Friday's Fabulous Five To Unwind

It has been a particularly insane week - and it's almost the end of November.  Um, yes, yes it is.  Is anyone else chasing their own tail?  Please say yes, otherwise, I'll have to curl up in the foetal position tonight and worry that I'm different... and... oh, sorry.  Anyhow, back to crazy Friday, I've been pondering ways to relax, in style.  Here's my fabulous five for today:

1.  Pamper me baby, pamper me real good... and I mean it.  Take yourself off to a spa, close the door on the rest of the world for a while, slip into a lovely robe and let someone else take care of you.  Massage anyone?  Um, yes please.  This is my plan for Sunday (wish me luck)

2.  Shopping - this can be a team sport, or as an individual.  I find it's helpful to bribe a BFF into coming along, as Confucius say 'many hands make light work' which translates to 'more shopping bags for you.'  Just remember to feed and water your BFF during the expedition, and let them rest now and, whilst you're trying on your umpteenth pair of Louboutins.

3.  Music makes the people come together...yeah... thanks Madge.  Yes it does, and karaoke is an old favourite of mine.  No giggling down the back.  I do, you know.  And my latest headset  makes the most wonderful prop for those essential 'Britney Spears' moments.  I recommend it.  You know, when no-ones watching.  Oh baby, baby indeed.  

4.  Get thee a friend who can cook - or better still - grab several BFFs and head out for supper-dinner-lunch-brunch.  Pick a place, somewhere fab and just like, do it?

5.  Recline in Style.  Possibly my own personal favourite.  Find a darkly-lit room, add a little ambience with your favourite candles, place cocktail glass on table, arrange self ever-so-elegantly on the sofa - reach for remote - and exhale...  Perfect positioning for napping, which essentially is the ultimate way to rejuvenate.   Tell me, how do you unwind after a busy week?  


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  2. Hi,

    Ha ha, give me a log fire (got that daily), a good book (got that), wine in the cellar (got that), but no bloody mint flavoured drinking chocolate. Who in hell drank all that?

    Love your list! ;)


  3. The last one's probably the best way to relax for me. Shopping and eating out don't really cut for me, but a little R&R in front of the telly (or with a book) and a drink is all I need. But no time for that now! It's time to get on with my Christmas shopping!

  4. Susan, all three sound fab to me!

    Winda, thanks for stopping by, I shall check your blog out.

    Francine, bloody mint chocolate eh? I'm picturing you swanning through the house in those fluffy pom-pom slippers. Thanks lovely!

    Danette, many an hour has passed with me ...snoozing on that sofa. I heart it. Good luck with the festive shopping, you are organised! x

  5. I love your style girl! For me, there is no relaxing without a steaming hot bath.

  6. Music, a good book or movie, and yummy food work for me. I love your list, and I hope you do get that massage. I'd love to have someone rub out all the knots in my shoulders, too!

  7. I'm not much for shopping, unless it's a book store, antiques, flea markets, etc., but they all sound great. Recline in Style is my norm.
    I watch a two-part episode of Waking the Dead on DVD for 2 hours - love it!

  8. After seeing all the crazies from Black Friday shopping on the news, I'll have to cross that one off the list. I like to unwind with a good rented movie from Netflix with the family And order out for a pizza.

  9. Oh to be pampered! I'd love a pedicure please to float on air as I walk now that is bliss! :O)

  10. Oh please a pedi and mani for my graduation tomorrow.

  11. Jessie, thanks lovely - steaming hot baths are truly fab!

    Lyn, I'm with you on the movie and a good book! I did manage a massage yesterday too, always good to have those knots taken out of my back! ;)

    Royce, antiques and bookstores - lovely! And I've not seen Waking the Dead - but now I'm curious...

    Stephen, oh - I hope you left the pepper spray at home during those sales! Movie and pizza - music to my ears, yes I can do that. ;)

    Madeleine, pedicures - bliss!! Definitely!

    Romance Reader. Congrats on your graduation!! Hope you get your mani-pedi wish too!


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