Festive Jollies and Frothy Concoctions

Another drink darling?  Well, why not? It is Christmas after all!  I will be honest though, this festive season, dear friends - I have been particularly well-behaved, less swinging from chandeliers, less killing myself to attend every single invite that falls through the letterbox and surprisingly, I really do feel better for it.  Finally, mother dearest - I've grown-up.  

Well, I'd like to think I'm wiser but I am reminded constantly that this contrary to reality.  However, if we delve deeper - what the devil is reality anyway?  In another parallel universe, I confess that I have in fact, preferred washing my hair to hanging out in dimly-lit bordellos listening to folk bemoan the state of the Euro, their partner's shopping habits and small family pets with uncontrollable urges.  Not necessarily in that order.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas parties but I'm learning that being selective can be good for your own sanity.  Less vampire eyes, skin more perky in the morning...  

Anyhow, enough waffle - if you've been angelic thus far, or indeed, recovering from the giddiness of some serious shopping sprees, I 'm guessing that you just may be in need of a pick-me-up.  Kick-off your heels, slide back into that sofa and relax.  So many fabulous folks have covered off the wonderful Christmas gift ideas, therefore, my offering to your festive spirit?  Why, cocktails, of course.  I know, I know - don't worry - I've got your back.  Pull out that cocktail shaker, dust off the ice-pick and roll up those sleeves.  Here's my helpful guide on what to serve, when and to whom.

1. Sweet sherry in a dainty glass, this one is for those delightful elderly aunts and demure Grandmas.  Pour liberally...better yet, leave the bottle next to the old dears.

2.  Hot Spiced Cinnamon Cider, usually the prelude to something stronger... so serve the night before, in front of fire, whilst waiting for the Big Guy to arrive.

3.  Christmas Punch, no-one ever knows what ingredients go into the punch bowl but the results are always worth the stirring and adjusting.  Always spike lovingly and serve to the late-arriving cousins who clearly did not make it home last night... Don't worry, they'll barely notice.

4.  Sticky sweet sparkling wine, usually German, mostly Italian - one for my mother and the potty-mouthed elderly ladies... oh, theres a few in my family tree.  Yes, someone will have sore heads in the morning but still...

5.  Baileys Mistletoe, creamy cocktail with splash of mint - best served to yummy mummies returning to the booze cabinet... wait, can I say that?

6.  Peach Schnapps, one to chase away the cold whilst waiting for midnight mass to start...sipped discreetly from hip-flask.  Um, no I've never done that... it's just an idea, ahem.

7.  Classic Martini - with lashing of olives.  For your kindred spirits, the older siblings who will likely be puffing on cigars with you at the end of the evening.

8.  Champagne, well chilled! Don't forget - plenty of enthusiastic toasts!  Just do it!

9.  Virgin Mary on Boxing Day... add lashings of tabasco and serve on a breakfast tray with a dose of Berocca - a truly winning combination that your family and friends will thank you for it! Be warned, though - if you serve this, they may be back next year.

photocredits via tumblr

PS: And anyone asking for a beer?  Send directly to the naughty mat underneath the Christmas tree or better yet, seat them at the children's table for lunch.  Oh, yes I will.

A/N:  Hello Lovelies, this has been an incredibly busy year.  I hope everyone is well and enjoying the festive season.  I've actually managed to tick a few gifts off my list this weekend and a few more lunches and dinners this week will see me through to Friday.  I will be taking a blogging holiday until mid-January with a plan to focus on my writing projects and if I'm lucky - absorb several books from my ever increasing reading pile. I will be flitting around in the ether no doubt!  Wishing you and your loved ones, a very jolly christmas!   Bottoms up Lovelies!  *clink clink*   - Talei xox


  1. Merry Christmas Talei :-)
    Mulled wine is the most christmassy drink :-)

  2. Thank you Agnes! Merry Christmas to you too my dear! Mulled wine and warm cider - I love the aroma. ;-)

  3. No holiday season is complete without champers! It's my fave!!

  4. Boy... this is my favorite way to meet someone! I'm new here... and the drinks look divine! (psss... you didn't REALLY grow up, did you?)

  5. What lovely suggestions for the holidays! Almost finished with my shopping and I think I've found a new little hideaway to drink a toast or two in. Of course you know that the champagne will be flowing freely in our home.

    Best wishes to you and yours for the holidays, my dear friend!

  6. Johanna, absolutely sweetie! * clink clink* bubbles for everyone!

    Green Monkey, shhh - don't tell everyone. I do try and act grown up, ahem... mostly. ;-)

    Danette, thank you lovely lady. Great to hear you're doing well on the shopping front! I've a couple more gifts to sort out but hey - isn't that why we have online shopping? Happy Holidays to you and your family! xx * clunks bottles*

  7. I love your posts. They are always so thoughtful, and they make me ponder.
    Thanks for the suggestions. I hope you have a lovely Christmas!


  8. For mothers everywhere I say, "Maybe there is still hope."

  9. Ooo! Have fun on your writing projects and your reading pile! I hope you have tons of fun with both. :D

  10. Tywo, thank you so much my friend. Hope you're having a wonderful festive seaon!

    Mya, Hope is all we need! Thank you my dear x

    Peggy, thank you! Am doing my very best on both! Hope you are well! x


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