Game, Set and Match, London's Sports Renaissance

It's no secret, London is currently in the throes of games fever.  We have slung bunting across ancient oaks, threaded it through gates and wrapped it around lamp posts.  Babies in strollers  are waving teeny tiny red-white-n'blue flags, that infamous Canadian Maple Leaf hangs on nearby doors, police officers have perfected 'the Bolt pose', and tonight, I spotted an enormous yellow kangaroo, sitting comfortably in a neighbour's dining chair.  He was wearing red boxing gloves, and a very defiant stare.  It's all very 'Olympic' around our little town.

After an incredible opening ceremony just over a week ago, our Inner Cheerleader has revealed herself.  And she's not leaving anytime soon.  If you follow me on twitter, you'll know, swimming, has been top of my list.  Swiftly followed by sailing, equestrian, the triathlon, tennis, gymnastics, beach volleyball... what?  Okay, the list is endless.  With such incredible performances from the athletes, it's hard to pick a favourite, they have all been a pleasure to watch, but if you insist, let's see...

For myself, I have to say, the young ladies in swimming, in particular, 15 year old Ruta Meilutye who won the women's breaststroke.  Super fast, super fish.  I racked my brains wondering what I did at that age.  And of course, Michael Phelps.  22 medals, of which 18 are gold.  If you contemplate that long enough, you might need to sit down, -it's phenomenal.  However, let's remember, we are talking about the Olympics, the 'best of the best', fighting it out.  Another favourite, is our uber-cool-lady, Jess Ennis, whose award-winning abs and derriere, pretty much knocked Pippa Middleton off the number one spot for oggle-worthiness.  Yes, bow to the new Queen of Abs! Our very own,  Women's Heptathlon Champion Of The World.

The other six billion dollar question, is who to cheer for?  I cheer like a wild thing, not so un-pretty though definitely, a trifle disturbing.  I've found myself whooping for Team GB, before switching gears to squeal for my old Kiwis, Team NZ, and I've a soft spot for the Aussies.  Luckily, at these games, they seem to have excelled  at different events so there's no real conflict of conscience.  And, Team GB's won an astounding number of Gold!  We're all pinching ourselves and Londoners are walking just a little taller this week.

'Inspire A Generation' is the tagline for our games and as cliche as this sounds, I think it should be' rebadged' as 'Inspire A Nation'.   Lord knows, post sunday's closing ceremony, when all the bunting is taken down and flags folded away, we'll all need a group-city-country-hug.  In the meantime, if you're watching, I hope you're finding inspiration from the games.  It's been a wonderful reminder to everyone, sports fan or not, to keep reaching for our dreams.  And, yes, that's reaching, not retching, okay?  Good.  *tosses pom-pom high in the air*   

A/N:  Photo's via yours truly.  Just a few snaps from the past week.  I hope you will enjoy them. - T xox

Tower Bridge and THOSE Olympic rings!
Snapped off the back of the ferry...
Scribe Junior, reluctant poser... kinda

Women's marathon
through the streets of London

Olympic Hat!

Rather like the quintessential park bench...
Yes, in the hood!?

Sweet Couture Cupcake man,
lunch market beside the mega yachts...
Canary Wharf

We're gone bunting mad...


  1. Sounds like you are really into the Olympics this year!

    1. Oh yes! Unabashedly, into it!! ;-)

  2. How fun! I would love to be there--it seems like everyone's so excited!

    1. It's been incredibly inspiring! I think living in this city and watching the whole build-up has put another edge on it. Thoroughly enjoying it right now. ;-)

  3. Thank you for posting this and all the wonderful photos! It's fun to watch all the talented athletes and cheer them on.

    1. Thanks Lisa! Certainly is. Hope you are well! ;-)

  4. I've been a complete dud on the Olympics this year but part of that is the way they are aired here so hopefully you will excuse me. I have not rushed about unawares however- that's impossible! Everyone I know is watching and I get regular updates. BTW: congrats on Murray winning the gold in Tennis. That was one Olympic event I paid attention to- being a RF fan.

    I've also been a dud in keeping up on visiting favorite blogs. I seem to be a bit over my head with... stuff, I guess. I'm not sure what it is but I have been remiss just about everywhere and have spent the morning apologizing for my failure to keep up. So here I am! Cheers and let's raise a toast to the best of the best at the game of games- the Olympics! *Clink, clink* And to you my friend. Cheers!

    1. *clink clink* Indeed. The tennis was pretty intense, I watched Murray vs Federer. Loved how Murray jumped through the stands at the end to get to his family. And, I hope you are well too, D! xo


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