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Soho Townhouse - Pop-up Interior Inspiration 2018

Recently, I was over the moon when news of a pop-up interior store aka five storey townhouse in Soho decked-out in the latest stylish goodies came flying through my social media feed. Houzz of UK were the folks behind this fab pop-up, and you might have a caught a few snippets on my Insta-stories at the time.  From a young age, I have always been obsessed with interior design, I remember flicking through glossy magazines at dentist appointments and I am guilty of binge-watching a ton of "fix-it-up" home shows over the weekends.  The "before  and after" type shots are addictive!  As are the reactions of the clients.  

These days, I'm particularly aware of technology and how our lifestyles have evolved into spaces where comfort and function is key.  So, on a particularly drizzly-puddled-filled Sunday, I joined the throngs of like-minded interior-hungry folks, keen for a whiff of the latest trends.  And I know, in hindsight venturing into Soho on a weekend afternoo…

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