Monday, 30 April 2012

Restless in the City

Come, walk with me

Earlier in the month, I languished about the beach shack just outside of London.  I got back to basics, - practically no wifi for three whole days, an amazing feat.  I survived!  I spent three days wandering the shoreline, collecting shells, chasing rogue waves, falling down sand dunes, 'designing' the most magnificent fortresses and watching the sun play 'peek'a'boo' with the clouds.

In the evenings, I squeezed in the entire 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy, another chance to fall haplessly in love with Lord Aragorn, and marvel at Peter Jackson's genius.  And one day, I will sit through Nicholas Sparks' 'The Notebook' - without blubbering all over myself.   Messy, messy, indeed, but oh what a beautiful love story. 

Of course, I got to write.  A brand spanking new idea for a story which manifested itself in a dream one night, as cliche as that might sound, it's true.  You know when you wake and scenes are playing in your head, you have to write it down before you lose it?  Yes, that feeling.  The return to the city and life in the glass sarcophagus has been like the weather of late, somewhat expected but still... inclimate.  All I want to do, is to curl up somewhere warm, close my eyes and dream of someplace else.   How about you? 

Photo courtesy via yours truly. 

A/N:  Firstly, congratulations to everyone who has finished the A to Z challenge, a wonderful feat!  Secondly, hello again.  I am still alive and kicking in London, albeit blogging has been sporadic of late.  When asked about the priority of blogging versus focussing on your MS, a wise agent on twitter said - and I think I can safely quote this "... you can't publish a WIP..."  So there you have it.   I am still blogging but I am consciously following that advice.   Happy writing! - T xox

Friday, 13 April 2012

Stonewall's Annual Equality Dinner

"You've got mail..."  The message fluttered across my screen, hung for one cyber second and then dissolved into nothing...only a couple of words caught my attention.  I clicked on the last of the fading pixels...'Stonewall dinner... Dorchester Hotel...'  Would I like to attend?  Would I EVER!   

My swift reply winged it's way through the ether.  "My dear, it would be my pleasure! xoxo and ooh.. PS:  What do I wear?"

Stonewall is the UK's best known lesbian, gay and bisexual charity, it strives to ensure equality for the homosexual community across the country, - their annual dinner at London's Dorchester Hotel is legendary!  And so, a week later, frocked in a mushroom silk number and glitzy heels, I found myself, propped up with a martini, surrounded by London's loudest and proudest, and a plethora of well-known public figures and TV personalities.  So many faces; so little time.  At one point, I found myself facing the Mayor himself.   *ahem*   I pondered a question but chose instead to replenish my glass of champagne.  I know, I know, priorities, darlings... priorities.  Never fear though, I did enjoy a lovely post dinner conversation with the delightful Dr Christian of the  'Embarassing Bodies' TV show, and no, no, I didn't go there with my embarassing questions.   

By the end of the evening, I'd lost track of my dinner companions, played the auction round a little too enthusiastically, missed out on a bid for dinner with Sir Ian McKellen but gained a trip to Goa.  Yes, in India.  *pinches self*   Overall, that night, Stonewall raised a phenomenal £393k for the charity.  Now if that doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will.  One love, indeed. 

Our lovely table... before the carnage...

A/N:  Happy Friday everyone!  It's been awhile, I have been busy in the parallel universe but never fear I am still in the ether and writing.  This weekend, I'm heading to a little beach shack just south of London for a little relaxation.  Reading, writing and well, just pondering.  Perhaps, a few sandcastles?  What's in your diary?  -Talei xox