Music to scribe by

I am so happy that the new PM finally stood up last night!  Now, I can focus my energies on world peace, hunting more elephants this weekend, and WIP.    Be a love and pour me another glass of Dubonnet...she hisses.  

Everyone has different rituals to follow when sitting down to write.  Some of us need coffee, some chocolate, some of us need to get up and check that the postman hasn't rung five times before settling in.  Let's not even talk about the domestic chores that suddenly seem attractive.

I have discovered that depending on the chapter I am working on - either I sit in holy silence and meditate my way through, or  I need music playing in the background.  It's amazing how uplifting music can be, certain pieces help me organise my thoughts.  Right now, I am loving Florence + The Machine's 'Cosmic Love'   I'm pumping up my iPod to the Extremely-Loud-Hurt-Your-Neighbours'- Ears-Volume, and blasting the cobwebs through the ceiling into the stratosphere.  It's very orgasmic.  Let's hope the WIP keeps up!

How about you - do you prefer to write in blissful silence or do you have a favourite tune that has you writing like a demon at times?


  1. I need my coffee and my Pandora radio on! Oh and then press refresh on my email five hundred times--lol!

  2. For inspiration, I'm currently listening to The Bluetones 'A New Athens', Jack Johnson's 'Sleep Through the Static', and Angels and Airwaves 'Love'. However, when I'm actually writing, I listen to Classic FM!!! Florence is great though, K x

  3. Hi Christina! Oh the refresh button, love it! I spent an hour hitting refresh on twitter yesterday, very distracting! ;)

  4. Hi K, I might have just fallen in love with Jack Johnson, thanks for sharing him!! ;) x

  5. Oh, I love Florence!

    I need silence though. NO MUSIC ALLOWED! I've enough clamour in my head.

    Happy writing. Thanks for your feedback on my cover, btw!

  6. Hey Talli, Silence is bliss, especially if I'm up late at night. The house is silent save for my tapping on the keyboard. Thanks for posting, and looking forward to seeing more of your cover! I've got virtual bubbly here, please enjoy! ;)


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