Blooming Beautiful Prose

"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck." - Emma Goldman     
Ah blessed blue skies and scorching sunshine!  My local park has been awash with the throng of sun-worshippers, picnickers and cricket whites.  Did I mention the amazing beachwear on parade?  Ah, Mr. Sunshine you bring out the best and worst in all of us.  I am so grateful for my big black sunglasses.   It's days like these I could lie under a shady tree with a book, watch the skies overhead, take a nap or if feeling energetic...potter about in the garden.  The dear lady huffs at me as she crawls along the herbaceous borders, armed with her ratty measuring tape and gardening shears.
I used to love old Wills Shakespeare's "What's in a rose?  That which we call a rose..."  I say used to as his lines have been forever tainted by a friend's overuse of "by any other name would smell as sweet"...when charming ladies, in bars.  Ahem, ladies do be careful - if you cross paths with a dashing stranger quoting Shakespeare...his intentions maybe less than honourable.     
Flowers are symbolic of life's special occasions; they mark the beginning, the end and everything in between.  Birthdays, death, christenings, engagements, weddings, and the just-because-days are all celebrated with flowers.  Roses, lilies, orchids, wildflowers, abundant in colour and perfumed - it's no wonder so many poets and writers are inspired to pick up the quill and pay tribute to mother nature's beautiful blooms.  Now, whisper in my ear and tell me - do you have a favourite line which nature's blooms have inspired?

"La Vie en rose"

Italian Gardens at Hever Castle, Kent, England

Chateau garden in Champagne region, France

A/N: Pictures snapped on holidays or hazy day trips.  The lush rose garden above is at Hever Castle.  The lady doth recommend the grounds and gardens over the castle viewing any day! Also - If in London this week, check the annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show 25-29 May.


  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful flowers, beautiful sentiments...

  2. Hello Agnes :) Aw thanks so much for your lovely comments! I'm sending you a lovely virtual rose! x

  3. Oh what a gorgeous rose. I am a sucker for pink, but try very hard not to go over the top, however, when it comes to flowers, I just can't help myself! K xx

  4. ;) Hi K! I love roses, these pink ones are a particular favourite the moment! I have never stop at just one either. I'm sending you a virtual bunch too! xx

  5. Nice pics!!I have a little something something on my blog for you!! :)

  6. Hi Slushpile Slut, thanks so much. Ooh and curious, I'm trotting my glittering heels over to your blog to have a looky!! :)


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