the globe, - all wonderful souls who pitched in and decorated the eggs, in their own style.

If you want to bid for a giant egg of your own, do pop here!  Actually if you're curious as to the bids, check out the site anyway.  Here's a few of the 'eggs-tordinary' pieces of art that I would love to have in my garden this spring, summer, winter...well, forever, really.   

Vanitas Vitrified by Emma Clegg
This will go perfectly next to a pair of cupids...
or maybe not...

Origin by Petr Weigl
I like this one, it reminds me of sea urchins and for
some reason this makes me smile...

For the Widows in Paradis, for the Father in Ypsilanti
by Emma E. Kemp
One Lonely Blue Egg
Alas, this one suffered a little breakage...
 I couldn't find the name or artist for it.
 Quite lovely though...

The Anatomy of a building by Grimshaw
Quite possibly my absolute favourite... love this one!

Work No.2620 by Bompas & Parr
What can I say, a shiny egg... hard
to beat the setting eh?

Don't break the Egg by Patrick Mavros
Favourite shot of the day

Rock the Casbah by Josh Stika

Sad Happy Frog Egg by Gary Card

All the King's Horses by Joanna Moore
I couldn't find Humpty that day but
this one more than made up for it!

Rose Violet by Charbonnel et Walker
No, you're not dreaming -
 it's all
Photos courtesy yours truly, all via my iPhone.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Glass Bottom Heart

I love you because
You brush tears off my pillow,
Wash salt from my wounds,
And you comfort me with hearty laughter
As I'm walking around the room
Pulling down shutters.

You would if you could
Shoot arrows from space,
Shield me from poison
With effortless style and grace

You kiss away the hurt
Until my face is serene,
(well, kind-of)

I love you because
You tell me funny shit about your day
And when I tell you I'm feeling okay...
You pull up a seat and decide to stay.

As bright seasons turn dark
And I'm building my ark
Quietly plotting 
 On a lark,
You're always here
Even if you're over THERE.

And if I'm numb, your witty stories hold me tight, 
Prod my skin gently, remind me there's light
And who cares if the world is upside down?
It's still wonderful and free, 
So stick around!  Girl.
There's so much to see.

I love you because 
True friends are rare,
You understand me
And I thank you forever.

From the glass bottom 
Of my heart

© Glass Bottom Heart by T. Loto.   All Rights Reserved.

A/N:  This poem is dedicated to all my friends who have been amazingly stoic and incredibly generous with their time and love and laughter over the past few months.  I can't really go into detail but they have been there for me recently and I've never been a person who takes true friendship for granted.  Unfortunately for some, if you have me as a friend, you have me for life - so like, lump it, alright?

Now tell, me lovelies, how is everyone?  Talei x

PS:  It's also my entry for the Romantic Friday Writers Challenge hosted by Denise and Francine, check out the other writers here.