Devils On Horseback And One Satiated lady

Polo in the Park...what can I say?  My heart is still pounding from the excitement, aside from sliding down a black ski-run on my backside this had to be one of the most exhilarating sports I've ever encountered.

On Sunday morning, I went into the grounds with a game-plan.  To soak up the glamour and atmosphere of this intriguing sport and if out interesting characters for my writing.  That strategy went out the window in the first five minutes after a rumbling of bodies headed down the side of the field towards me.  I gasped in horror and excitement as Team Edinburgh and Team Oxford flew by, limbs flaying, sticks swinging.   My inner scribe was left in pieces on the sideline.  And, shock-horror this was the so-called warm-up game.  The rest of the morning was spent wondering why the hell I hadn't bothered to watch the sport previously.  You must come to the Polo with us!  Yeah but no, thanks I've got all this work to do....silly girl.

The finals match kicked off under the hot mid afternoon sun -  a terrifyingly talented Team City AM New York clashed with an equally masterful Team IG Index Paris.  My SLR didn't know which way to look...I couldn't quite keep up dear.  The green turf rumbled, split open beneath the thundering hooves of the most beautiful beasts as fearless devils in saddles commanded their moves, skilful in their jostling for the ball, powerful and thrilling with their speed flying across the field.  It was a formidable sight.  I was captivated.  

Could a Polo Virgin ask for more?  Wait, did I mention the sweaty flash of the pink and navy blue uniform and swinging crops...phew. 

So, now here I lie, in a thousand glittering really, it was that good. Hussy...the dear lady sniffs indignantly before turning back to her cross-word puzzle.
Will this not-so-innocent lady be going back for more?  Abso-freakin-lutely.  It could be my new addiction.

Here's a few snaps from the day and those devilish men on horseback  Enjoy.

Team City AM New York's Henry Brett takes on Team IG Index Paris' Andrea Vianini

In foreground: Team City AM New York's Jack Kidd vs. Team IG Index Paris' Andrea Vianini

Stomping the divots

V.C Bar

Team Edinburgh ( Blue) vs  Team Oxford ( Grey)

Team Oxford's Jamie Dundas

Boys toys

Free range Pig on a spit

Kids Zone 

Divots mingling really, not so much stomping here 

Team City AM New York's Jamie Morrison

A/N:  Although Team London did not make the finals,  we did cheer for Team City AM New York as all three devils were englishmen...I'm told.   The final score was 11-10 with Team City AM New York victorious over Team IG Index Paris.

Photos courtesy yours truly, please do not reproduce or copy without permission. 


  1. Oh, great photos! Looks like you had a great time.

    And you slid down a black ski-run on your bottom? Do tell!

  2. I'm from Argentina where Polo is a tradition (almost as much as soccer!)
    It is such a great sport to watch.

  3. Thanks Talli! ;)

    It was a great day, thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely going back for more!

    Yes, alas black ski-run on bottom a couple of times. Once in Japan, I got on the wrong chair lift!! And realised too late as it climbed higher and higher...and the fog settled in. I managed for come down on my own for a little bit but it got very cold and when I hit a steep part - that was it - skis' came off and I slid for a bit. LOL. Never trust any of your friends who are all I'm saying.

  4. Hello Casa Bella, lucky you! It's such an exciting sport. In the fashion stakes - I have to say Team Buenos have best polo shirt! x :)

  5. WOW! This would be something to see! What an experience!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  6. Hello Angela, welcome ;) It was a great experience, definitely recommend it!! Thanks for posting and visiting!

  7. I've never been to a polo match. I don't know if I could follow the action, but there certainly appears to be quite a bit of eye candy on the field to keep my rapt attention!

  8. Hello Vicki! LOL. Yes, devilish rugged men on horseback are a health hazard, there ought to be a warning at the gates! A couple of teams were mixed, though the only lady I saw play was on the Edinburgh team and she was brilliant, didn't back down and neither did the guys. Thanks so much for the posting and the follow back! Cheers. ;)

  9. Great photos Talei! It looks like you had thee most amazing time! I'm slightly jealous only because I've never gotten to experience something that looks so fun! I'd love to try some new things... part of the project Jen mission I'm on for myself!

  10. Hey Jen, thanks! Great to see you!

    This was definitely good fun, it was my first time too. Polo has such an old school stigma to it, this event was part of a campaign to change its image and make it more appealing to everyone. London is great for events like this one so I'm just lucky to be living here right now. Definitely recommend if you get the chance!! Go Project Mission Jen! ;)

  11. Prince Harry is coming to NYC for a polo match and I just might have to go!

  12. LOL @ Rebecca. It's a necessary mission! You must go! ;) Thanks for visiting and posting!


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