Friday, 28 September 2012

Rocketships, Asteroid Belts, Armageddon And Beyond!

Occasionally, I get a little tongue-tied; rarely though, rendered speechless.  However, after a conversation with Scribe Junior aka  Budding Philosopher, aka Mini-Yoda, I'm often left floundering.  Just like the fish.  

One sunny morning, not so long ago, SJ was sitting at the breakfast table, drawing furiously, he looked up briefly:
SJ:  Mummy, is the world really going to end one day?
Me:  Um, well, thats a difficult question...
SJ:  Mummy, because Daniel says it will, Daniel says there's an Arr-maa-gedd-don!  He says the whole world is going to explode!!  IS THERE AN ARR-MAA-GEDDDON?
Me:  *softly curses Daniel, inhales deeply*   Well, some people believe there is.  Did you go to church today at school?
SJ:  *ignores my question, goes back to drawing massive explosions of red and green on his paper*

24 hours later, SJ is back at the table:
SJ:  Mummy
Me:  Yes?
SJ:  The correct answer to my question was 'maybe.'
Me: Sorry?
SJ:  Shouldn't we say, that, maybe, the world will end but we just don't know?
Me:  *wonders if SJ will sprout Yoda-like ears any-minute-soon*  UM... Yes, yes... you're right...

Several weeks later, I've recovered from his profound insight.  It's a normal morning in London, delightfully grey and drizzly.  Budding Philosopher is poring over a large book, the well-loved kind, numerous flaps, diagrams and maps, all dog-eared, all hanging out of its covers.

SJ:  Um... Mummy, can rocketships make it safely through the asteroid belt in the solar system?
Me:  *stops in tracks, baffled face*  Wha-aat did you say?
SJ:   *huffs, annunciates ever so slowly, for my benefit (obvs)*  CAN A ROCK-ET-SHIP make it through the AS-TE-ROID BELT IN THE SO-LAR SYS-TEM?
Me:  *wonders if this is a normal question from a 6 year old*
SJ:  Well, can they?
Me:  Ah... Well, it depends... yes... it depends... on the... size of the asteroids!  You know, on how large the asteroids are, if they can navigate through them.  *insert floundering face*  What book are you reading?
SJ:  My Space Book.  So, they can get back safely to Earth from the asteroid belt then?
Me: Yes.  If they're really careful.
SJ:  And, Mummy...
Me:  *hastily steps backwards, fumbling for the door*
SJ:  ...does the asteroid belt go out into space or, does it just keeping going around in a belt?
Me:  *grabs door handle, exhales*  What?
SJ: Does the asteroid belt go further out into the universe, or, does it stay in the belt?
Me:  *coughs*   Well, what does your book say?
SJ:  *runs finger down page* says....
Me:  *exits room, runs down hallway*  WTF?!

A/N:  Isn't it great when to be reminded about the bigger things in life, though?  I thought so...  Today is SJ's 7th birthday, so I'm going to let him ask as many questions as he likes... and then, after bedtime, -I might just mix a few margaritas.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Changing Frocks, Changing Seasons: I Am Summer, Hear Me Roar.

So long, summer...

I felt it this morning, in the whiff of crisp air that snatched my unruly long hair, whipping it back from my face.  Autumn.  Fall.  Call it what you will.  It's almost here, the one season I'm loathe to welcome this year and yet when it arrives, I'll wrap my arms around it and hold it tight. 

These changing days, in between seasons, when you're not quite here, or there.  My mind seems wrapped in a fog, unable to make simple decisions, -dress, tights, heels, boots?  No, not boots, not quite yet.  Late summer lingers through windows, covering floor boards and dusty bookshelves in splinters of dappled sunshine.  Yes, dappled, bite me.  I want to lock it all up and throw away the key.

Last week, I stormed down city streets, wedges firmly strapped on, floral-printed frock flying in the breeze.  Determined strides.  I came face to face with another lady, dark-shaded suit, thick tights and boots.  She was Winter; I was Summer.  From across the road, we glared.  Eyes widened, nostrils flared. Taking in each other's attire.  Really? I mean, REALLY?  Boots? I shuddered.  Wedges, she tutted.  Silently, we passed on the crossing, careful not to brush.  I-wish-you-were-dead eyes, staring dead ahead.  It was a moment in time, an unspoken duel.  Subsided.

And yes, I know.  Soon, we bid adieu to our beautiful summer, but for now lets enjoy the last of our lazy afternoon strolls and those oh-so-blissful ice cream kisses.  Just a few more days, yes?  Yes.  Say yes.  Even if you're thinking, no.  Yes?  Yes.