Little Miss Procrastination

Lady P came to visit me yesterday.  I was sitting alone, minding my own business, editing with one eye on the morning dew that had settled in on the windowsills.  And in she breezed...

Barefoot and wide-eyed, she leant over my shoulder, 
Peered at my manuscript and whispered
 "Come with me, its such a beautiful day"  
Ignoring her sighs, I continued with my manuscript
A little wobbly but still

"Let me finish this paragraph" 
And I tried but my mind had already flown 
Through the window
It was somewhere up above
Looking down at the river

Pushing back my chair
I slipped my feet into my shoes
 "You won't need those" Lady P said
 Leading me away from my writing desk
And she was right...
The skies were bright blue, 
The sun, a glittering orb, 
And the grass,
So very,

Lady P at her best...

Photo courtesy via tumblr

A/N:  Hello dear friends, I hope you are all well.  We're enjoying some extraordinarily late but very welcome, summer weather and yes, it distracted me from my writing yesterday.  The Muse and I flew the coop and went outdoors, it was wonderfully lush, the sun warmed my skin and I thought to myself, how could you not be led astray, its just for one day, right?  Today though, I am back in the driving seat, so to speak.  How are your writing projects this week?   Talei xox


  1. My Mr Procrastination has a nice set of abs. That's all I'm saying. :D

    We are definitely approaching the productive writing season. Though grays skys don't always work wonders to get us in the mood. :P

  2. Ha! I enjoyed going for a ride in the '57 Chevy yesterday. It's been so exceedingly hot here in Texas the pleasant 85 degree weather screamed at us to get out of the house!

  3. Stina, lucky you! If that were me, I wouldn't have left that house! Le sigh.

    Bish, sounds FAB. I want to do that too!

  4. When you talk about the weather, the grass is always greener over there! Literally.

  5. There's been plenty of distraction here. Mother Nature is driving me to distraction and I won't apologize. Too soon we'll be buried in the house with cold weather so we enjoyed the blue skies and warm weather all weekend. Today I have to clean house! (argh!!!) But want to get some writing done between errands.

    Here's to you and you're lovely little piece!!!

  6. Some days, you need to procrastinate. Sounds like you had a lovely time!

  7. Yep, it's good to go outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunlight on occasion.

  8. Little P is a crafty one! However, normal weather has now returned, so that should help you out! Plus a kebab-and-bridge story, ha!

  9. Cold fall weather is procrastinating which is to your benefit! :)

  10. Lady P, she sure gets around doesn't she?

  11. Hi Talei. I heard about the late summer over your way. I love the way you crafted this, very atmospheric. I was peeping over your shoulder too. Nice one...


  12. It's dark and rainy here, which means my MS is getting lots of attention. LOL!


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