Perfect Friday Cocktail

It's Friday Happy Hour!

Lychee Martinis' at The Post Bar, Singapore

Lets see what is on the dear lady's drinks trolley tonight?  A lovely selection of Betty Draper inspired hors d'ourves...and martinis'!

Dear Lychee Goddess,  

How I miss thee.  I have a wee confession to make.  Lately, my mind has been well...absent from the real world.  

Don't panic, the house has not been invaded by burrowing hobbits...nay, that shadowy figure with the unkempt hair, cross-eyed-fuzzy-brained-dazed look walking the passage ways at ungodly hours of the actually me...after a few hours of writing.

And the post-it notes stuck to forehead, randomly scrawled words on pieces of paper, tea gone cold on desk...well they are merely products of my hours spent alone thinking in that room.

Although I haven't developed the hermit crawl as yet, I will admit that these days I am drawn to a hobbit hideaway with PC and WIP vs. socialising in the flesh these days.  Am I alone on this thinking? We can always face book, twitter, text, Skype from the comfort of our shabby sofas...right?  I know, I know...its not the same.  Don't worry as soon as I've finished this chapter, I'll be right out.   It's just that, well...I could be sometime.  I don't know how long...just please save me a barstool and a long cool drink!


PS: How about you?  Has writing kept you in your own world, closeted up away from friends?

The best cocktail in Asia? -  The Lychee Martini at the Post Bar, Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.  The lady doth recommend tasting a couple...just to be really sure I'm not making it up.
Photo courtesy yours truly.


  1. Hope you are having a wonderful time in your world of fiction and writing. Ahhhhh..... I love visiting that world.

  2. Hi Betty, *waves* lovely to see you. I'm having a lovey time in my writing world, sometimes I could get lost in here forever...alas I need to eat and er, drink. ;)

  3. (grabbing cocktail & downing it) Yup, between work and writing, I haven't seen a whole lotta anything else. Trying to set up a schedule *again* to reintroduce balance into my life!

    Thanks for the drink, it was fab. Have a great weekend!

  4. Hey Vicki, ah balance, if you find some please let me know the secret! ;) Thanks for visiting, do take another cocktail off the drinks trolley! Have a fab weekend sweetie! ;)

  5. Yeah, I just tell the world I'm working on my pale.

    If it wasn't for my day job I'd almost never leave my home, or my computer.

    Cute place you got here. Thanks for you comments on my blogfest.


  6. Yeah, sometimes I find that I've closed myself off from everyone except family and work and writing. My good friends understand why though and they don't abandon me!

  7. Hi D, I enjoyed your blogfest post. One day I will do one. I am constantly glued to my PC and recently bought a netbook which I take everywhere with me...well except to bed. Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

  8. Hi Lydia, thats great to hear. Good friends will always be there! Thanks so much for posting and for the follow. ;)

  9. Yum, how have I missed my favourite hour of the day over here?! I'll have three please. Cosmopolitans.

  10. Ha! I'm sending over a tray of Cosmopolitans - will swap for 2 cupcakes and some of that Grunt! :)

  11. I just read all about lychee syrup versus canned fruit in a martini.
    Yes, I want one of these. And, now that I've totally procrastinated, I should get back to writing.
    I'll bet BevMo had lychee syrup. Maybe.

  12. Hi Erin, I'm sending one of these delicious martinis over to you! They're essential to writing breaks! ;) Thanks for the follow, and do come again!


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