Still Got Your Movie Mojo?

Do you still have it?  You know - the ability to switch off for a few hours, sink into the shabby chic sofa and let yourself be entertained without the constant chatter of your inner writer.

Friday nights are movie night for me, or rather DVD nights in front of the shiny big screen...close the shutters, plump the cushions, light the candles, pour a drink, carefully place the remotes at side, and settle in.  Devil's on horseback anyone?  The dear lady trots out her little tray of handmade hors d'oeuvres.

I love going to the movies, ahem...the pictures as my dear mother still calls them.  I particularly enjoy a creaky picture theatre when there are a total of three souls in the audience.  Bliss.   The only hitch being that - I can ruin a movie at five pre-empting the plot line in opening credits.  A talent that has plagued me for many years and frustrated those close to me.  The number of heated exchanges with friends over whether I've seen the movie beforehand amuses me.  I haven't seen it before!!  I tell you, I just knew she had a love-child with her professor many years ago.  I don't know how but I knew.  Pity anyone who sits near me in the picture theatre!

How about you? When was the last time you really enjoyed a movie without that inner voice whispering in your ear?  Can you truly disappear into the charming world unfolding in front of you?  Or is the clockwork at the back of your mind constantly ticking over, deconstructing the plot line at every point-of-view, ripping apart the characters and their dreary dialogue? Of course I could write that script with my eyes closed...yawn.  If it were my script, the words would be so brilliant, they would fly off the pages and dazzle movie-goers. 

Let me know - can you sit back and enjoy the ride of a movie or does your inner scribe get in the way?


  1. Most movies are trite, formulaic, Hollywood bastardizations...but I still love our Friday DVD Nights! :)

    The last two that I enjoyed was: Sherlock Holmes and An Education. Even though in both cases the plot was obvious, we still enjoyed the banter, stories and acting.
    When all else fails, we just slip in The Hangover again.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and spending time with me. What a treat to follow you back her to your bloggy world.

    Enjoy the rest of you weekend!

  2. Hello Lola,

    Well thank you for the follow back! ;) Love these blog-portals! ;) I think with the big Hollywood movies, the screenwriters have fallen into a rut. Cannot remember the last time I was really surprised by a plot line. Having said that, I enjoyed The Hangover, and am guilty at laughing very loudly at The 40 year old virgin!! I'll keep my eyes peeled for the Sherlock Holmes DVD. Meantime, there's a local independent theatre which keeps me sane though.

    Have a lovely weekend too! Happy writing!
    Love Talei x

  3. You know, I am not a tv/movie person. But I do like watch documentaries :-)

  4. I love movies, but they are an indulgence I usually only sink into WITH someone (tonight I watched a DVD with my son). I guess my alone time is writing or networking time--still, movies are a fabulous escape. The trouble with it being social, is there are so many movies I'd love to see that I don't because nobody in my family would be interested (though the teenage daughter is getting there--she and I periodically see a really great one)

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog! I always love visiting other blogs so it's great to have found you!

    I'm a big movie watcher and I will say that my inner writer is always shut off, or at least if it's on I am so used to it I don't even notice!

    I love DVD nights, and with my girlfriends it's easy to take time off of writing to just enjoy it!

  6. I love movies. We live really close to The Gate Cinema and they have some great ones there! I went through a phase of identifying every turning point, climax, etc in the flm. But now I can sit back and relax!

  7. Hi Agnes, I love watching doco's too! Have to say in London, am stuck for choice on that front! ;-)

  8. Hi Watery Tart!! ;) I agree, definitely an indulgence - any quiet time these days is bliss isn't it? ;) You've just drawn my attention to that fact I have a few good movie buddies for different genres. I can see art movies with a dear friend, chick flicks with my girlfriends, Vamp-movies with my covert twi-buddies. If there is something I want to see that no-one is keen on, I just alone. Love it. ;)

  9. Hello Jen! I love visiting blogs! Thanks so much for following back. DVD nights with good friends and a good bottle of plonk is always a winner here too! ;)

  10. Hey Talli! I'm near a Picture House which a blessing! I'm getting better at hushing the inner voice at movies, sometimes she does get a little angsty though. Hope your road trip is going well! ;)

  11. I like movies, but I don't like going to the theater because I don't like the new stuff out.
    I love French, and indie movies!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Yours is lovely.


  12. Hello tywo :) I love indie movies, I went through a phase a few years back of just watching indie and nothing else. Thanks for stopping by Purple fairy! LOVE back at you. ;)

  13. My inner scribe soooo gets in the way...But I have to say it has helped my writing immensely!!
    Great post!!

  14. Hello Slushpile Slut, ;) I'm really conscious of my inner scribe at movies but also reading books now. Recently I have abandoned a couple of novels because my inner scribe got really testy about the plot. thanks for strutting those slinky heels over to my blog! x

  15. The very best and the very worst I can give myself over to. The rest, 90% of them, I criticize or commend the narrative structure to my husband the entire time. ;)

  16. Hi Rebecca, good to hear that, you're not alone on that front!! ;) I drive the nearest and dearest out of the room with my constant chatter. thanks so much for stopping by and posting! ;)

  17. Lovely blog.

    The last movie I truly enjoyed without my inner writer interrupting was ... oh gosh, I have no idea! While I may be easily distracted, I love movies; I'm just always thinking how I can incorporate the ideas I get from the film into my writing.

  18. Hello Amanda, that's a good point, it's interesting too - to also compare ideas of how you may have written things differently. I'm not sure we ever switch off our inner scribe fully, think she's also looking over our shoulders at anything creative we look at these days. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! :)


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