Happy Holidays!

Flower Seller on Old Bond St.  'Hello Deer'
Gosh, this year has flown!  December is almost over and another Christmas evening is fading.  I love the festive traditions of this season, celebrating family and friendships, exchanging gifts, writing cards -the 'old-fashioned' way, and yes, even traipsing down to the Post Office to pick-up parcels.  My absolute favourite 'chrismassy' thing to do', is decorate the tree with my little one.  I say 'little one' but he's now 8 years old, and will undoubtedly tower over me in the not-too-distant-future.  Deep sigh. 

Another favourite from my Christmas to do list, is to take a stroll through the old streets of London, Nobody does Christmas, quite like London.  Methinks.  Well, okay, maybe NYC comes close, and I hear Iceland is pretty good.  I love browsing through window displays in the rather glamourous stores, soaking up the atmosphere in the streets.  There is always such a sense of excitement in the crowds.  Did mention the pretty Christmas lights? Tres sparkly.

This holiday break, I will mostly be horizontal on the sofa.  It's a welcome reprieve after the manic rush in the lead-up to Christmas.  My feet and liver are grateful, let me tell you.  From the comfort of plumped cushions, I can indulge a little reading, writing, and yes, possibly a few culinary treats!  How about you?  If you are celebrating Christmas, I hope its a good one where ever you are.  Here's a few snaps from My December thus far, I hope you will enjoy.

Happy Christmas, Lovelies!  And wishing everyone a fabulous 2014!  XO

A rainy view from the Big Wheel @ Winter Wonderland.  

Oh Christmas trees!  @ Indie stores in Greenwich.
A most ostentatious Father Christmas @ Fortum @ Mason

Fab windows @ Fortum & Mason 

Spot the Cat at Cartier on Old Bond St.

Favourite window on Old Bond St.

Traipsing through Soho

Eros captured @ Piccadilly Circus
Festive Christmas dining with Bestie.

Angels beneath the Dolce & Gabbana Christmas tree
@ Claridges
Man down! Santa's train @ Wonderland. 

Alright, maybe one more festive cocktail.. 

Our tree - decorated by Scribe Jnr.
Photocredits: Yours truly via my instagram @taleiii


  1. Lovely pictures! It looks very festive and fun. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Mine was nice but I am REALLY looking forward to the New Year!
    Here's to 2014! Cheers lovely!

  2. I have never been in London at Christmas, but I think I would prefer it to New York. I'm really not much of a city girl, and New York makes me want to hold my purse very close and my children closer. London -- though -- I have always enjoyed London, (in all my 4 visits). It's different.

    You've made me come up with a resolution. Some year, I want to see what London does with Christmas!

  3. Happy New Year dear friend. Wishing you peace, love & happiness in 2014!

  4. I love the window displays.

    Hopefully the new year is treating you well so far?

  5. Hi Talei, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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