Friday, 14 June 2013

A Thousand Reasons And Five For New York

I could think of a thousand reasons why life has taken me away from you of late, dear blogger...  But I won't.  I think we're beyond explanations.  I've been terribly tied-held-caught-up with life.  Parallel universes.  Multiple.  Writing-reading-eating-films-devouring-books.  Write or Blog?  Blog or Write? Decisions.  Unapologetically, I've been writing.  Indulged the vampiric lifestyle.  Nocturnal creature.  Eat at will.  Dress code zero.  Stay up late. Watch foreign films.  Read all night.  Wondrous thinking.  Thoughts which elude me now.  Trust me, on the wondrous though.

In recent months, I've travelled a little.  New York surprised me in April.  Every time I step out of a taxi in Manhattan, it hits me.  That rattle 'n' hum, old city, wide streets, fast-talking-street-walking-natives.  Bums.  Suits.  Hobos.  Attitude.  Give me your all, give me nothing.  Just give me something.  Always, I say, we should venture off the island, take a train to Washington or Boston.  That day never eventuates.  And, every single visit, I say earnestly to my friends, I wish I'd moved here.  Coulda-woulda-shoulda.  Instant regret in a moment of too many.  It's an honest thought.

Aside, from the coffee and bagels, spontaneous conversations on the subway, lazy languid strolls through Central Park, and rooftop sunsets - here's my five reasons to visit New York!

1.  The spectacular views from the top of the Empire State Building.  Mind-blowing, awe-inspiring.  Follow the velvet ropes through the winding souvenir trails and go straight to the top.  If you get to NYC and you don't do this, then really, you should just stay home and slap yourself... silly.

2.  An early morning walk across the Brooklyn bridge.  Because, why not?  You're in NYC -just do it!  Take a coffee and bagel, shove your earplugs in and walk.  Or sway.  Little attitude with those hips doesn't hurt either.

3.  Walk The High Line.  A wonderful use of an old railway line that locals campaigned to keep and convert into a public 'green' space.  Again, with the walking and talking... this is the place to do it.

4a.  The New York Library.  Books. Writing. Librarian types with fabulous up-dos. 'Nuff said!
4b.  A ferry ride around the island.  One the best ways to see the cityscape is to get off the island and into the Hudson.  On a boat.  Take your camera and get snapping!

5.  Old friends.  I love catching up with friends when I travel.  One of my loveliest friends lives in NYC and she's always been an inspiration.  We caught up.  I told her that my dog, Freddy had died and she said, "Yes, Talei, I know.  I read your blog!"  And we laughed.  Then she said, "have you finished writing that book yet?"  And I smiled.  Because I realised that through my writing and this blog, my friends and family will always know what I'm doing with my life, all the way over here, in sunny London.  So, I will promise to write more often... here.

A/N: I couldn't resist adding in an extra reason above.  There's plenty more reasons to visit this lovely city, these were just my favourites on this particular trip.  I've posted a few snaps below for your enjoyment.  If you want to see more of my photos, I'm on Instagram, @taleiii.  And, yes - to my dear friend in NYC, if you're reading this post - I am writing away furiously.  Day and night.  Have a fab weekend all!  XO

Caged view from Empire State

Languishing on the Brooklyn Bridge

Rooftop sunset from my hotel