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This week, the delightful Carol has received a plethora of awards and bestowed one award to my blog, incredibly it's my 18th award...yes, I am choked up!  * sniff *  Since starting my blog last year, this journey has been an incredible experience for both developing my writing, and just building such wonderful friendships.   Ahem, and now before I start to waffle, the rules in accepting this award state, that I must share 7 interesting facts about myself, and pass the award to 7 lovely bloggers.

So, some enlightening facts about myself eh? Please follow me down this rabbit!   These 7 fantabulous facts were crafted for a previous post, I hope you don't mind if I'm like, really green, and recycle them? And, remember to climb back out of the hole, I haven't finished yet.

* Sounds trumpets, plump those pompoms vigorously, throws pink sparkle everywhere* 

I am sending this Stylish award onto to these lovely souls! 

Michael Di Gesu @ In Time
Misha @ My First Copy
Colene Murphy @ The Journey
Writing Nut @ Writing In A Nutshell

Congratulations to all!  
And Happy Friday to everyone, do grab some bubbles whilst you are here!!


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A/N: Hello Everyone!  How are you? This week has flown and there's still much to do.  I feel like the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland, which is strange because I don't wear a timepiece of any description.  Gave them up years ago.   Can I say, -welcome and thank you to my newest followers aka fabulous fellow bloggers, pull up a chaise lounge or hammock! 
Plans for the weekend?  Where ever you are and whatever you get up to, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I have a ton of errands to run, and will continue on my writing projects.  Remember, live life to the fullest right?!  And get some sleep in between.



  1. Talei, Congrats on you award #18 that is impressive. I love to visit you blog, and yes, it is quite stylish!

    Thank you for the award. I SO appreciate it. Isn't our community just the best?!

    I've met so many wonderful friends from all over the globe. I am excited to say I will be meeting a fellow blogger next week in Orlando, Florida. The funny thing is, she only lives 3 hours from me up north ... lol.

    Life is SO amazing.

    I plan to walk by the Atlantic ocean, sun bathe, and edit. The weather in Florida has been just beautiful. It soothes the soul.


  2. Talie: Congratulations on the award! I think it should be solely yours as you do take the cake in style!!! Or maybe there should be a Academy Award of Style- that would definitely belong here!

    And thank you for the award! I will definitely have a glass of champagne to celebrate!! And that is the perfect way to begin the weekend with the hopes that there will be more in just a few more hours (well 6 and a half to be exact but whose counting- lol) and they can roll in the trolley cart! *clinks glass* CHEERS!!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Congratulations on the award! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Congrats to you and to those you awarded!

  5. Cheating is acceptable behavior in my book hehehe :)

    Congrats on the award. I hope you have a great weekend.


  6. Congrats - well deserved, and yes I will partake in a glass of bubbly - refills okay? Thanks.

  7. Congratulations hun, your blog is fantastic! xx

  8. Yep, well-deserved, and wow, 18 of 'em! Very cool. At least you got one you didn't have before, this time. LOL I like the way you recycled your 7 things. ;o)

  9. Thanks Talei!

    And congrats on your awards. :-)

  10. Hi Everyone, thank you so much for your lovely comments! I've been battling the blogger goblins this morning in my attempt to reply. ;-)

    Michael, You're giving me Florida beach envy! Enjoy and how wonderful to meet up with fellow bloggers. Awesome. ;-)

    Danette, Congrats and thanks! *clinks glass* Always a good idea to roll out the drinks trolley early on a Friday methinks! Happy Writing this weekend! ;-)

    Golden Eagle, thank you! Hope you're having a fab weekend too.

    Pat, definitely congrats to everyone! Thank you!

    Donna, cheating? Hmm, you'll have to explain that one missy. Me no understanding. ;-) Happy weekend to you too!

    Mya, absolutely refills are in order - we have bottomless glasses of bubble here. *cheers* ;-)

    Karen, thanks Sweet, good to see you, its been a while. Hope all is well with you, must pop over to your blog soon. ;-)

    Carol, thank you!! I try to recycle, sometimes it works. ;-) And, I'm truly grateful that fellow bloggers think of me, 18 probably pales in comparison to many but when I noticed the number as I posted yours. I am truly chuffed really. And now I'm waffling. Must.Stop. Happy writing!

    Misha, you're welcome! Always good to see your comments pop up over here. Congrats to you! ;-)


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