Foliage, Midlands and the P word...

I love stumbling across words I have never heard before, ones that you want to keep, to say over and a mantra.

Last week I watched Mrs. Henderson Presents and I completely fell in love with Dame Judi Dench all over again.  I could listen to her voice for hours.  Dare we say Lady crush? She is truly talented. There is one scene in the movie where Mrs. Henderson speaks with Lord Cromer about the nude revue show she plans to put on, and he asks if the ladies foliage will be shown... the Latin word 'pudendum' came up.  I was fascinated.  In the end they agreed to refer to 'the ladies foliage' as 'the midlands'.  It was hysterical.  Of course the dear lady spluttered wordlessly...she's secretly in love with the Lord Chamberlain types.

Which leads me onto thoughts of writing and these wonderful words that fall into your lap.  How would you work them into a scene in your own WIP?  Discombobulate is another word I love to say aloud. I will try to work 'discombobulate' into casual conversation with friends...just to gauge a reaction. Try it!  And just today 'recalibrate' worked its way into my I want to say it everyday.  "Can I recalibrate that for you honey?"

Here are five cobwebbed covered words that I am hankering right now:


How about you? Any words got your attention?

The Lotus Flower...
(Foliage which the Lord Cromer would approve of, methinks)

Photo courtesy yours truly.


  1. The photo is gorgeous! Yours truly is amazing!!!

    I love the words, I don't have any that I've come up with yet, but then again I'm beginning to think I'm not nearly as creative as you!

  2. Hi Jen! How are you?! Thanks for posting. I'm still earning my writing wings on my first WIP, so am pretty sure I'm behind on the creative side. I love discovering new words to play with though. ;)

    Yours truly photo is a holiday snap from Mauritius *sigh* love the lotus flowers and waterlilies...

  3. "Discombobulate" is absolutely an all-time favorite of mine. My daddy used it a lot when we were growing up, he loved words. So do I.

    Great post, I like what you did with it.

  4. Hello Dellgirl, welcome and thank you! "Discombobulate" is a fantastic word!(verb I should say). Stumbled across another one today - 'Seraphim'...makes me smile. Thanks so much for following, and please do visit again!

  5. Judy is mine, Talei. MINE. Back off.


    I hate the word SMEAR. It's foul. Just foul!

  6. Ha! No, never! Step away from the Dame. She'll never be YOURS! *cue evil laughter* Besides shes making hor's dourves for the martinis!

    And I agree SMEAR is dreadful...(shudders) Eww with bird droppings on top.

  7. I love "discombobulate" too. Also obsequious.

  8. I like swimmingly. It sounds like what it means!

  9. Hi Angie, Welcome! I love obsequious! Always reminds me of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy. I'm definitely going to use that in my WIP. Thanks so much for posting and for following. :)

  10. Ahhh swimmingly! Perfect!! You are so right Lydia! It does sound exactly as it should. Remind me of 'hauntingly'... lovely, thanks so much for posting!

  11. Gorgeous photograph! I love soporific and somnambulist, but my absolutely favourite word in the world to say out loud is rhododendron. Shimmy is a close second though. :)

  12. Oh Jayne, love your fav words!

    Somnamulist...I'm often up late at night walking...okay writing but does that count? hehe. And I quite agree -rhododenron...I like hydrangeas too.

    Here's my mantra whilst writing tonight - rhododenron...hydrangea...swimmingly...shimmy..

    Love it! thanks so much for posting!

  13. I forgot to mention that I love Judy Dench too. She is so kick-ass.

    I gave you an award on my blog, btw!

  14. Hello Lydia! Judy rocks!! Wow and an award - I am coming over to your place right now! Many thanks! xx


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