Soho Townhouse - Pop-up Interior Inspiration 2018

           Houzz of UK Pop-up // Living Room:  Retro 70's vibe and I'm loving this sofa! 

Recently, I was over the moon when news of a pop-up interior store aka five storey townhouse in Soho decked-out in the latest stylish goodies came flying through my social media feed. Houzz of UK were the folks behind this fab pop-up, and you might have a caught a few snippets on my Insta-stories at the time.  From a young age, I have always been obsessed with interior design, I remember flicking through glossy magazines at dentist appointments and I am guilty of binge-watching a ton of "fix-it-up" home shows over the weekends.  The "before  and after" type shots are addictive!  As are the reactions of the clients.  

These days, I'm particularly aware of technology and how our lifestyles have evolved into spaces where comfort and function is key.  So, on a particularly drizzly-puddled-filled Sunday, I joined the throngs of like-minded interior-hungry folks, keen for a whiff of the latest trends.  And I know, in hindsight venturing into Soho on a weekend afternoon wasn't my brightest idea,  however - this is London, and we travel underground with our faces in other strangers armpits.  So, I went along - and, it was indeed, rammed - to the rafters.  The great thing was, everyone was super polite, we all managed to bounce up-and-down the stairs, navigate around each other in a rather impressive fashion.  Keep calm and carry on, my dears.  My only challenge was to snap a good photo without  a stranger's elbow, foot, bottom..or god forbid, a face 

Children's Room:  Fabulous Wallpaper and a tres cute canopied bed!

Highlights for me: My absolute favourite was Children's Room. The wallpaper caught my eye when I first stepped into the room. Just wonderful silhouettes of my favourite animals!  And who doesn't love a canopied bed?!  Kids would adore it.  I know my son would have climbed all over it if he was still a toddler.  Other highlights, - in the living room, I loved the burnt orange sofa, and the cute side tables next to the daybed.  In the master bedroom, the soft furnishings and colour scheme were fab; the bath tub, I would put on my list.  

I'm sharing a few more pics here - they are posted in order of the floors, from 1st floor upwards (I'm a little OCD sometimes).  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy them. I'd love to hear from you - what's your favourite room, or detail?  

Living Room:  That burnt orange sofa! 

Main Bedroom - City vibes

I just loved the window. Apartment goals?

So, the window side is always the my side of the bed.  My question here is on the bedside storage - how tidy do you keep yours, because I'm totally messy - and this looks great! (aka very organised!)  

Bath goals - I could definitely soak here,
Book and glass of vino in hand obvs..
The bathroom was screened slightly to the side of the main bedroom but very much reminded me of a NYC loft apartment/hotel with the bath in the same room.  I'd happily lounge in that tub for a while. 

Children's Room:  Bookcase area

Back to the kid's room - this little corner was a favourite as well, I think it could easily be a nursing area for little babies - hence the chair and then also, used for reading and cuddles - that's what I'd use it for.  Definitely a multi-purpose space which I think is  great for any nursery.

Children's Room: Desk Area - I can definitely see Scribe Jnr using this space!

The workspace area here is something I know my own son would love.  It was perfect for homework, artwork and reading. It's a great functional space for both parents and kids.

Children's Room: Mini clothes rack 

Cafe bustle on level five - totes rammed.

On the fifth floor, the Nespresso cafe was super busy with plenty of plant inspiration, to say the least. I peeked briefly, and left quickly after this photo for the nearest sushi bar, but this was a great afternoon of snooping through what felt like someone's apartment in central London.  I would definitely go again!  

PS: I hope you enjoyed! Let me know your thoughts - I'm hoping to post a few more interior / home inspired posts.  Please note these photos are yours truly, if you do share, please credit with my name.  Thank you!  Talei xo


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