Hello, Again.

It occurred to me that I only had to sit here and write whatever thoughts popped into my head, and nobody would judge me.  At least, I hope not.  You see, I have composed numerous posts, countless times over this year - and then, just before posting them, I've not quite been able to push the 'publish' button.  Like a territorial old ghost who surveys her draughty house, moving slowly from window-to-window, floor-to-floor, and lingering outside in the gardens - I've drifted in and out again. I have left those unpublished thoughts in limbo.  I don't why. 

So, where has this old ghost been this past year?  Life, in the parallel universe has been busy. And I have been juggling hours and timezones and work, and travel and family, but, finally - I can start to let my musings loose onto the blog once more.  So, here I am. And it feels like confession time! I will blow off the cobwebs and pull the covers from the furniture.  For now, though - this feels right and I know, I'll push the publish button, this time.

PS:  A few snaps from this year's adventures. I am obsessed with travel, food, and photography - if you are on instagram, please come play.  Instagram: @taleiii

Ice cream in Paris, always a great idea!

Road to Napoleon's tomb, Paris.

View from le Tour Eiffel, Paris

NYC dreamin'

Victoriana bar in the heart of Manhattan!
Who knew? 

Hong Kong from the Peak. Lovely! 

Scribe Jnr, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, taking in the heat and cityscape! Lovely. 

Auckland, my old hometown. LOVE. 

Scribe Jnr, looking across to Mt Rangitoto, Auckland,

Boston for a friend's wedding - our view from the hotel suite!

Home, finally! Autumn has arrived.


  1. Yay! Glad to see you posting again. I actually just got back from a trip to England. I didn't want to leave! :) I'm also trying to get back into blogging again. Amazing how something I did almost daily can just slowly become something I hardly ever do. :)

    1. Hey Melissa, thanks so much! I'm flexing my fingers again, dipping toes back in. Real life provides so many challenges but I'm determined to write.
      As Adele said 'but, somehow life happened in between."
      Great to hear you enjoyed England! You'll have to visit again. :-))

  2. Great shots Talei!! Welcome back :-)

  3. I've been slackin on the blobbing end as well. Just overwhelmed with work and life in general I guess. I'm trying to write but sometimes that's work too, sigh... Love that we're FB friends though!
    Cheers dear!

  4. Replies
    1. We can always use some blobbling to relax these days!! XO

  5. Hi Talei!
    Just checking in. It looks like you have been busy. Hope all is well for you.

    1. Cheers Pat, it's been a crazy busy> hope all well with you too!

  6. I have been so remiss in checking with my blogging friends! I am so glad we're FB friends so I can keep up with you. The pictures are great! I particularly love the Hong Kong pic. I was there about 30 years ago and loved that city. I'm sure it's changed but the romance of that beautiful city lives on in my memory.


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