When She Sleeps...

Fasting beneath the Winter snow,
She draws shallow breaths, pure and cold,
Gently forging arctic winds,
Thrusting ships at whim,
Across blackened seas

In Spring, she lays bare,
Blossoms, lovingly kissed,
Vibrant hues, brilliant blues,
New grasses, softly caressed,
Borne anew, 
By her own hand

Yet simmering below, 
A storm may brew,
She lashes out,
Crushing land, smiting lives,
Splintering man's glorious places...

Her Summer smile covering skies, warming faces,
Calming oceans, screaming gulls,
Laughing crowds, golden beaches,
Yet again, she will awaken,
A wicked sea witch, 
A seething beast.

Autumn brings her favourite gown,
Darkened evenings, eerie sounds,
Ever changing leaves on blustery gales
And in the black of the night,
She lays, talons poised,
Stowed away,
Beneath the mossy green country lanes
She stays, quietly waiting her prey.

Our Lady Nature, 
A torturous Banshee, 
Seemingly cruel without reason,
Impossible to guess, 
Her child-like smirk
Belies her outward grace.
When she sleeps, she sleeps in peace,
When she sleeps, she sleeps in seasons.

Photocredits via weheartit

'When She Sleeps' Copyright © T.Loto 2011 All rights reserved.  Please do not reproduce without written consent.

A/N: Hello Everyone,  I hope you are well.  This weekend has been good, though difficult at times to concentrate on writing.  This poem is a tribute to everyone in both NZ, and Japan whose lives have been deeply affected by the recent natural disasters.  I am extremely happy to know that my friends and family in both countries are accounted for, but still feel strongly for those who are currently searching for their loved ones.   If you are able to help at all, the British Red Cross is collecting donations.  

These disasters remind me that, life truly is fragile, and that our dear Lady Nature really is in charge.  I've been pondering on how short life really is, and that we should do everything in our power to live it to the fullest, be who you want to be, spend time with those that matter.  That's what I'm musing on right now.  How about you?

Have a lovely week!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful poem. Deep and tender thoughts. I could 'feel' the changes.


  2. Talei,

    This is amazing. SO appropriate for the times we live in. You caught the essence of nature and its most beautiful, unpredictable self.

    Today, while in Florida and took an excerpt from a short story I wrote here last winter. A Day at the Beach. I studied nature at it's calmest.



  3. Nice post.
    Beautiful picture.

  4. Wow! This was amazing. Talk about beautiful! The pictures that accompanied the piece made it absolute perfection!

  5. Beautiful poem and pictures. I too have be contemplating the fragile, ephemeral quality of life which at the same time is stubborn and tenacious.

  6. The same, Talei. My concentration has been pretty much non-existent. Your poem is lovely.

  7. Beautiful poem and a great tribute, Talei.

  8. Lovely poem Talei! I too have been struck mute by Nature's power (and other events) but I have been reminded that it is beauty that makes life worthwhile-- beauty in nature, beauty in art (and writing!), beauty in love. So we will continue on, right? And the world more beautiful by writing beautiful things (like this!) Thank you!
    *Clinks glass of champagne* To life!

  9. Wonderful poem!

    I love the pictures.

  10. The pictures are such a beautiful compliment to the amazing prose. What an amazing tribute to Japan and NZ

  11. Talei, that was so beautiful! Nature's power is as awful as it is awesome. Your words reminded me of the beauty.

  12. Thank you everyone, for all your lovely comments. Makes me smile. ;-)

    Mary, so glad you enjoyed!

    Michael, thank you! I hope you having fun in Florida.

    Hot girl, thanks so much!

    Jen, aw thanks lovely, you are most generous! ;-)

    Bish, yes absolutely, its always good to remember both sides of natures forces. We forget sometimes.

    Carol, likewise my dear. Though I managed 3 chapters on the w/end. Keep calm and carry on writing! ;-)

    Talli, thanks lovely!!

    Danette, we do indeed continue. Thanks so much! *clinks glass* To life! Cheers!

    Golden Eagle, thank you, so happy you enjoyed it!

    Melissa, thanks so much! Am chuffed with all these lovely comments!

    Elaine, I'm so glad you said that. Nature is beauty, we're just experiencing the ugly side right now but it's one and the same and its always evolving. So happy you liked it! ;-)

  13. What an absolutely beautiful poem. And yes, nature/creation is awe inspiring work. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Lovely poem and pictures. Like you, I've been contemplating the awe of nature...

  15. BEAUTIFUL! Pictures, poem, all wonderful!

  16. Nature as a banshee is such an apt description. She's been on a rampage lately. Such a beautiful poem.

  17. This is a beautiful poem and I love the last paragraph. The pictures are perfect, too. :D

  18. Absolutely beautiful poem and gorgeous pictures... also a very touching tribute :)

  19. Oh, wow. You ladies are absolutely wonderful, your comments make my day as always. Much appreciated! ;-)

    Laura, you're welcome. I like to share, thanks so much for stopping in.

    Liza, thank you too! Nature is an incredible beast. I'm in awe of her power really.

    Colene, hello! Thank you!!! So glad you really liked it. ;-)

    Meredith, so true. I imagine a screaming Banshee running along the corridors, hair flying wildly. Thanks so much.

    Stina, aw thank you!! Your comment means a lot to me.

    Writing Nut, very chuffed you enjoyed it. Thank you for coming by.

  20. Talei - Oh my GOODNESS. What an amazing, gorgeous poem. I want to print it out and frame it on my wall!!! Well done. :-)

  21. Lovely poem, photos, and musings on the brevity of life. Hey Talei, you've won an award on my blog today! Stop by to pick your choice from a variety of 5 awards:
    Artzicarol Ramblings

  22. Melissa M, thank you! I'm very flattered dear lady.

    Carol, thank you too. I shall pop over to your blog now. ;-)

  23. Beautiful poem!

    The events of the past few months really makes one think.

    Life can change in seconds, so we should live each moment as if it is our last.


  24. Beautiful pictures and a lovely poem. A fitting tribute for those affected by the quakes. I was so affected myself, that I wrote a whole post on the recent Japan quake. Mother nature is truly the boss, and we should do well to remember it.

  25. lovely photos with great accompanying poems.


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