Elephants & the City

Well it's certainly been an interesting few days this side of the pond.

Dare I mention the 'E'  word....'Election' she whispers, peering over the ballot papers.  We are officially ' Hung'...Parliament, that is.  Monday and the PM has announced he is stepping down.  I'm not a lover of politics but they occasionally fly past my window at times demanding my attention.  So today, I'll take a swat!  I am reminded of PE lessons at school when the class had to split into two teams.  The leaders would have to choose teams from their classmates and you just did not want to be the last person left standing.  Alone.  Come on ladies and gents, sort it out already.  Would the real PM please stand up?

More importantly though something exciting happened to me.  Last night I wrote like possessed madwoman - a total of 5,587 words... thank you very much Mr. Word Count!  So that's a great big hooray for me!  And a big boo to political quagmire at Westminster right now.

After a marathon of writing - I decided to treat myself by joining the hunt for the Elephant Parade in central London.  Don't worry no real elephants were hurt; it's all in aid of charity and raising awareness of the endangered Asian Elephants. Sotheby's will auction off 258 of these elephants designed by many talented artists!  Here's a few darlings' that I, ahem - shot for you.  These lovelies are currently camped  outside the Royal Exchange.  Please enjoy!    And please let me know - what kind of treats do you reward yourself after reaching your daily writing goals?

Elephant Race (against time)  by Caio Locke

                                                         Cosmos by Ewelina Karwarska

                                                  Cartier Royal Exchange Elephant

                                                         Jewel-Ele by Tarun Tahaliani

                                                   Taxi Elephant!  By Benjamin Shine

My Favourite, Paul Smith's Elephant!


  1. I love the taxi one, but again, the Paul Smith one is pretty fab too. Well done with the word count! It really does mean everything! I'm a little indulgent if I've had a good day writing because I feel so buzzed up - I may treat myself to a glass of bubbly! Keep going, Karen.

  2. Ah the elephants are lovely aren't they? I may be the equivalent of an elephant 'anorak' ? Still pinching myself over that word count. It just happened..I don't know how. Thanks so much for posting Karen, here's to lots of bubbly! Cheers! : )


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