Twisted Christmas Fairy Tale Blogfest

The delightful Francine at Romancing the blog is hosting this Twisted Christmas Fairy Tale Blogfest.  All genre welcome, 700 - 1000 words and it's your opportunity to let rip with a twisted fairy tale!  Here's my entry, I hope you will enjoy reading, please let me know what you think!

**  Waiting for Her Prince  **

Snow White fanned her face with her hands, removing an errant hair that strayed across her eyes, tickling her forehead.  The dwarves had left the cabin at dawn, whistling that nonsensical tune which now played over and over in her head.  Surveying the row of unmade beds, she muttered forlornly.  "I'm knee deep in dirty linen and bed socks."  This was going to be a long morning.  "If only these dwarves would pick up after themselves, all this cleaning and cooking and caring for seven messy men is starting to wear me out." 

It was almost a month since she'd stumbled upon this clearing in the woods and she was beginning to wonder what might have happened if she'd kept walking that fateful day.  She plumped Gumpy's pillow, giving it an extra hard punch, before placing back on the bed and moving onto to Sleepy's drawers.  If only, if only.  She closed her eyes to remember his face, those chiseled features, noble nose, thick dark hair, -beautiful lush lashes and those lips -Prince Reginald Winslow-Charming.  He'd attended at her Father's Summer Ball and she'd caught him staring at her over the roasted boars head, she smiled recalling Reginald's compelling eyes, his strong arms, she hugged Sleepy's drawers close.  "Eww, these reek!"  She dropped them quickly, kicking them under his bed.

Meanwhile, Prince Reginald Winslow-Charming strode determinedly from a distant tower, eyebrows knitted, lips pouting.  That was the last time he would slash through thorns, climb a winding 500 steps to an ungrateful wretched Princess, -Beauty was a fake?  How could he have fallen for that story?  Climb the tower, kiss the girl, bring a bride home to bear him an heir and live happily ever after.  Beauty had taunted his bee-stung lips, choosing instead to settle with that hairy Beast. Well, the monster was welcome to her.  She was too high maintenance, -the hair, the dresses, and the jewellery!

He pushed Beauty from his mind, forcing his steed on through the woods; an unseen force pulled him deeper through the tangled branches, towards a small dimly lit log cabin whose chimney pumped out clouds of smoke, its ivy covered roof provided camouflage in the early evening light and dark red and white toad stools lined the white-pebbled path that led to the heavy oak door.  He could hear whistling in the distance and moved to hide below the largest oaks, covering himself behind the thicket.  His eyes widened in disbelief as seven small figures carrying lanterns marched by.  What on earth?  The door to the cabin was flung open and there in the doorway stood the most beautiful creature.  Snow White.

"Evening Snowy."  Sleepy looked up at her.
"Hello Boys, how was your day?"  Her voice rang out to the Prince who unconsciously moved from his hiding place, breathing heavily, his eyes falling on her luscious black hair that framed her delicate face, -had he ever seen such beauty?  Her eye's fluttered, flashing deep chocolate lashes and his own lips twitched as she ran her tongue along her ruby lips.  Dopey, Bashful and Doc stared up at her adoringly.  "It was great."  They answered in unison, blushing a little.

Grumpy stomped impatiently.  "Can we get inside? Its flippin' cold outside."
Snow White stepped aside.  "Sure thing, Stumpy. Dinner's ready - I made your favourite 'Toad in a Hole'."
"It's Grumpy,-not Stumpy."
"Right, that's what I said, -Stumpy..."  She coughed his name as he slipped by, Sneezy and Happy following on his coat tails.  Happy beamed at her.  "You look lovely Snowy."  He held out a White Mountain flower.  "For you."
"Oh, so..."  She bent to kiss him on his cheek.  "Sweet."  Her eyes flickered, a small sensation ran along the top of her shoulders, making her shiver.  Someone else was here, watching her, she sensed him.  Turning slowly, she sought out those beautiful dark eyes.

"Snow White?"  Reginald whispered, stepping into the doorway now lit with the lanterns that the dwarves had carried home.
"Prince Reginald, how is it possible? What are you doing here?"  Her hand flew to her mouth, her cheeks flushed, surely he could hear how loud her heart was beating.  If only, if only.
Reginald couldn't believe his luck, she was 'the one', she needed rescuing and he darn well needed to rescue a Princess right now -it was their destiny.  He licked his lips, bowing low, he held out his gloved hand.  "Why dear Snowy, I am your Knight,-come to rescue you.  Of course."  

Snow White glanced at the seven pairs of expectant eyes peering from the windows before carefully placing her hand in the Prince's.  "Well, its about bloomin' time, where's your horse?"  A collective groan rose from inside the cabin, they were waiting for their dinner, and then it would be dishes and mopping the floor, and darning socks by the fire.  No, a thousand times, no!  Grinning wickedly she shook her head at the seven shocked faces pushed up against the frosted glass.  She nodded at her Prince, lifting her skirts high and together they ran, down the pebbled path and across the clearing towards his waiting horse, headfirst into their own happily ever after.

A/N:  I hope you enjoyed my twisted fairy tale, I had to give the dear couple a happy ending! Please let me know what you think, and have a wonderful writerly weekend!


  1. LOL, oh those poor dwarfs! well not really, they should have been nicer to her. LOl great twists I enjoyed the read.

  2. Hi,

    How could one blame her escaping such an untidy bunch of dwarves! Loved the HEA after poor Reggie's trials and errors and encounters with other fairy tale characters. ;)

    Thanks ever so for participating.



  3. I never trusted them anyway! It's about time...

  4. Since a few people have gone for Snow White, it's interesting seeing the very different takes on it that show up. Well done.

  5. We both did Snow White. Mine was a little more modern. LOL I loved it of course.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  6. I love your take on Snow White! :) Great blogfest entry!

  7. Loved Snow's attitude. She was OVER it! Good for her she was rescued by such a hunk.


  8. Reminder: Be Jolly By Golly Blog fest on Monday! Jen and I can't wait for your entry!

    Melissa's blog.

    Jen's blog.

  9. I think its cute: about flippin' time . .



  10. Haha, I love Snow White's voice in this! So hilarious, especially when she calls Grumpy "Stumpy"--love it!

  11. Hi Everyone - thank you all so much for all your lovely comments! I love fairy tales and twisted versions are so much fun! ;) xx

    Summer, the dwarves were a fun bunch to work with, I think Snow White was a popular choice across our blogs. ;)

    Francine, Reggie truly loves his Snow White. We all love a HEA right? ;) Thanks for hosting such a fabulous blog fest!

    Pat, there's something peculiar about seven dwarves living at home still right? ;)

    Stu, thank you. I really loved your version - very original! ;)

    Nancy, I enjoyed your Snow White too, as Stu mentioned its great to see all the variations on this tale. ;)

    Golden Eagle, thank you!! ;)

    Michael, thanks so much, Snow's attitude wasn't as demure as normal but sometimes you need a little snark. Just a little. ;)

    Melissa, looking forward to it!! ;)

    Donna, cheers lovely. ;)

    Meredith, so glad you enjoyed it!! Grumpy needed sorting out, Snowy tried her best. ;)

  12. Old story, new attitude. This is every bit as enjoyable as any of the stories in "Politically Incorrect Fairy Tales."
    My only disappointment is that there must be only one Prince Charming, and drat, he's taken.

  13. I love twisted fairy tales. I plain love fairy tales, twisted or otherwise. Fun, fun writing and Snow White really did need rescuing. Seven messy men....yucko! Now she'll only have one. :)
    Merry Holidays to you... xo xo


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