A Stellar Evening In London - With Stella McCartney

I love it when my friends send me emails with subject lines that read - 'Stella McCartney Spring 2014 Preview RSVP' - and then they add a casual 'Are you interested?'  Interested, wot?  Cue Conor Maynard's latest tune, 'Are you crazy? Are you stupid?  Must be crazy...?'  YES, PLEASE! I reply, and hit 'send' faster than a doughnut-crazed-lady-post-gym-workout-looking-for-her-next-sugar-hit.

For the record, my friend is not crazy or stupid.  She's very smart - and quite fashionable.  My next question to her was, 'WHAT TO WEAR?'  And then I ran around the house like a crazy-person-who-needs-to-find-a-new-outfit, that you know, was suitable to be seen in, - in front of Stella, and oh - several fashionistas of Knightsbridge.  No pressure, then.  *sucks in cheeks, tummy, and clenches thighs*  

So, anyhow - in a nutshell, that's how I ended up sipping champagne, and eyeballing fabulous floral and python print frocks at Harvey Nichols last night.  Vogue's UK contributing editor Christa D'Souza interviewed Stella McCartney, statuesque models slinked around the pretty flower stall setting behind them.  Stella spoke about her inspirations, on her parents creativity, her early days studying at St Martins, how Savile Row tailoring influences her designs, and the importance of pockets - and wait for it - whether or not to show your knees.

A few memorable quotes from the interview:

"A woman of a certain age has to look good."
"Celebrate your knees!"
"I'm not a screamer as a designer, I'm not trying to take over the world."
- And my favourite -  
"When a woman comes into a room, she should be noticed for the right reasons, not the wrong reasons." 

During the Q&A time with the audience, I was lucky enough to ask my own question - which went something like this:

Me:  You're very passionate about fashion and design, - (um really, nothing like stating the obvs), - you've built a successful brand -Stella McCartney, - if you hadn't become a designer, was there another path you might have taken?

Stella:  Well, I did think about singing - but I  didn't that was a good road to go down... (insert raucous laughter from the room)  -  and my family aren't bankers or hedge fund people - so I knew something creative is what I wanted to be.  I always knew I wanted to be a fashion designer from very young, otherwise an architect or landscape gardening - I love gardening!

All in all, t'was a fabulous fun night in London.  Stella's Spring 2014 collection was a welcome antidote to a dark and dusky autumnal eve, and I can't wait for the next casually scripted invite to land in my mailbox.  *opens email, waits...*

And, a few snaps for your viewing pleasure:

It begins... drinks beckon.
Cute staging... yes. CUTE. 

Waiting game....

Ms McCartney and Ms D'Souza - the Q&A begins.

A glimpse at the Spring 2014 collection for ladies. 

Python print over floral shorts - loved this jacket! 

The 'Miro' dress!

Gorgeous florals!

The 'Match' dress!  

Lucious lace, and um... legs.

Bloodshot eyes are the new black.
 ME and my dear friend S.

Pretty pink roses and goodie bags - what's not to love?


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