Mastering the Arabesque

Growing up, there were three different vocations, if you will, that I secretly lusted after.

1st:  A ballerina, all pink and fluffy, pirouetting across the mirrored studio to my hearts content.

2nd:  A gymnast, somersaulting across the uneven bars, in the air and landing to the judges perfect score of full 10/10.

3rd:  An airhostess, travelling the world in a glamorous jet, looking amazing, not a hair out of place. Eventually I tired of that dream, threw off the fabulous silk scarf and pillar-box hat...opting instead for an upgrade in airborne fantasies - I wanted to be a fighter pilot.  Or maybe you just wanted a fighter pilot dearie? I recall one particular darling man in uniform...the old lady reminences.

Last night I got to relive one of my childhood dreams at the ballet when I went along with two of my dear friends to see a sublime performance of Swan Lake at the London Coliseum, an amazing venue that is home to the English National Opera.

As I watched, mesmerised, breathing in each of the four acts of this ballet, I wondered, how long it must take to master this art - these delightful dance steps.  One of my dear friends was a trained ballet dancer herself and she tells me that after training for an incredible seventeen years, she would not be able to dance as the lead prima ballerina did last night.

That's alot of blood, sweat and tears right?   And I thought to myself - well if you love something so much, you just do it right?   Like writing, it takes practice, hours, days, months, years... I wonder how people persevere at mastering this craft despite the many daily challenges thrown at them.  Want to know what's top of my vocation list now?  Writing - all I want to do now is write.  How about you?

A/N: Photo credit: Fotosearch photography group. 
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  1. I read a review of the ballet and they totally panned the prima ballerina! Apparently she was stilted and uninspired. Imagine! But, it's a good reminder, too, that opinions will vary -- on everything. Writing is no different (otherwise how did Ulysses become a classic?). What one person loves, another hates, but at the end of the day it's one review, one opinion and shouldn't stop the practice.

  2. Hey B, thats amazing, if she was uninspired last night - she must be out of this world when she's inspired eh? LOL.

    What I admire is the dancers determination to perfect each step. You could feel it in each move across the stage. To become that skilled, takes alot of blood, sweat and tears - I think this is true of writers too.

  3. I really miss going to see the ballet, my mom used to take me when I was a child.

    x M.

  4. Hello M,

    Ah, that must have been lovely! ; ) I did notice quite a few groups of mother and daughters out for the evening, what a great experience and makes for special memories later methinks.

    Thanks for visiting.

  5. I always wanted to be an Opera singer--although I don't sing Opera (ar at all). But I just love it!
    I remember watching a movie (The Turning Point?) about ballerinas and couldn't believe how hard and crazy insane those ballerinas worked.

  6. Aren't you lucky to see that! I'm so jealous.

    Yup, writing is definitely at the top of my list. I love it. There's nothing else I want to do (and I think I've exhausted all other options!).

  7. Hi Jennifer,

    Opera singers are just incredible aren't they? Am also in awe of their natural gifts.

    I haven't see 'The Turning Point', will have to look for that one. I'm a sucker for dance films too!! Thanks so much for stopping by. ;)

  8. Oh Talli, I just loved Acts 2 & 4, the Swans' were mesmerising. The dance of the little swans always gets me! Love it.

    Writing is my newest addiction...well its all consuming right now. You're so lucky being able to write full time lady! *sigh* One day... ;)


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