"From the soul," she mutters

I was sitting here, this amazing spring morning in London, admiring the glorious blue skies and glimmering sunshine when a niggling thought wormed its way into the grey matter.
Today, beautifully marks the end of a fast for myself. I had undertaken master cleanse this week to kick start me onto the road of healthy eating, so its all very poignant. Out with the old, literally. If the tiny pink blossoms outside are heralding in a season of new beginnings...then so too, shall I.

"Write from the heart, from the soul." How many times have I heard or muttered these words myself? This is me, delving right in...from the soul. I have been toying with the idea of blogging for a few months, albeit covertly, a secret to a few around me. You see, I have been trying to write a story for sometime. I wonder how many other folks are out there, scribbling away after midnight, unburdening their inner most tales? Truth be told, writing has stalked me from childhood through to adulthood but I have always tossed it aside. Not anymore. I am working on two projects currently, which I plan to complete this year.

What I hope for like any aspiring scribe is to write something meaningful, entertaining, dare I wish for everlasting and inspiring to others?

This blog will likely cover a plethora of thoughts while I take the scribes pilgrimage from my grey matter to pen-notebook-PC- and hopefully to final copy and the land of happily-ever-after. Without doubt, I will be distracted by daily music, fashion and art chatter along the way. Welcome to the musings of an aspiring scribe.


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