The Love Scene

Gently he leaned into her,
his soft lips brushing hers.

Lucy stared up into Ben's honey coloured eyes.  Would he ever get around to kissing her?  She closed her eyes, breathed deeply and silently counted to five.

Wait...thats not how I wanted to start my opening line. Something a little more upbeat, please!

Lucy gazed into those honey coloured eyes.  If he didn't kiss her soon she would take matters into her own hands.  Sliding her fingers up his neck, she wound them into his hair.  Ben's soft lips descended upon her own.  Finally, she thought.  Thank God, I wore matching underwear...

No...not quite right.

When it comes to writing 'the' love scene for your main character, do you ever find yourself re-writing, repositioning, re-directing?  I've been working on the main love scene for a couple of days now.  It's a slow process, sometimes you can just knock one out; other days you just need more props.  Whether for the characters benefit or myself - I find myself lighting a few candles, popping on some background music, throwing open the window.

Checklist for 'the' love in scene - take #1
Background music
Sexy man
Foxy lady
Large sofa
Enormous rug
Soft lighting...Oh wait I think we've covered that, maybe lets go for martinis
Food, is there food? Maybe just strawberries...
Eyebrow raises....check
Sizzling chemistry...double check
Biting lower lip...check

Wait...shall we just take it outside...the leafy woods? Or maybe the beach?  I suspect my characters may abscond the scene at this rate, or worse toss the hot candle at me.  Hurry along dear writer, they call out.  Right - back inside folks, the weathers not so great for the outdoors today.

Phew! Okay action, fingertips at the ready...set go! Write as madly as possible, and keep at it until something beautiful is hammered out.  Please tell me, do you need props when writing your love scenes?  And how often do you start that opening line?

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  1. Well, I definitely have to be in the "mood" to write one. :) If I'm not, then I just write "they kiss" and keep going until I feel I can go back to it. LOL

  2. This is great. Love scenes ARE tricky. I don't now how many versions I do until I'm satisfied (cough). Writing YA adds a layer of issues.

  3. Hi Jennifer, welcome ;) I love that idea of writing 'they kiss' and then coming back to it later...when the mood is right. I really need to be in 'the zone' for the kissing scenes. Thanks so much for following. ;)

  4. Hi Theresa! Ahem, I was coughing throughout the post too. Love scenes can be fun but seriously sometimes, they need alot of re-work. *whispers* I may need more candles here. Have a lovely weekend! ;)

  5. even though there are very few of them in my 100,000 word novel, i think those are the scenes i re-write (and re-read) the most. and they always make me a little hot.

  6. Love the matching underwear line:D

    My sex scenes are over so fast, I don't think about props. My MC is such a slut and women fall all over him. But I worry about sex scenes and tend to leave them once they hit the sheets, the pool or wherever.

  7. Love scenes ya, its been a while since I wrote one. But I guess I use mine more for fantasy...just that extra touch in there. :) I've never been very good at them

  8. The first one I did, when my people FINALLY got together, took my so many rewrites its embarrassing. I wanted it to be realistic, not like a love letter or a "perfect" moment but I also didn't want it to sound cute or funny. It was a very hard line to walk.
    I love the way it is now and I've written several since then. None were as hard as that first one.

  9. Hi Michelle,

    Thats great - you know the rewrites are great when they get that hot feeling are re-reading them! ;) Thanks so much for stopping by ;)

  10. Thanks Terry!

    I love matching underwear on my main MC - she's got to be co-ordinated.

    Your MC sounds quite the man - I'll have to read up on him. I am thinking about 'fading to black' on a couple of scenes too. ;)

  11. Hi Summer,

    I guess I've been putting off writing this scene and now its the usual dallying around the know before the deep dive. ;) I don't know but maybe is practise makes perfect on these too.

  12. Hi Jolene,

    Thats great to hear! I want the moment to be perfect for the main MCs but not too mushy. Trying to balance it with the overall feel of the story too. Thanks so much for stopping by. ;)

  13. Ha, I was just trying to write a love scene today! I decided it was too difficult and thought I'll come back to it at another time. lol.

  14. Oh Lynda, I hear you! I think Jennifer's comment above is a great,if you write 'they kiss' and come back to it later...when in the right frame of mind. LOL. Good luck with it!! ;)

  15. Take a concealed recorder to a teen hangout and just wait, or for that matter I've heard ladies at the coffee shops talking very graphically about their exploits.
    I am old enough that the love scenes that I grew up reading detailed how fast the train was moving along the tracks; in the movies the train would whistle appropriately.
    Are you sharing this beautiful photo from your vacation - I do not recall your telling us about this.

  16. SO true-- I change it over and over again too! It has to be just, right along with other scenes--it's enough to make us MAD! ;--)

  17. LOLOL your checklist had me laughing!!! Of course all of those things are needed, but I love how you just displayed it out there. Excellent tips and topic!!!

    I certainly find myself in many scenes re-working it until it's perfect, I want the most emotion out of those HUGE scenes and the love one, is definitely one meant for perfection!

  18. Ah Mya, I love the images of the train chugging down the tracks and whistle blowing! LOL.

    Funnily enough I've been contemplating carrying a little recorder with me to use when a moment of inspiration hits and I can't whip out the notebook and pen fast enough.

    PS: The photo is dreamy isn't it? *heavy sigh* I wish it were a personal pic!

  19. Hi Christina,

    Absolutely, it does drive us mad striving for the perfect scene! Glad I'm not the only one.
    Ah the joys of writing! ;))

  20. Hi Jen!

    Thnaks so much, so glad you enjoyed the checklist and topic! ;)

    Completely agree with your comment, its important to get the emotion just right. I'm looking forward to finishing this one! ;))

  21. I like how you set this up.

    In 1 of my novels I wrote about a man who wasn't too concerned w/ the romantic aspect. He had to make sure there was lots of beer!

  22. Hi Talei, I have something for you at my blog so stop by when you get a chance:)

  23. Hi,

    Hee hee, maybe a good blogfest could be that of a love scene - how many guys do you reckon would participate?

    Seriously, the first novels of mine to be published were that of erotic romance novels so I don't have too many worries about letting characters go beyond kissing to heavy-petting and getting down and dirty! ;)

    As for props: who needs them if the hero's an excellent lover. :D


  24. Hi Lisa, thank you. ;))

    I'm not sure the man with the beers would win too many hearts! Well at least he has his beers though?

    Thanks for stopping by ;) x

  25. Hi Terry,

    I'm curious and I'll be right over!! Shall I bring martinis?

  26. Hi Francine,

    I did love your fairytale entry today!! And I'm going to have to get some of your books. ;))

    Quite right too. My MCs main love interest ( see there's a few contenders, ahem), well he's quite athletic.

    Thanks for visiting! x

  27. Oh yes, do!!! We'll drink them on my imaginary Caribbean cocktail deck:D

  28. Oh, love scenes... ugh. I don't write any in detail, but even just the lead-up causes problems for me!


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