Reflections: Five Faces Of Silly

Hush...did you hear?  December has arrived.  Finally.  Christmas jingles, sparkly lights, orange boxes, pretty ribbons, shopping sprees...however did we survive the eleven months prior without such colour and cheer?  Actually, the festive season has been with us for much of this year.  By my not-so-whimsical-scientific-approximation, since Summer when Harrods and Selfridges threw open their Christmas department floors.  Oh yes, even back then.  What's that about markets and trading and the world gone mad?  If you were clever, like my neighbour down the street, you'd have left your decorations hanging up from last year.  I have never seen the old guy but his fairy lights come on at night, every night, 365 days of the year.  Anyhow, 22 days and counting, bring on the duck, puddings and wine!

Here's five reflections of what's important to me over this silly season. Gucci, LV, Dior... ahem,  yes those - but I'm much more than that!  Here's what I love about the wintry month of Christmas.

1.  Family, love them dearly!  Miss them when they're not around, wish them away when they are...wait am I thinking aloud?  Love them really!

2.  Friends, see above...

3.  Frivolity, yes - this is an order! We must have jolly good fun - life is about living and December's Child, in my books is all about fun.  She's about celebrating the essence of love and life and oh... I may combust right now - buckets of frivolous fluff to you!  There's a reason it's called the silly season, yes?

4.  Fabulous food and fine champagne.  Indeed, it's the month from the entire year that you can indulge your guilty pleasures.  Chocolates, bubbly, cheese... let your senses go wild with the culinary treats.  And do pull on your boots and walk it off at the park later!

5.  Christmas eve, the fire is lit, all is quiet... that is by far, my favourite moment in this season.  Quiet anticipation, excitement of what's to come and a peaceful evening before the god-forsaken family them really.

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A/N:  Do let me know what you love about December.  I could add at least ten more but you know, then it wouldn't be five for Friday - and yes, I know its Saturday but someone went out last night.. Ahem. This weekend entails a little shopping, relaxing and manuscript revisions.  And lists - I am making lists of everything I need to do before the new year! Have a lovely weekend wherever you are!
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  1. Yeah, Christmas eve is my favorite part too. That, and the lit up buildings downtown.

  2. Okay, time to make my own list to dispel the December blues that descend as I feel like there's too much to do and not enough time and money. Must shoo away such dark thoughts and enjoy the season! Thank you for your happy post, Talei.

  3. I feel as if December has zoomed here using its own personal jet pack. Too much to do, too little time. But I do love the silliness and the quiet fire on Christmas Eve. Ahh :)

  4. Your December attitude is delightful! I'm actually feeling festive this year (some years I don't, so much). We have our tree up and the living room decorated. We played perky Christmas music. I've gone shopping already--and I'm done! Yaaay. I like houses lit up with exterior lights, and driving around at night to see them. Gorgeous!

  5. You just tipped me right into the Holiday season! I was gearing up for it, but your descriptions totally did it for me! Yay...bring it on!

  6. Agnes, there is something special about Christmas eve. ;)

    Karen, you're welcome! Keep smiling my friend, life is too short! * passes pom-poms* I find these help!

    Carol K, absolutely hearing you on that one, this year has flown by, I've barely stood still.

    Carol R, thank you. Sounds like you've got it under control! The tree is on the cards very soon - and I came home tonight to my neighbours pretty lights (although this means the gauntlet has been thrown down in the hood!) Tis lovely when all the houses have their lights up.

    Jessie, *high fives* Bring it!! Indeed, now I'm going to work out a cheer for the season - give me a C.. H ...R - oh, I think you know the rest. ;)

  7. I am thrilled for The Season- loving the excitement of presents, sparkling lights in the snow, shopping for pretty things, and (like you) fine champagne and (always) chocolate (but more of it)!

    And I dread the season- well, the end of it, the beginning of the hardcore winter, and short days, the resolutions to do better and not really doing anything better or new. I won't think of it now, darling, because there will soon be pretty packages under the tree!

    Here's to Christmas! *clink, clink* Love to you and yours, dearheart!

  8. My two faves: family, and Christmas lights; they are so pretty!

  9. Even if it is SO BUSY, I love December! In all its festive glory! I swear, this post made me love it even more.

  10. Very nice blog.

    Glad I found you.



  11. I love December, to us December means beach, bbq and parties!

  12. Danette, it's a chilly 4C here, which is probably sounding a little tropical vs your hardcore winters. On the upside, hats, scarves and gloves can be worn - and I do like that! *clink clink* Happy shopping my friend x

    Ms Hatch, totally agreed!!

    Peggy, absolutely and keeping busy makes us appreciate the holidays more! Well, I think that's how its supposed to work. ;-)

    Elizabeth, thank you so much and welcome! Shall pop over to yours too.

    Nas, I am slightly envious about beach and BBQ over December! ;-)


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