Love and Kebabs in Camden Town

Indy stopped at his usual spot on the canal and pulled a cigarette from his battered packet of Silk Cut.  Near the waters edge, a family of dirty grey swans bobbed up and down, waiting to be fed.  Ignoring them, he turned his attention to the thickening crowd of tourists winding their way along the narrow towpath.  It was mid-morning; Philly would be busy at the stall.  Savouring his last drag of the tobacco, he tossed the butt in the direction of the swans and sauntered towards the market gates.

Inside the walls of Camden market, Philly stabbed a pair of old tongs at the lamb kebabs on the grill, she threw a handful of onion rings onto a large piece of flatbread and turned to the American couple waiting patiently.
"What kind of sauce would you like?" her hand already reaching for the tomato sauce.
"Ketchup, please" Perfect dentistry beamed at her.  She returned a wide smile.  Always with the freaking ketchup, why not chilli? Why not, even, barbeque sauce?  

Behind her, Ali shuffled into the stall.  He dropped a box of lettuce on the table and stared at her shaven blonde hair.
"What the hell kinda haircut is that?"
"What? No good morning?"
"I don't want no GI Jane selling my kebabs"
"Its just a haircut, I like it.  Indy likes it"
"Yeah, well - Indy's got a fuchsia pink Mohawk" he pulled his khaki beanie from his head and tossed it at her.
"What the hell?"
"Put it on, its flippin' cold out"
She sniffed at the beanie "it freaking stinks of you, I'm not wearing it"
"You've been hanging out with my cousin too much - he's a bad influence"
He was teasing, she knew that.  If it wasn't for Ali, she'd never met Indy and she'd be lost without him now.  She looked towards the gate, expecting him any minute now.

Ali worked his magic knife skills on the tomatoes, then the onions, then the lettuce.  He spent the entire time chopping ingredients and chatting animatedly to customers about London weather.  He was a pro. Philly pulled her vintage McQueen bandana from her pocket, tying it pirate style, over her buzzcut as she surveyed the marketplace.  A young girl with dark green hair stood near the stonewall, taking photos with her iPhone.  Philly had noticed her earlier, she'd lingered around Rosie's jewellery stand but hadn't purchased anything.  Philly had a strange feeling that the girl had been watching her.

"Hi Sexy" Indy leant over the counter and grabbed Philly's apron, pulling her towards him.
"Hey, I'm working!" she giggled, slapping him playfully.
"Ten minutes break, Philly!" Ali barked, shooing them both away without breaking from his weather banter.

The green-haired girl watched the young couple as they ran, hand-in-hand, towards the canal, grabbing at each other like boisterous teenagers.  Oh, Indy... it is you.  She choked back a cry and she closed her eyes.  Had he forgotten her already?  She clenched her fists and walked purposely towards the kebab stall where the squat guy called Ali was holding court with the tourists.  I'll make you remember, Indy. 

©T.Loto 2011. All rights reserved

A/N:  This piece of short fiction was inspired after some lovely twitter banter earlier in the week with Talli and India.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Happy writing this weekend Lovelies!  Talei xox


  1. Yay! I LOVED it - well worth waiting for, and you capture Camden perfectly. The dirty swans, the kebabs... I love the line 'always with the ketchup!'

    A great piece!

  2. Yah! *high fives* Thank you, lovely!! So glad you enjoyed it! It was fun to write and thanks to you and India - nothing like inspirational twitter banter to get the grey cells flowing. I'd like to do more with Philly and Indy - they make a wonderful couple. Have a fab weekend! x

  3. Oh, I loved it! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Cute little piece of fiction! Hope you have a lovely weekend and get plenty more writing done! *clink, clink*

  5. Shirley, thank you! Hope you're having a fab weekend too!

    Danette, cheers! I am indeed planning on more writing this weekend! Here's to the Muse! *clink clink*

  6. Thanks for sharing, loved it!

  7. Hi Riya, welcome! And thank you!

  8. Loved it! Thanks for sharing!


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