Henry Moore, j'adore!

I am obsessed with sculptures...particularly of the 'Henry Moore' variety.  I love his Reclining figures and his Mother and Child figures.  I could sit and stare at them all day!

In my perfect world, I own a 'Henry Moore', and it's his 'Recumbent figure'.  In my perfect world, on a perfect day I write 5,000 perfect words before wandering downstairs into my perfect garden where the warmth of the late afternoon sun greets me.  My perfect garden has perfect views of the ocean.  I take my usual seat on the old weather-beaten lounge beside my dear recumbent friend...Henrietta. Hetty for short.  I tell Hetty about my latest chapter whilst sipping on champagne.  Hetty prefers a dry martini and extra olives.  She's a great listener too.  When I'm finished talking, she tells me about her day in the garden whilst we watch the perfect sunset over the ocean.  You see...it would be wonderful to have Hetty in my garden. 

Tate Britain has a wonderful collection of Mr. Moore's works on exhibit until 8 August 2010.  Personally, I found the best time to view is just before closing...late afternoon. No crowds, she whispers. Just you, a handful of wise visitors, and the beautiful reclining figures.

This week, Tate posted a question online, which I loved.  'If you were a work of art, which one would you be and why?'  Immediately my response was 'One of Gauguin's Tahitian ladies with flowers'.  However, in hindsight I know deep down I'm truly a 'Henry Moore'. 

How about you?  If you were a work of art, which one would you be and why?

The Lady doth recline 

PS: Ahem...taking photos is frowned upon at certain exhibitions, therefore I have included this gem which I took at the Hakone Open-Air Museum in Japan.  As you may know, taking photos in Japan is highly encouraged!


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