Paris, Milan, New York, Spitalfields

Armed with my new SLR baby, I went hunting for creative inspiration this week and I found myself in London's East End, at the Spitalfields Traders Market happily clicking away at the annual Alternative Fashion Week. The event is run by Alternative Arts, a not for profit organisation who offer a fantastic opportunity for young fashion designers to showcase their creations.  There is not a red rope in sight, or invitation-only lists, it's open to the public and it’s free!  Did I mention, the charity collection? This year they collected for Barnardos.  What's that? I hear you gasp. An inclusive fashion event with heart?  I know, I know...they're not the first but I feel warm and fuzzy when events bring art and charity together.

I am an avid fan of the arts in all its forms and I loved this fashion show, it's eclectic collection of clothes paraded on the catwalk, the visual feast of colours, and the creative minds behind the designs.  It's a perfect cocktail that inspires me to move on with my own brand of creativity.  From countless practice shots snapped on the day, here are a few of my favourites.

I loved these vibrant colours!

In fact I loved them so much, here's another pic!

These quirky creations reminded me of Tokyo.

I really need a pair of these boots!

Sassy midnight blue creations!

Ever been inspired by Adidas trainers? 

Amazing latex, love the imagination behind these!

The Lady doth wear latex.

 Why does this conjure up images of Lady Macbeth right now?

The coolest hoodie in town.

The coolest caped crusader.

And this model just looked damn cool.

Finally, the press and photographer pit.  Love this one!


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