Frivolous Friday: A Nod to Bea's Hat

The Princess and the hat

Love it or hate it, Bea's fascinator, ahem...'ribbon pillarbox' has been auctioned off for the princely sum of £81k.  And for a good cause, Unicef.  Who says it isn't inspiring?  I mean, really it was the talk of the town, the world over, it moved newspapers, magazines...people couldn't get enough of it!  Why, Bea's hat even has it's own facebook page with 144,000 followers, and counting.  Aside from the bridesmaid's derriere, which also has its own facebook page, it was the most tweeted topic on the Royal Wedding day.  See, a frivolous hat is all you need to set tongues wagging and fingers tapping. Think what you like, the spaghetti-gaga-esque-toliet roll hat has provided funding for Unicef and Children in Crisis.  Who's laughing now?  Even before the auction, I thought it was fabulous, now I just adore it!  How about you?

photocredit via riverthroughit

A/N:  It's a very flighty Friday post, our beloved blogger is up to its usual tricks so I'm posting while I can.  We have a long weekend here, I am excited.  I was meant to be in Stockholm, like, ran out of time to organise le ticket and I don't have a PA...yet, and of course that volcano has erupted once more.  *Mutters to self*  Anyhow, writing, and relaxing, are in order.  Have a fabulous weekend, where ever you are on this beautiful planet.
Talei x


  1. We just shot a wedding yesterday where almost all the women in the wedding party wore hats. (This, they said was inspired by the Royal wedding.) As a photographer (well, the photographer's assistant), I can honestly say I'm glad no one wore one like that. Sorry - I'm not a fan. :)

  2. This was not my favorite hat at the wedding either but it has increased it's value since it's helping the kids. And it was THE TALK! Got to run! Have a lovely dinner, evening of relaxation and plenty of drinks planned and it's a holiday weekend! *clink, clink*

  3. I love it! Very original and a piece of art I reckon.

    Yes blogger is being scary again so I have backed up my blog. :O)

  4. It is an exquisite original piece and I am so very happy it did it's part for Unicef. I do draw the line at following objects on Facebook, though.

  5. Very true! I wasn't a big fan of the hat, but when it ends up doing so much good, you can't be against it!

  6. Kimberley, ha! It's definitely not everyones cup of tea but good to hear people are inspired by the wedding. We need hats in our lives! ;-)

    Danette, thanks my dear. Hope your enjoying the weekend! *clink clink*

    Madeleine, me too! Love, love, LOVE it! -) Blogger, I'm not sure what to do, seems random. I've logged my followers problem with them. It keeps disappearing. Yup, backed up last week too! ;-)

    Melissa, haha. Don't worry, I'm not follow objects on facebook. Yet.;)

    Meredith, agreed! Got to think of all the lives its going to help right? And someone loved enough to pay £81k. A good, good thing! ;)

  7. Not a big fan of the hat - nor her sister's dress, for that matter. What were they thinking?

    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  8. I agree on the sister dress, though it was Westwood!? Loved that hat though darlink! xx

    Hope your long weekend is going well!

  9. They have the strangest topics for FB pages sometimes!

    I thought that the hat had fallen into her face when I first saw it. Then I wondered how it managed to stay there. But at least it went to a good cause...


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