Plotting Pixies and Mad Teaparties

 "You used to be much more muchier.  You've lost your muchness.'' 
Mad Hatter, Alice In Wonderland.

I have been reciting the Mad Hatter quotes all weekend.  Blame it on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, which I devoured on Friday night.  I particularly loved Johnny Depp's portrayal as the Mad Hatter, his equally eccentric friend the March Hare and their insanely infectious laughter.  Maybe some of their hysteria caught a hold of me because I spent the whole of Saturday rethinking the plotline for my main WIP, searching for that muchness.  Was there enough muchness?  Or could it be much more muchier?  By Sunday afternoon, I sat huddled over pieces of paper, scribbling wildly over my carefully plotted timeline, fresh ideas flying onto the paper.  Yes, there ought to have been warning lights going off, but no - I plodded along.  Merrily...led down the garden path by the pixies taunts the dear lady.

And so, after spending all weekend assigning fates to many chapters.  "Off with their heads!"  Yes, indeed.  There has been a flurry of activity, merging, deleting, and saving for later.   Thankfully, I am almost at the end but I have to wonder - was it all worth it?  Should I have left my plot as is and ignored those naughty pixies whispering in my ear?

Lesson learnt? Er, that would be Plot and Structure...and er, mmm I'm still learning.

Right, lesson over  - its time for fresh air and gorgeous summer days. Let the barmy lady take you on a whirlwind visit through Leeds Castle in England...another kind of Wonderland.

Summer haze through the luscious lavender, 
Very much muchier..methinks the Mad Hatter would approve.

The Queens Bath Chamber, 
if only the Red Queen had one of these, 
her moods may have improved

A White Rabbits Playground

I see the perfect spot for a Mad Tea Party, what do you see?

Photos courtesy yours truly, snapped on a hot summers day at Leeds Castle, England.


  1. Talei this was fantastic, these picture are wonderful and I would love to follow you on this wonderful adventure to the Mad Tea Party!

  2. Beautiful pictures! And boy, are those pixies irritating. It's hard to figure out which ones to listen to, and which ones to swat away!

  3. Hi Jen,

    Thanks so much. Mad Tea Parties are the best aren't they? ;) Am very pleased you enjoyed the barmy tour through Wonderland. And I have to say - that is a lovely new avatar you're sporting there young lady!

  4. Hi Lydia,

    Thank you. ;) That is the question - which ones to swat away? Those trickster pixies love playing with ones head. They keep whispering , take this chapter, put it back in, take it out again...hehe. I think I did go bonkers listening to them!

  5. Hmmm... much muchiness is so hard to decipher -good luck. And darn, I have yet to see this movie--I will see it by week's end, that is my vow!

  6. Johnny Depp was amazing, really.

  7. Ooh, absolutely beautiful pictures. I want to see that movie, haven't as yet, but it looked very entertaining.

  8. I see the perfect spot for a Mad Tea Party too. Your photos are awesome, and I love your blog.

    Thought that I’d stop by and say “Hello”.

    Enjoy your week and be safe!

  9. Ah Christina, I hope you enjoy the movie, its quite mad..deliciously mad. Have a lovely week! ;)

  10. Hello Agnes, :) hope you are well. Johnny is like a good vintage, seems to get better with age methinks. Love his character in the Pirates of the Caribbean too.

  11. Hello Writing Nut!

    Thank you :) I do enjoy taking lots of pictures. I hope you get to see the movie sometime, its quirky, its and quite lovely.

  12. Ah Hello Dellgirl,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so happy you enjoy my blog. Shall we have tea in that tranquil setting? - I think so! ;)

    Have a lovely week too!


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