Christmas Wishes

** If you were granted a Christmas wish right now, what would it be? **

Dear Santa Claus,

I've decided what I want for Christmas, and it's this...

Perfect for dreaming,
 If you could arrange a small beach shack for me, just along that waterline dear Santa, I promise to be good for the next 365 days.  And I promise to give up martinis and champagne...wait, not that... I'll just promise not to swear...or if I do, I will do it quietly.  I promise that I will sit still for at least 3 hours in that beach shack and write.  And I promise that this view will greatly enhance the quality of my writing...really, truly, honestly.  And if I'm not writing next to that view, don't worry I be shall reading...or researching...pina coladas and seafood...just because, you know -research...and ooh inspiration. Yes, thats it.   Oh who am I kidding? - I need that view,-just because...  

Yours Wishfully,

Ms A.Scribe


Response from Mr.S.Claus:

Dear Ms.A.Scribe,

Trust me, if I could wave a magical wand and grant your Christmas Wish...'to stand waist deep in that clear blue ocean, soaking up the sunshine...and perhaps sipping on a pina colada,' - I would!  For myself and er, Mrs Claus and a handful of my favourite elves.  I do applaud your enthusiam for writing, perhaps if you apply yourself more to finishing that book - you may fund your own beach shack!  For now, though - I'm enclosing a signed photo of myself for your mantel, I hope you enjoy it as much as that view.

Yours Joyfully

A.Jolly Green Helper
(On behalf or Mr.S.Claus who is somewhere over the rainbow tracking a couple of errant Elves.)

PS:  Please refrain from signing too many XOXOX to Mr.S.Claus, -our dear lady Mrs S.Claus gets a little antsy about all these women writing her husband kissy kissy letters this time of the year.


Now, whisper in my ear, -whats your secret wish this Christmas?


Photocredit courtesy via weheartit

A/N:  A big warm welcome and thank you to all my new friends following this week!  So lovely to meet you!  How's everyone doing?  Incredibly, we are down to our last two sleeps before Christmas dawns...are you ready for it?  Or still shopping like me?  So many shops - so little time!  I'm looking forward to wrapping presents and drinking eggnog on Friday night.  I hope you're having a lovely week so far, and that your Muse is keeping you on your writing toes!  Happy Writing dear friends!


  1. LOL! This is such a clever post! If you're able to crack the Santa-code, please share. :-)

    A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

  2. Liz, thank you! So glad you enjoyed it! And I shall definitely share. Santa's such a hard nut to crack though eh? Wishing you a very jolly Christmas and wonderful New Year! ;)

    MsHatch, thanks! Merry Christmas to you.;)

  3. Quite simple really. I mean I sent my letter to Santa and asked for genuinely helpful and useful things - things that will help make me a much better writer (see my blog). But I realise that space in the sleigh is an issue so......I'll settle for George Clooney sporting a huge red bow and nothing else (see above point about not taking up too much space).

    Have a wonderful Christmas Talei and if you can't have the shack on the beach - take the screen saver option instead ;)

  4. Still wishing for a white christmas, snow or sand.

  5. Happy holidays!


  6. LOL! Lovely tropical view, but trust, me it won't make you write better. It will make you reach for the magaritas, though;)

    I'm still asking for that cocktail deck in the caribbean:)

    Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

  7. I'd wish for a happy, prosperous 2011. For me, for everyone. :)

    Happy Holidays!

  8. Elissa, haha! I can't shake that image now, George Clooney wearing just a red bow? -No problem, Santa said he'll rustle George along poste haste! ;D Have a wonderful time with Mr Clooney this Christmas and a very Happy New Year! xx

    Mya, a White Christmas would be great! ;)

    Tywo, Happy Holidays to you my dear friend. x

    Terry, I hope you get that cocktail deck one day -you'll have alot of writerly friends flying over to christen it! ;) Merry Christmas dear lady! xx

    Golden Eagle, a lovely wish too. I second it! Happy Holidays to you! ;)

  9. I've got the same thing on my Christmas list! Maybe if we went in together, we'd increase our odds? I can share a little beach shack...

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Love it! My wish would be for more time - for everything!

  11. Christmas greetings from India.

    I also have a wish for Santa - a all paid family reunion at a nice holiday resort where no one would have to cook and clean and look after each other.

  12. Wishing you a happy new year sweetie and stay blessed.

    Wild Rose~

  13. Oooh! I wish I'd seen this before Christmas! I'd have changed my whole Christmas wish list!!! That's terrific! Hope you had a happy holiday and best wishes in the coming days.


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