Right Under My Nose

Sometimes you spend the entire weekend driving yourself insane, riding up and down the countryside in crazy traffic jams, traipsing through busy villages, flitting about in over-heated tea-rooms...searching for that quirky but quiet place to visit and the whole time all you need to do is look right under your nose.  I found a few gems recently...(deep breath)...on foot (gasp-shock-horror)...in my own hood!  Ye gods, but my middle name is not philistine...where have I been all this time?

So Ladies and Gents, let's down those pens for just a few minutes.  Psst...Don't worry, its not cheating on your MS if it doesn't know and we're not telling.  You're just taking a little break from writing.  Strap on those sensible sandals dearies, grab your brightest hat if its sunny and a brolly just in case it rains...it's time for a stroll!  

Our first stop is the Fan Museum
A good lady must have a fan at all times

 Morning tea in the Orangerie
Lord knows we walked a good fifteen minutes so far

A lovely old map shop, step right inside...

 Always browse these lovely boxes of surprises, 
you never know what you'll find!

Local market for lunch
Moroccan anyone?

Brazilian barbacoa...a favourite!

Remember...leave room for dessert ladies and gents.

Cheese and wine for later perhaps...

Now, its time to walk off that lunch...at the park.
 Brollies at the ready! 
Marching ladies and gents...here we go

Greenwich, the other park with a billion $$ view.

Time for a nap in the cool afternoon breeze,
Grab a book, find a shady tree and snooze.
It's free-time on the Lady's tour.  

The Lady-doth-scribe walking tours will depart on a regular basis, especially on sunny afternoons.  
Do come visit us again soon!

Happy Friday All!!

A/N: A brolly is an umbrella.  Quite a versatile object....protector of your skin, fabulous hair-do and body, come rain, hail or shine.  Useful for poking annoying person in crowded bars, or hooligan in park.  My favourite use? A walking stick!

Photos courtesy of yours truly.  


  1. I love it! All of my favorite things about Greenwich!!!

  2. Hey B, Happy Friday! It's a great hood right! Lots of quirky places to discover. ;)

  3. If this is how we'd spend the day, I want to visit!

  4. Hi Theresa! Welcome! I definitely recommend a walking tour if you are ever in London. Nothing better than a stroll through the old hood. Thanks so much for posting and for the follow! Cheers ;)

  5. Thanks for the great pics!! I enjoyed my trip out of this country. And that food looked YUMMY!!

  6. Hi Kim, the food was yummy!! Do come visit again and thanks so much for the follow. :)

  7. Great pics - and how I wish my hood looked like that!

    But you're absolutely right, it's amazing what treasures you find right in our own communities if we open our eyes and take a look.

  8. Hi Jaydee, thanks! It's true isn't it? Sometimes we're so focused on visiting places outside of the hood, we miss those special places in our own neck of the woods. Nothing better than discovering treasures at home! ;) Thanks so much for posting and for the follow too. ;)

  9. Lovely photos!

    Oh yes, the Fan Museum is brilliant. But nothing can compete with churros! :)

  10. Thanks Talli! And agree! *whispers* churros are my guilty pleasure. :)


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