What's in a word?

I should be writing a chapter but find myself distracted.  Ah, Mr. Word Count, shall I count the ways you frustrate me!  Some days it's like a feverish race, myself vs. Mr. Word Count.  Who will give in first?  My nibble fingers flying across the keyboard...whilst he sits serenely mocking me... nay, I know he often raises his eyebrow at me.  

Whilst Mr. Word Count throws down his gauntlet, my thoughts turn to games, war and strategy. The pen is mightier than the sword is it not?  In a game of paper, rock and scissors, paper takes rock.  What is stronger than paper?  Of course scissors slice through it but paper has amazing regenerating abilities.... stay with me on this, if you shred it and toss it in water, does it not miraculously forge itself together...'Terminator-like.'?  And what is stronger than paper, I ponder?  'Words', I hear you whisper. 

Words can save a man's life, or condemn him to the ever after.  Words whispered from a lover's tongue make your heart flutter.  Words are powerful, words are inspiring.  It is the not the quantity, but the quality. So, my dear Mr. Word Count, you can shove your numbers...somewhere creative.  I mean that, sincerely.

Paper, Pen, Inspired Words....the 'Holy Trinity' of writing methinks, at least today.  What say you?


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