Whimsical Wednesday

It's Wednesday and I'm feeling whimsical!  Tonight, I'm going to see Sex and the City 2 on the big screen with one of my BFF who is super-excited.  Myself - I'm squealing with delight in anticipation of seeing Carrie and the gals...ahem, not for the superb acting or incredibly challenging plot lines, no dear friends - its for the fashion!  The strategy is 'stratospheric expectation of fashion; few expectations of plot.  It's a win/win combination!   'Fashion schmasion...the dear lady mutters whilst buffing her french manicure.   

Dear SATC Goddess,
I used to be really truly madly in love with your show...but now you're just...  
Your inner-fashionista still rocks though!

Now, let's kick-off our Whimsical Wednesday, take a deep breath and sit up straight.  Channeling your best 'Audrey-standing-outside-Tiffany's'...grab a coffee and croissant and follow me!  We're flying through a favourite department store in London with our dear fairy godmother and she's waving her sparkly wand...its time to play dress-up.  Carrie is a paper doll who needs a new ensemble for tonights show.  Let's find her some decent threads!  A good lady always starts her out-fit with a pair of shoes right?

Fanciful Louboutin of the peep-toed variety

Sexy sassy blue...methinks this one!

Accessories!!  Our Carrie of yester-year would have worn the fiddly statement piece plus the blue feathers, however we're throwing those out!  The shimmering silver pieces are less of a statement yet so much more..

And finally, cue sweet notes from the harp...

Arm-candy...the graceful Lady D


...the to-die-for Jimmy Choo python!
Which one?  You decide!

Have a lovely Wednesday all! 



  1. Oh, you're so organised!!! Great shoes though, and like you, I want to see the film for the fashion, I saw a clip and Carrie was wearing a stripe t-shirt thing, and I thought, I want!!! Bet it cost a damned fortune though! Enjoy xx

  2. Ha, she's does it with mirrors! ;) Hi K! I'm looking forward to seeing the fashion tonight, all I can remember about SATC1 is the bluebird in Carrie's hair on her wedding day..oh and that to-die-for apartment! Will check out the striped t-shirt tonight! Have a lovely Weds! xx

  3. Happy Wednesday! Hope you enjoy SATC. I absolutely love that blue dress!

  4. Hey Talli - loved the fashion tonight, very nice! The blue dress is a Stella McCartney number, its lovely isn't it? :)

  5. Jimmy Choo handbag hands down!!! Love the outfit, sexy chic!! The blue is gorgeous!

    I hope you enjoyed SATC2! I saw it last week and I have to say I was disappointed at first but now I'm starting to get back into it. I will always love the seasons better, then the first movie then the second... but I am pretty sure that's how it should be!

    Happy Thursday :)

  6. Hey Jen,

    The Jimmy Choo was gorgeous, and so soft.

    SATC2, I enjoyed the fashion, actually we kept blurting out the designers names whenever we recognised a dress or bag - that was fun. The script was wanting, but I didn't have high expectations so wasn't too disappointed. Overall, I was just happy to enjoy a gals night out for a change! ;)

  7. Carrie would definitely pick the green one! And I think you're going in to the movie with the exact right expecations .. it is about the clothes ... always the clothes!

  8. Hi Jenners, Carrie's choice is definitely the Jimmy Choo green python; the graceful red classic is more Charlotte. ;) Thanks for visiting my blog! ;)


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