Will The Real Miss Jones Please Stand Up?

Last week, London was alight, outraged, and dare I say, amused with the spectacular rant of a certain lady journalist. In case you missed her column, jump here - beware, you will either collapse in disgust or die of laughter.  Let me know what your thoughts...too much information or not? She certainly provoked an abundance of reactions, extreme in themselves.

I'm not a prude but my eyebrows were raised, momentarily. Do we share too much of ourselves online in the public arena? And when we get down to the root of things, is what you share - really you or a figment of the person that you want people to think you are?  I try to keep my musings to writing and topics that inspire me.  But let's be honest, if you're writing and networking online, you do cultivate friendships - its human nature.  People want to know you as a person, right?  Behind all those avatars and profiles are living breathing individuals - people, real people - and networking is about making connections between people not pixels.  You successfully connect or not.  It's not a popularity contest...wait, no, maybe... who knows, sometimes?  

Shocking opening lines, provocative clothing, rocking badass tattoos -all attention grabbing in their own way, non? At the end of the day, whatever her motivation, Ms Jones' cringe-worthy confessional rocked our world for a day, for better or worse, the lady caused a stir and were we not entertained?  I certainly was, exceedingly so. And I was inspired -not like that, but by knowing that I do not wish to become that old lady with the cat.  That is a promise. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to throw out all my Bridget Jones underpants -clearly, they are not controversial enough. From now on, it's commando...well, except for Sundays.

A/N:  Hello Lovelies, it's been another busy one in London but as one of my favourite great-aunts used to say "if I don't get up to walk everyday, I'm scared that one day I might never be able to."  Take what you will from that gem, I guess as long as we're moving, we're alive, right?  This weekend, though, I'm hoping for a little relaxation, writing and an art show.  Nothing too strenuous.  What's on your diary?  Talei xox  


  1. Hi Talei!
    I think sometimes people share too much of themselves. I also think most people don't really want to know the intimate details of ever aspect of their lives. Hope you are doing well!

  2. Hello Pat! I agree. I guess it depends on the individual, and what they're actually networking on, but striking a nice balance is always a good start. Also, you want to maintain some sense of mystique, non?

    Hope you're having a fab weekend! ;-)

  3. Hello Dearheart! Wow, I don't know that I feel as though I know too much about her as much as I think this woman does not like women. She talks about men like they are the poor victims in society and all women are scheming shrews. I think the article says more about her and the type of people she is friends with than it does about women in general. So too much information? It's not that as much as her "honesty" assumes too much about her audience- that they are just like her.

    Just kicking off a long holiday weekend and plans to spend the evening writing! Tonight a little kick-off celebration with champers!!

    To writing and enjoying life! *clink, clink*

  4. Wow, what an article. I can never unlearn all that I now know about Liz. Perhaps I can bleach my brain. LOL I could not believe some of the reactions she got, either. Talk about vitriol.

    I try to share my true self as much as possible without giving away all the TMI details. A happy medium, I guess. :)

  5. I try to make it a rule never to share cat-hairs (words to you humans) that I do not want the entire world to see. If I think a human will cringe at the sight of it then I try to restrain myself from putting it out into the ether. It does not always work but I do think it is the only way to try and retain sanity!

  6. I try not to go online when I'm having a really bad day. I just don't want to dump on my online friends. Those are the days I put it all in my journals. Now to go read this article. Or maybe I'll just scan it quickly if it's that bad LOL.

  7. Just read it and wow, just wow. Now I will go hug my sweet husband of 40 years and be thankful for all our wonderful children. I have a very full life, and to think I had been rather mopey today before reading that article.

  8. Danette, hello sweet! Yup, supposedly she's a feminist, also one of the most popular female columnists in the UK, for whatever reason. She does have a following. I think people either find her hysterically funny or loathe her. Men, I would say fall into the latter category.
    Enjoy your long weekend, you lucky thing! I second that toast - to a happy life and writing! * clink clink*

    Melissa, a happy medium is a good medium! Hope you're having a fab weekend!

    Cat, miaou darling. Restraint is an excellent strategy, protects yourself and the rest of the ether! ;-) I hope you're feeling sane right now!

    KarenG, you're in wonderful company, WOW was the reaction of thousands. Agreed, not cool to dump on online friends, big 'no-no'. Funny after reading the article a lot of us will be thankful we're not Ms Jones. I'm just grateful I'm not a cat person. *mutters under breath, never will be*

  9. Oh my, that is just so much more than I ever wanted to know about that woman! How ridiculous. I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  10. Haha - what an article. I think I'm more shocked that you read the DM than the article itself though ;)

    I guess it's a balance - when I write poetry I tap into the stuff that would make people cringe if I dropped it in a sentence in daily conversation. I think Cat's advice is good for general blog postings etc but I also think it's ok to splurge from time to time.

    Thought provoking post - thanks.

    And I hope you're having a wonderful weekend :)

  11. Meredith, ah, I think her M.O is too shock. Certainly, she probably had the most views last week! Hope you're enjoying your weekend too! x

    Rachel, it certainly conjured up a flurry of thoughts. Rest assured, I don't read the DM, this was the first I'd heard of Liz Jones. (not sure thats a good thing to admit but its true). Definitely, I think its okay to splurge from time to time. Hope you're having a fab Sunday too! :)

  12. Wow! When is too much is too much?

    Hope you had a relaxed weekend!

  13. Thought provoking post- don't go online when you're not having a good day!

  14. Romance Reader, likewise - hope you had a great weekend too!

    Nas, sometimes its one's job to provoke, its what lengths you will go to do that job. Everyone has their limits, right? * deep sigh* ;-)
    Have a fab week!

  15. Um, yes. I think sometimes people share too much. That was a crazy story!

    My weekend plans included not working, hanging out with the family, and attacking my neglected house. :)

  16. Whatever happened to a word called discretion?


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