Looking Back, Moving Forward: Goodbye 2012! Hello 2013!

You know that final scene in 'Muriel's Wedding,' where Muriel and Rhonda are sitting in the back of a taxi, yelling out 'Goodbye, Porpoise Spit!?  Yes, that's how I'm feeling, quite frankly, I can't wait for the new year.  However, as the lyrics in a hit-hip-hop-rap tune go, - 'I should say goodbye before I say hello', - and so, I made a list of a few things I've learnt to accept in 2012.  GOOD BYE 2012!  Love you never... maybe, a little, okay, a lot.  

What I've accepted in 2012:

1.  There is no clear definition of 'Hipster,' - it's useful as both an insult and a compliment, yeah you hipsters, it is!  And I love the sound of it rolling off my tongue.

2.  I am officially 'pants' at making gravy and I am PROUD of that fact.  Ever since my Chef Sister casually mentioned that 'a good gravy takes at least 11 hours to simmer', I realised I don't have 11 hours to spare.

3.  No matter how many Cat Pictures appear in my Facebook feed, I will never be a Cat person.  Which is a positive thing really, it means I'll never be that crazy old lady down the street with a thousand furry friends in her house.  I'll leave that to all you cool-cat hipsters out there.

4.  Big Girls Do SO Cry.  I think this could be a talent of sorts, - I can cry at the drop of a hat.  I cry at Christmas adverts on TV, I'm constantly pulling tissues out at the movies, I've blubbered on public transport whilst reading books, - now if I could just turn tears into, I dunno, cash?

5.  You should never hang up on a Priest's answer machine, he will find you.

6.  Lady Gaga is younger than Carly Rae Jepsen and I find this a little disturbing but I can't explain that either.  Call me on the tele-tele-phone or like, call me maybe?  Maybe not.

7.  I suck at editing sex scenes.  Pun most definitely intended.

8.  Gangnam style is not going to disappear easily.  *deepest regretful sigh*

9.  Children are little philosophers and you really should listen to their conversations.  Covertly is best, as that's when they're at their most natural.  Preferably do this with your own children or nieces and nephews.  Do not randomly hang out at parks and eavesdrop on kids.  That will get you arrested.

10.  Love is all you need.

11.  Running will not kill you.

12.  Your mother will never change but you can always change your phone number.   *taps nose*

Now, what have you accepted this year?

Yes, let's do it!  

Happy 2013!  May the new year bring you peace and happiness!  
- Love Talei xox

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  1. I'm so glad someone is optimistic about 2013. I can't seem to drum any up not the least because I just needed to use spell check to spell optimistic correctly. What is wrong with my brain? Have I slipped into an alternative universe and I am the only one seeing everything incorrectly (including the incorrect spelling of words???) Someone help me, lol!!!! Here's to you being right and my just being on the wrong side of the sun today!
    Happy New Year!
    Best wishes!!
    *clink, clink, clink*
    "Pour me another please!!"
    *gurgle, gurgle*
    *clink, clink!!!*

    1. Can we do an infinity clink? * infinity clink* Happy, happy, happy New Year to you dear friend! Don't worry the universe has a plan for us all, unsure what exactly but hey... we'll all get there. Keep smiling!! xo

  2. I am a cat lady all the way!
    Happy 2013 Talei :-)

    1. Yah!! Cool Cat Lady, you. Happy blessed 2013 to you, A! xo

  3. Hi, Sweets,

    I LOVE your sensitivity... You are ruled by your passions, and that is SUCH a good thing.

    2012 wasn't all that hot this year for me either, but I grew as a person and writer. With each situation, positive or negative, we learn, we experience, we grow...

    You are ONE STYLISH and CHIC lady.... never change Sweets...

    ALL THE BEST IN 2012!

    1. Hello Beautiful! You're so generous, thank you!! And I agree, we will grow wiser and experience more and be the better for it all. May 2013 be your year!! XO

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Judy! Happy New Year to you too!! ;-)

  5. Hi Talei! Happy (belated) New Year! Long time no see. I learned that retirement really isn't very relaxing. For the most part, that is just fine with me. NOT all the time though...

    1. Thanks Pat! Sorry for a late response, tres crazy in le parallel universe!! Happy, HAPPY New Year to you!!


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