Book Review: The Hating Game

Ever thought of mud-wrestling your ex-boyfriend?  How about staying in a caravan with two of your ex-boyfriends?  What if you unwittingly had a second chance at romance with 'the one'?  Would you take it?  These are just a few of the scenarios Mattie Johns must overcome to win the £200,000 prize money for the reality show ' The Hating Game.'   And if you're a fan of Chicklit and Romantic Comedy, pull up a pew, - this could be a book for you.

Mattie Johns is a young business woman whose recruitment agency could go under, -unless she signs up to a reality game show.  Enter, Nate - a very ambitious media type who is very keen to make his name in the show biz world.  This is like X-factor and Mystery Date rolled up in one, even though you know who the candidates are, you really want to find out which one Mattie may or may not give a second chance of the happily ever after with.  

Now - being a fan of reality shows I enjoyed the jostling behind the scenes of the Hating Game, the bickering between producers and crew - does this really go on?  *whispers* It could.  I don't know but it was entertaining. This is a chicklit book which delivers funny scenes, a touch of snark, and love -lost,found and unrequited.

Talli Roland is a lovely lady who supports many writers and bloggers in our blogging community, this is her debut novel, it's available now for kindle via, and the hard copy will be out in early 2011. Psst, if you don't already follow, you can find Talli here.


  1. Cool story :-) Thanks for the review.

  2. I agree with Rachel, a cool story and lovely review. I hope Talli's book hits the bigs!!

  3. Nice review Talei I wonder whats next for Talli Oprah?

  4. Am sure Talli willbe more than pleased with your review.
    I am still trying to imagine having many
    ex-boyfriends let alone what I would do or not do with them.

  5. Thank you for the review! Awesome!

  6. Rachel, thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

    Kittie, thank you too. I think THG has done really well today on amazon from Talli's twitter updates.

    Joanna, thanks, gosh and I think she's already working on her next one.

    Carol, thank you dear lady!

    Mya, ;) Well I was a late bloomer where boys were concerned, it certainly took me awhile to realise that girls could pull one over the opposite sex.

    Golden Eagle, cool thanks!

  7. Looks so cute! Thanks for the review!

  8. So exciting to see Talli everywhere today! I started reading last night & I'm enjoying the book a lot!! :)

  9. I will wave to you from Oprah, Joanna! haha!

    Talei, thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my novel. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :)

  10. Melissa, thanks my dear! I'm quite enjoying reviewing at the moment. ;)

    Meredith, thank you too!

    Jemi, its great to see so much support from the writing community isn't it? Love it! ;)

    Pat! Indeed!! Whooo! ;D

    Talli, haha, that would be awesome, I do enjoy Oprah. And you're welcome too, so great to see everyone helping out too. Well done on yesterdays blog splash I think it was a great success and one that alot of other debut authors could follow. ;)

  11. This is amazing! I guess about 80% of the blogs I've visited over the past couple days are about Talli. It's great that she's getting so much support from the blog community.

    Tossing It Out

  12. Talei- You rock! What a great review and show of support!

  13. Talei,
    I really enjoyed your review of The Hating Game. It's wonderful to see how this book is on fire online!

    Like you, I also was fascinated w/ the behind the scenes parts. Does this kind of stuff really go on? All I can say is this - reality is perception.

  14. Great review.

    Glad it went so well for Talli!


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