Flying Solo in Lockdown on Mother's Day

Taking time to smell the roses 

It's a truth universally known to many mothers everywhere, that an unexpected quiet moment should be snatched with both hands, clutched warmly to your breast, and celebrated. Alone. Preferably in a snug corner where you can comfortably sink back, with a cup of tea, or a generous measure of gin - whatever takes your fancy, and just relax - breathe - gaze aimlessly out of the windows, or grab a book, take a nap. In those quiet moments of alone time, the possibilities seem endless. 

This year, I'm celebrating Mother's day on my own because when you co-parent, it is also a fact that on some weekends, your child isn't with you for these special days, so you make do. Being a single mum isn't something I envisioned, nor was it ever a life goal of mine, so I'm manifesting my own fairy tale and learning lessons daily. As a woman and a mother, - balancing life goals, responsibilities, parenthood - is quite a feat. On some days, it feels like I'm standing in front of an immense battlefield filled with interchangeable players and a shifting landscape. Other days, I'm floating on a cloud. Family units are much more diverse today than ever before, and I know that the human soul is stronger than any social constrict placed on it.  

Growing up as a young girl, Mother's day has always been a big deal. As the middle child in a large family, there was always a hint of competition - who could win our mother's favour that day. My siblings and I would make a huge breakfast tray for my mother - I distinctly recall that my cheesy French omelette was the best. It's true, I cannot lie about this. We would all present her with a gift, chrysanthemum pot plants snapped up on sale, freshly-cut flowers definitely not on sale, perfume and soap gift sets, a scarf, a new record. No socks. Socks were strictly for Father's day. After breakfast, sometimes we'd sing a song for her, or put on a play. Familial love was definitely felt those mornings. Motherhood was celebrated that day. It was years later when studying marketing that I realised these special holidays had a commercial slant to them. 

Fast forward to living in lockdown and I have been spending more time alone, definitely with less social contact than normal, but it has been the greatest reminder of what is important in life. What I know is, that we don't need special dates to celebrate someone important in our lives - each day spent with them is a gift and we should focus on that. 

What I wanted to share this Mother's day, is a list of a few favourite activities that I gravitate towards when I have time on my hands and it's remarkably quiet. 

1. Start the day with a happy breakfast - one that makes you smile. You can make your own breakfast tray for bed if so inclined. Or, you know, a Sausage n' Egg McMuffin is always a treat. My lips cannot lie about this one, either. 

2. Take a long hearty walk to get the blood flowing. Pop those ear buds in, head outdoors, take a new walking route, meet a friend for coffee and banter, just keep those arms pumping and legs moving. 

3. Bake your own cake - you must have cake today. That's a rule. Please follow it. 

4. Grab a book, blanket and launch yourself (think enthusiastically yet gracefully ) onto your sofa. You know that To Be Read Stack needs sorting, right? 

5. Spa day at home - light a healing candle, pop that face mask on, put your feet up. 

6. Make cocktails - you might want to invite another friend over for this one or you could get messy - and remember Facetime in lockdown works too! 

7. Call your mother - give her some love too. Maybe before the cocktail hour, though?

8. The virtual world is your friend, especially in Lockdown. So, take a yoga class, a cooking lesson, a boot camp in coding, or fitness, or, a virtual art tour - check your museums and galleries to see what's on offer. 

9. Movie and chill. No explanation required. Popcorn, fav snacks, glass of wine. If you're snoring before the credits roll, trust me - it was a great movie!

10. Exercise the Right-Side of the brain - yes, that creative side. Work on those secret projects that REAL LIFE normally pulls you away from. Writing, Drawing, Photography, Designing, whatever your creative niche is, keep honing that skill - it's good for the soul.

So, how are you spending Mother's day this year?  We might be in Lockdown but there's always an activity to make you smile. And, whatever your plans are, I hope you stay safe and enjoy yourself.

- Talei x



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