Post Travelling Pinks

Pink Frangipani, Singapore
How do you do it?  You know, come down off that cloud of contented holiday bliss and fall back into real life.  I'm calling this state of mind the Post Travelling Pinks as I'm actually feeling happy, just...well distracted.  After almost a month away it's a little hard getting back to reality.  What do you mean no more afternoon naps? No more frivolous spa appointments, spicy satays, creamy doughnuts and absolutely no more martinis'.  Time to unpack the steamer trunk dear lady.

I am in the throes of finishing the final chapters of my main WIP and its been interesting.  Whilst on holiday my routine was pretty much writing early morning or in the that I'm back in London the distractions have multiplied three-fold.  Maybe subconsciously it's the fact that final chapters mean the end of a story?  I know I'll get it finished soon though but for now I just want to savour the fresh memories of my trip.  The best part of travelling are all the experiences, smells, sights and people you encounter - more plotlines, more characters for your stories right?  Absolutely.

What's that?  A final travel montage? Of course dear Ladies and Gents.  Here it is - enjoy!

Lucky Cat, Singapore

Durian...the most smelliest fruit in the world!

Scribe Jnr tests out the Chilli Crab aka 'The Before Shot.'
Scribe Snr tastes Chilli Crab aka 'The After shot.'

Finest dining in town at La Pau Sat! Yum is all I'm saying.

Best building in town, Marina Bay Sands
My favourite, Lychee Martini
How about you? Got the Post Travelling Pinks? Are you getting back into the swing of things?

A/N:  Photos courtesy of yours truly.  
Snaps of last few days in Singapore en route home.


  1. Welcome back. It's always hard to get back into a routine after time off. Love the pics!

  2. Welcome back :) I know how you feel. Within hours of returning, sometimes it feels like I never even left at all :(

    I absolutely love the pictures!

  3. Hi Jaydee, thanks! Am easing back into routine slowly but surely/ :))

  4. Hi WritingNut! Thanks and great name btw. ;) That exact thought crossed my mind this morning. I've now got the photos to sort through, deep feels like yesterday I was there.

  5. Maybe there should be a post vacation week to unpack, rest, and regroup.
    Marina Bay Sands looks very interesting. must be a beautiful view from the top.

  6. Hi Mya,

    Marina Bay Sands is the latest big hotel-casino-shopping destination in Singapore. Everyone is raving about it; I'd definitely recommend a visit to the country if anyone is interested in architecture - its teaming with great buildings. We stayed across the bay from it, ran out of time to actually get to the top ( next time right?; ).

    And yest I agree - another week to unpack,even its it mentally downloaded and adjusting. hehe.

  7. I enjoyed the pictures.

    I'm adjusting from a trip too. When I'm away, it's hard to write. But when I'm home, there always seems to be so much to DO.

    You're near the end of your WIP - so exciting!

  8. HI Theresa, thanks!

    I know what you mean, I had to juggle a few times esp with family gatherings and daytrips - I tried to catchup the following evening.

    Am excited to be on the last leg ( fingers crossed) of the first draft! ;))
    Have a lovely week!

  9. Welcome back! I love your picts. The pre and post crab picts made me laugh, then they made me hungry. I used to have one of the cats in my dorm in college!

  10. Thanks for sharing those great photos!

    It takes me a week for every two weeks of vacation to get back in the groove. The post- vacation-daze-syndrome:)

  11. Aw, thanks Lydia! I was fascinated with the crabs, we were invited to touch our main dish before it was cooked! ;) You had a lucky cat? I used to see them everywhere in Tokyo too. ;)

  12. Hi Terry! That makes sense, it's going to take me at least another week to see through the haze. ;)

  13. I agree that getting back into the reality swing can be quite jolting! Hope you're not too traumatized by it and good luck on the end of your WIP :)

  14. Chili crab - yum! My mouth is watering.

    It's always hard when travelling comes to an end - I hear you. Especially with all the craptastic weather in London these days. Where has summer gone?

    But don't ever give up the Martinis. Martinis are for life, not just vacations.

  15. Hi Slushpile Slut, *sighs* always love seeing those heels! thanks so much, I'm looking forward to the end of the WIP. ;))

  16. Hi Talli,

    The chilli crab was oh so hot!

    We need a longer summer don't we? I hear you on the martinis - they are definitely for life, I've got them next to champagne on my list. ;))


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