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It started with a quiet drink with a dear BFF on a lovely roof terrace in London; we soaked up the summery evening and exchanged more than a few bubbly toasts before making our merry way to an amazing corporate art event - the Transatlantic Pride Art Show which showcased the works of many talented artists.

Writers and artists share a passion about their work and painting is another past time I would like to resurrect...I'll add that to my list, along with piano lessons.  Last night, I met a number of bright young up and coming contemporary artists who were so passionate about their work, it was utterly refreshing, absolutely infectious and lots of fun!  I lost myself completely in a number of conversations throughout the evening, and well I just plain lost my BFF...last seen...speaking animatedly to a tall, dark and handsome stranger.  Hussy, the dear lady whispers waggling her finger. 

Here are a few snaps from last nights evening of art and passion!  Please enjoy!  And remember all paintings have a story, if you are looking for inspiration...you might find your next novel on the wall in a gallery.

Two good reasons to sit outside in summer

North Port Sanction by Nigel Cox

A favourite image....alas, I wasn't able to locate the elusive Mr Cox last night

Flaxman Road by Paul Ashurst

The Annunciation by Maciej Urbanek

Pipedream by Anja Priska

I spoke to the lovely Anja about the inspiration behind her painting.  She told me that this piece is about fear of relationships mainly but also other feelings about how a relationship could go.  The dark castle with windows lit show there is potential good, the balloons make light of the darkness, the wings and birds represent freedom.  There are so many different symbols in this image - and despite murmurings that this was Kate Moss, I was told that, no, this was not the case. 

Oh yes, I wanted to curl up in this nook
There was an incredible image of a nude male to the left of this nook,
think 'shroud of turin' and black and white negatives.
Will leave to your good imaginations

Two more hauntingly evocative works by Nigel Cox...yes I know we liked his work last night!

Heronry by Paul Ashurst

Walking art - beautiful tattoos which I loved.  
Lovely man named Chris obliged photos and his story.

A/N:  Photos courtesy yours truly, all images of the paintings belong to the individual artists. Where possible I will link to the artists websites, please do go visit them for more wonderful works of art!


  1. It seems you had a wonderful and interesting evening! A little champagne was a nice way to start off. Thanks for sharing your evening with us...

  2. Hi Pat, it certainly was! Thanks so much for posting and I hope all is well in Japan! ;)

  3. GORGEOUS!!! And now I'm totally craving some champers...

  4. You've got some cool pictures. I like the sleeved one!

  5. Hi Lisa & Laura, ah champers and summer go hand in hand right? ;) thanks for visiting.:-))

  6. Thanks Theresa! Is that the tattoo sleeves? Chris was another artist, unfortunately he wasn't showing any work that night but I thought his Japanese tattoos were walking art! ;)

  7. Talei,
    What a fascinating evening it must have been for you to see these works live. I loved that nook w/ its incredible view.

    Thanks for posting these great pictures.

  8. Hello Lisa,

    Thanks, the artists were pretty amazing, thoroughly enjoyed the night. And that nook was very enticing, I didn't want to move away from it.

    Thanks so much for visiting! ;)

  9. Love these.

    And I would LOVE that nook too.

  10. Great photos - the nook is the best bit. Looks like you had a fab time!

  11. Hi Whispering Writer, thanks so much,it was a heavenly nook, I did want to linger there a while. ;) Thank you for visiting and posting. ;)

  12. Hello Talli, thank you, we definitely had a fab time. I think the Nook is favourite, am always looking for places to curl up in. LOL. Thanks so much for visiting, I know you are superbusy! ;)

  13. Love the walking art the best. Every tattoo tells a story...

  14. Hi Terresa,

    The tattoos were definitely one of my highlights. I love trying to find out the story behind them. ;)

  15. Awesome post! Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Hi Sofa,

    Glad you enjoyed the post! Art is a infinite pool of inspiration...;) Thanks for stopping by.


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