Spring time in London

What's pink and white and fluffy all over?  No, not quite unicorns - but close.  London has blossomed, literally for the past two months and we've hit saturation point on Instagram with all the pink and white posts but, come on  - it's SPRING.  Who doesn't love flowers?  Beautiful blooms are one of my obsessions and if there's a florist, or market stall in the vicinity, I'll probably have my face stuck in it.

Spring time in this city is lovely - that air of anticipation in the mornings - birds tweeting, clear blue skies, and everyone seems to be humming.  So when the pavements are lined with blossoms, well, you know - you want to skip a little.  It's okay, nobody is watching.  And if they are, who cares? Do it!

I've been doing a little spring cleaning on the blog and discovered some cool new templates - this layout, I think fits my mood right now.  Let me know what you think!  With the new season, I'll be blogging freestyle - it's open season on topics - and I'll be sharing my musings on writing, travelling and food, and a little dose of London life.

For now, though, here's a couple of snaps from my recent strolls, I hope you enjoy them. Follow me on Instagram for more!  @taleiii     Happy weekend! xox

Pink OUT -  Magnolia fever, London town,

Beauties - Picking flowers for my friends, New York! 

Blood red beauties - St Paul's London. 

Who can resist peonies?  London town strolling.

Gorgeous window dressing, door trait goals - Peggy Porschen's
London town.


  1. Oh, it looks absolutely gorgeous! Our spring usually hits in April and by the end of May, all the tree blooms are gone and it starts getting beastly hot. Bleh.

    1. Hi Melissa, Spring is lovely! I can't believe it's almost the end of summer here now. Hope you've had a great one where you are! :-)


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