Flying Solo

It was early saturday morning, that magical moment before sunrise and coffee, where time zones are murky and the neighbourhood dogs haven't quite stirred.  I was sitting at my desk and somewhere in the background, pieces of a rather insane conversation filtered through the fog.  My ears pricked, I leaned in.  Scribe Junior had his Grandmother C on the phone.  All the way from little NZ.

SJ:  Grandma, guess what?
G:   What?
SJ:  I found you a new boyfriend!
G:  *a little too excited*  Really?  Who?
SJ:  *picks up his iPad, taps on screen*  Actually, I'm downloading him now!
G:  What?
SJ:  He's from Pakistan.
G: Oh.
SJ:  Actually, he lives in Bangalore but he's from Tajikistan!
G: Oh.

I laughed. Quite hard.  Later that day, at Hampstead Heath, we picnicked with a few girlfriends, and SJ was in full swing.  He'd decided to download boyfriends for everyone.  The only problem was, all boyfriends appeared to be inanimate objects.  For example, V was paired off with a storage room; N was pointed towards a small stone building in the park.  I mean, it was a lovely building but being discerning creatures, we questioned why anyone would want an empty room for a boyfriend?

SJ:  Well because, if you get tired, you don't have to go far, you can just sleep in the room -won't that be good?
All the the single ladies:  Um, no -actually, not good - what if you want a cuddle?  You can't cuddle a storage room.
SJ:  But you can put a nice chair in there, - and a TV.
All the single ladies:  I think you need to work on that one.

Last night, SJ proudly handed me a small drawing.

SJ:  Here you go, Mummy!
Me:  What's that?
SJ:  I 'downloaded' you a boyfriend!
Me:  *stares at stick figure on flapping piece of A4*  Wow.
SJ:  His name is Jack Jay.
Me:  Cool.  I'm going to pin him up in the kitchen, on the noticeboard.
SJ: That's good!  And, you can talk to him whenever you want to, like when you're working in there.
Me:  Like, when I'm doing the dishes and stuff?
SJ:  Yes.
Me:  That's just...perfect.

Jack Jay -the quiet unassuming type

I give you Jack Jay.  He sits, pride of place on the noticeboard.  I'm looking forward to romantic walks in the park with him this autumn.

PS: The joys of single motherhood.  Nobody said it would be easy but when your child has a wild imagination, and is wise beyond his years? Well - the days just fly by.  I hope you're all enjoying the last of the summer weather!  I am.  -Talei XO


  1. Oh my goodness, that's adorable! With all that imagination, he should be a writer. :)

    1. Thanks, lovely! That would make sense but at the moment he wants to be a Scientist so that he can, quote: "invent the cure for cancer, and ebola..." He has set himself a few lofty goals. :-)

  2. Sounds like SJ has (inadvertently) figured out a way to keep you all to himself! Brilliant!! ;) Very cute.

    Hope things are going well and that you're getting lot of work done on your WIP. Summer has ended here and we're adjusting to school again. :P

    I could probably use some champers about now!
    clink, clink!

    1. Here you go, D! *hands over bubbly* The seasons are changing here too, alas. Its been a lovely summer though. All is well, thanks! Happy writing to you too! XO

  3. Too funny :-))))

    And he is quite handsome too!

    1. Haha! I might have some competition for the 1 dimension Jack Jay! :-))


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