Guess That Character! Reveal Day - Introducing Miss Della

Wow!  Thank you to everyone for their wonderful guesses at Della's character.  Yesterday I had great fun reading as many snippets as possible, I hope you did too. 

And now part two of Guess That Character is that we reveal a picture and confirm who had the closest guess.  Cue the trumpet and bring out the sparkly dust!  Ladies and Gents, I give you the lovely Miss Della!

Della is almost twenty, and lives in the early 1900's.  Her family are plantation owners in the South Seas.   Della is fiesty, independent and unruly at times but a true beauty with a big heart!  Her long brown hair is usually pulled up into a bun and her sea-green eyes capture many a suitors heart.  She is sent back to England to keep her Grandmamma company for a short period of time after her Grandfathers death.  During her stay, she is drawn to a mysterious englishman whom she meets in a park one evening.

There were so many great guesses, I think most of you guessed Della's hair colour and eyes, and quite a few picked up that it's a period romance.  Of all the guesses - I think Francine nailed her character!  

Francine:  "I'm guessing this is a slightly dated piece(breeches) so on that premise: she's athletic yet full of figure, long brunette tresses, turquoise blue eyes edged deeper blue, wild of spirit, unruly manners at times, and a bit of a madam when she feels so inclined!"

A/N: Thank you all so much for the lovely comments!  And thank you to our lovely Jen for organising such a great blogfest.  I am still catching up on all the entries.  Photos credit - Photobucket. 

Della - A Brief Interlude ' © 2010 T.Loto. All Rights Reserved


  1. Sigh, another strike out...but I like your version better than mine anyhow! hahaha

  2. Darn, I guessed wrong. :) But, I can totally see her now when I read it again.

  3. Francine guessed alot right :) congrats! I adore these photos they are lovely for your character!

  4. I love following your development of a character, Talei! It's great to get insight into your creative process.

    x M.

  5. Beautiful pictures, and I love me the historicals!!

  6. I love your choice for Della! Except for the braid instead of a bun, I think I guessed all right. :)

  7. Oh, she's beautiful! this is a great story:)

    Well, I got the historical part right.

  8. She's gorgeous. Your story sounds intriguing. I'm going to be blunt here, need a crit partner?

  9. This is totally what I imagined she'd look like. Love those lips! :D

  10. I loved Francine's description it was breath taking. You could take she took time to answer and really think about each entry I loved that about her!!

    As for your character she's drop dead gorgeous, I love her!!!

    Thank you for sharing this amazing piece, I loved it, and I loved the entry!!! You were great!

  11. She's perfect! Very well done :)

  12. Wow - everyone thanks so much for coming by to check the reveal - glad you like our girl! ;)

    Vicki - thanks! I loved your Sam ;)

    Bethany - thank you too, am enjoying checking back on everyones entries to see how we all matched up to the final reveals!

    Summer - cheers, I think Francine picked quite a few tonight from the rounds I've done so far.

    Michelle - its a pleasure to have you stop by ;))

    Dianne - thanks, I loved the inspiration for your entry! ;)

    1. whos the model u portray as Della?

  13. Susan - you are so right, I think so many guessed her hair and eyes and the historical piece, it was great. ;))

    Terry - thank you! And I have to say I do love your Avatar dearie x

    Amie - thanks so much for your lovely comments. Actually I have a couple of crit partners already and several readers, invaluable help. Thanks for the offer though. ;)) Once I've gotten my main WIP in an orderly fashion I'll post a few snippets here though, be interested to see what everyone thinks.

    Brenda - thank you!! The lips are gorgeous aren't they? Mwah x

    Jen darling - thank you for hosting. Can't say it enough - enjoyed it thoroughly and I'm still doing the rounds trying to read as much as possible before bed tonight!

    Have a fab weekend all! xox

  14. Hi Steph - thank you, its been a great blogfest!

  15. How lovely! I'm so glad you nailed it with the photos you found. For me, it sure was hard! :{

  16. I can't remember exactly what I said but actually, these photos nail it for me! I can really see Della in them, based on your extract!

    Happy Saturday!


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