Evolution of the Book

Oh twitter, how I love thee!  I want to share a really 'neat' clip which I found via twitter last week.  You find so much information in the twink of an eye.  This short film is on the Evolution of the Book, sourced via George Walkley.com .   I found it really both fascinating and entertaining!  What are your thoughts on how the book has changed?  

Video credits courtesy via GeorgeWalkley.com

A big wave to my lovely blogging buddies, its been a crazy busy week!  How is everyone doing?  The Snow Goddess has been waving her lovely wand over London, it's like a Christmas card around these here parts.  I shall post a few pictures soon.  Happy writing dear friends and have a lovely weekend!


  1. the best bit is that most pple get to stay home, let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

  2. I have to say that I am jealous of your snow! Nebraska (right smack in the middle of the U.S.) usually has a fair amount of snow by this town, but we've hardly had ANY to speak of. Quite unusual! So I hope we get some soon. You can send some this way if you want. ;-)

  3. Looking forward to your snow pics. You found the place to sign up! I'll be right over :)

  4. Such a cool video! Have fun with the snow--I'm missing it!

  5. Joanna, thats true - although it's so beautiful outdoors that I'm loving walking around my local hood. ;)

    Melissa, sending some lovely fluffy snow your way, should be there in time for Christmas! x

    Carol, we should do a virtual holiday tour! ;)

    Meredith, glad you enjoyed it! Its a great little film, very clever methinks. Don't worry, I shall throw some snowballs around tomorrow for you! ;)

  6. What a cool video :)

    We had a bunch of snow too. I should probably snap some photos too!

  7. Snow? What's that?
    Overall, I'm happy that it never snows here, but maybe once in a while it would be nice!
    Stay warm!

  8. Hello! Just wanted to pop by and say hello. Wonderful blog you have hear. I look forward to reading more posts. It's nice to know we're not on this journey alone.


  9. Jemi, ;) Definitely snap away, you must have snow in truckloads where you live?

    Pat, cheers! I'm enjoying your pics at the moment.

    Evelyn, hello and welcome. Thanks so much for following! I agree, our writing journey is so much more enhanced with all the lovely blogging writerly buddies to share it with. ;)

  10. The snow is all gone in my neck of the woods, but it was pretty while it lasted! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  11. Very clever idea of filming a timeline.
    We are beginning to get the cold, and I would not minda little snow, but my preference is to hold the heavier accumulation off until Christmas Eve when all shopping and running around is done.

  12. Snow. All my life, snow. I could live without it now! You have more than we do in Harrisonburg, Virginia USA. Only a dusting yesterday but the temps plunged. Thank goodness for warm, flannel sheets!!

    I once followed you; then a blogger glitch forced me to do a new blog. I'm trying to recover those bloggers I lost that I want to keep following. Glad I found you again through another blog. What a wonderful community this is!

    Think warm thoughts!!!
    Ann Best, A Long Journey Home

  13. The evolution of the book,huh? I just got a new e-reader for X-mas (early, I know) and one thing I can say is "real books" don't power off when you're in the middle of reading them. GRRRR.


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