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Remember those dreaded End of Term School Reports?  The ones you prayed against all things evil, would contain at least a couple of  'A' grades to take home to your mother?  Please let Mrs E remember that I helped clean the blackboard last week, and oh, I knew the answer to that really, really, really difficult question about Brazil, I mean...come on, I rock at Geography!  That's gotta be worth an A?  Yup.  Deluded.

A few nights ago as I shut down my beloved MAC, I thought to myself... mmm not bad on the writing today, I'd say an E for Effort, as in Excellent.  I'd completed a chunk of edits, avoided twitter for at least thirty minutes, ignored Facebook for the entire day, it felt good.  However, we all know that some days, you just can't get that Writing Muse out of bed.  Witch.  This week, I've decided to start grading my writing efforts, and dear friends - I insist you join in.  Here's my A to F grading system for our school report, - this one is like an honesty box, only it's a report - but like, you get the picture right?  Go ahead, grade yourself.  How well did you write this week?

A.  You exceeded your daily word count, revised and re-submitted at least 2 queries, drafted a new WIP, put a roast in the oven, dusted the piano and even had time to trim the herbaceous borders in the walled garden!  Your Writing Muse has taken a vacation, you don't need her.  You, dear friend -are an angel!

B.  In between phone calls and emails to sort out the next family holiday, you have updated your top five list of agents and publishers, and researched all of  their favourite brand of coffee, whiskey and chocolates.  Recommend you increase your daily word count in the upcoming Summer term.

C.  Your concentration span is aligned with the stars and planets, and in direct response to your caffeine intake, which can result in a performance as volatile as the Indian stock markets.  You may want to consider yoga classes and start drinking decaf!

D.  You are passionate!  Your drive to there; the execution, however needs tweaking.  Recommend studying the habits of an 'A' grader for tips.  (see A above).   Extra stars for your fabulous dress sense though.

E.  Excellent effort this week, you have managed your edits well, but need to 'kill a few more darlings', this will be hard but its a necessary evil.  You. Can. Do. It!

F.  Flippery afoot, must stop downloading iTunes, shopping for soft furnishings and searching for THE latest deals on Jimmy Choos.  Suggest a writers weekend retreat to faraway island somewhere...warm...

So, tell me - how did you rate your writing efforts this week?

A/N:  Good evening!  I hope you've all have a lovely week.  On the writing front, the editing is progressing, and I have to be honest, I've not been able to catch up on my blogging until now.  This weekend, I'm working on critiques, in between birthday parties and shopping.  What's that saying about work-life balance?   Have a wonderful weekend all!

Talei xox


  1. I think I will award myself a "P" instead.

  2. C's get degrees, right? Good thing, cuz that's definitely where I'm at. Good job on teh editing, have a fun and productive weekend. :)

  3. Hovering around a "D" this week... Definitely could do better!

  4. I really like your grading system! It's very positive & I think it should be implemented by all writers.

  5. For the week, I'm giving myself a C as I managed to get some work done on the ol' novel. However, for today, (Saturday) I am giving myself an 'A' since I finished my nonfiction historical article. I wrote nearly all day long and it was GLORIOUS. I think I shall give myself that same gift for Mother's Day tomorrow... ;-)

  6. an excellent post, a pleasure to read as always.

    Thanks for your much welcomed comment.


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