Monday's Musings: The Twisted World of Elliot Rodger.

Several thoughts crossed my mind yesterday, gave me reason to pause.  Admittedly, it was during the morning scroll through my Twitter stream, so you'll have to excuse the randomness of this post.  The thing about Twitter is that, it is a fluid, living, breathing entity in its own right.  Crowds amass, shake angry fists - express their collective outrage at all manner of life - Politics, Religion, War, Crime, Poverty, Dictators, and barely-clothed twerking musicians. On the flip-side, it's a seething love nest over Film, Fashion, Food, Hipster brands, Books - the list is endless.

This weekend, we gathered to shout! Yes, shout!  Both genders stood shoulder-to-shoulder, horrified at Elliot Rodger's shooting spree in Santa Barbara. But then, quietly in the background, there were a few who were sympathetic to this young man's cause.  And at the risk of having missiles tossed my way - I'm going to go out on a limb and say this.  Watching the now infamous video, I saw a hurt, rejected and simpering young man with an inferiority complex, whose uncontrollable anger at the rejection he felt, not just by the hot blonde sl*ts, he repeatedly jeered, but also, by the society he grew up in, - resulted in the horrific shootings and loss of six young lives.  Don't ask me to explain that laugh though, it struck me as something of a pantomime quality.

Elliot Rodger's manifesto, if you actually attempt it, is revealing in itself - not just about the young man's deluded sense of entitlement but, in my opinion, his words, his story, his life is a sad reflection of our society today.  We covet lifestyles of the rich and famous, our appetite for the material objects is insatiable, and we chase love in the form of a faux beauty - only because that embodiment of beauty is what's been shoved down our throats since before we hit puberty.

I'm outraged that innocent people were killed by this clearly, disturbed man; it's gut-wrenching to watch the victims' families speak out on TV.  I, absolutely feel their pain and agony.  Their child will never come home again.  There will be no engagement parties, or weddings, or grandchildren.  I've witnessed loss through my own parents - when my younger sister died tragically in a car accident.  I know what ghost footfalls sound like, the expectation of an arrival, of laughter bursting through the back door.  I've stood in my parent's garden, unapologetically screaming, "Fuck you, god!" Dead at 18 years old, with everything to look forward to.  

I'm equally annoyed that many people won't recognise Elliot Rodger, as 'our problem' - guns and mental illness are always at the core of mass shootings, irrespective of city, country or nationality.  In this digital world, everything, love, dating, and friendship - are all online, instant, accessible - and built on a billion fucking photoshopped pixels.  What we really need to do is change the perception of what beauty and true love is for the younger generations.  

Dismantle Sororities and Fraternity houses, pull down the exclusive clubs that separate the rich from the poor.  Teach children that love really comes from within, that beauty radiates in everything.  That beneath the blushed skin of a shy person lies another human.  Teach them, that friendships can really last a lifetime.  Teach equality, respect and responsibility.  Teach them that everyone - as the saying goes, is fighting their own battles, that kindness is good and good manners are not a mythical trait from Grandma's generation. Teach them, that men and women come in all shapes and sizes and shades - and under everyone's skin - we all bleed the same colour.  

Last night, as I sat here and stared out into the evening light, I wondered... if there was a girl out there in Elliot Rodger's twisted world, who maybe - just maybe, fancied him enough to date him - but he was too caught up chasing the fucked-up-faux-fairytale to even notice. Yes, in amongst the bloodshed and twisted metal, I'm still a romantic - I still believe that love can save us all.  Lord, help me.  


  1. This whole situation is a fucked up mess ('scuse the language). From the articles I've read it sounds like he became involved with some of the worst misogynistic men's hate groups who fed his mentally ill state (if he indeed was- I heard he had ausbergers which isn't mentally ill per se) and our really sick gun laws enabled his fantasy to get back at all the beautiful women he lusted after and couldn't have. The worst of it is that too many men just think women are theirs for the taking. Not all men- I'm not going to put men in that boat but there some... and he seems to have fallen in with a crowd of them.

    1. I tried to steer away from the hate in this world. Not that I've got rose-tinted glasses on but sometimes, I think people jump on the wagon on twitter when it comes to women's rights. I don't condone the killings of innocents - but I think, society and his upbringing moulded this guy in the first place. I think there is something fundamentally flawed with our society and its values. To want to be loved is human nature, but his values were completely based on beliefs that stemmed from a false society. I feel sad by this generation, that's all I'm saying. We need to help our kids understand fantasy vs reality. ( Ps. Thanks for the welcome back D!! Hope you are well! xo)

  2. Oh and cheers! Good to see you back!

  3. TALEI!!!!! SOOOOOO WONDERFUL to see you post....

    I wish it was one of you lovely and poetic ones, BUT THIS NEEDED to be said. Your last few paragraphs are TOTALLY what our society needs! WE are all human! WE all have feelings! And I for one am sick of the twisted thoughts our children are picking up from the superficiality of their parents. They live in a virtual reality with no true substance.

    When was the last time they all sat around a table for dinner not connected to an electronic device and actually had a conversation?

    WE are blessed to have been raised in gentler times. I know I am grateful for it. But it saddens me when I see the brashness of children with no manners and where bullies are running amuck.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. And yes, you do have a very strong point. But these twisted people need help much earlier on in their lives. They need the strength of someone to set them on the right track. VIOLENCE is not the answer.

    On a lighter note, WELCOME BACK... I hope we get to see more of you. Your lovely smile always brightens our dull day... Hope to see more of you in the blogoshere...

    1. Hello, my friend! Such a lovely welcome back!!! I've been tied up in the parallel universe for so long!! Am making a conscious effort to ease myself back into le blogosphere!!

      Totally agree with your thoughts too. This is another tragic story which no doubt, we will hear again in the near future. I know, 'love' can't save every day but - if does save most days.

      And, don't worry - I was just stretching my fingers, I am in the mood for some wispy prose... the lady doth need to flex her grey cells. Lovely to have you pop by!! XOX

  4. Hi Talei! Nice to see your post. I have a lot of opinions on the subject and this particular case. I won't express them now, but I will say that I think the media has very NEGATIVE impact on people in Elliot's condition. They feel like outcasts and that nobody cares about them. Then they see huge media coverage when somebody else nuts up and starts shooting. Just what he doesn't need to see. A way to get a LOT of attention...


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